Wednesday, February 23, 2011

And it gets harder...

One of the basic rules in my world has always been, treat others as you would like to be treated! I find it so very strange when others expect you to do things for them yet when the tables are turned they are not willing to be so open and find it strange when they are asked or i expect the same in return.

I am not saying that we shouldnt still behave as though you would want to be treated... but this last few months when sharing kindness around... i have struggled with a few situations that maybe you can help me with.

Firstly, What do you do when someone sneezes on a train and you say "bless you" and that someone yells at you because that isnt it their belief system? For me it was a kindness... for him it was a curse. Not quite what my intention was... but does that make it a kindness?... if someone takes offence to what you are going for them... even something as simple as saying "bless you" to a stranger?

Finally, Stubborn People: Its a problem i face with almost everyone. (lol. My mother would say the same about me though! :) You try and lend a hand (also rack up a kindness) but they are determined to do it themselves even if it looks like it will kill them? Can you insist of being stubborn yourself? take over? do what needs to be done... and still call it a kindness to that person?

Kindness, i thought would be easy to do ... one everyday... i thought it would be fun to accomplish. I mean I could claim that it would be a selfish venture in so much as i want others to be kind to me... and kind to their community... but my whole purpose for this particular project was to inspire, be selfless and have fun. But i do struggle!

I particularly struggle when it comes to the point when im sick and im grumpy (PMS or PMT... someone suggested was the worst)... but i still have been endevouring to do something for someone else! Send a text message to someone who needs love sent to them in a tough time... and this also means i dont have to get out of bed (when the world feels like its going to spin really fast when i try to sit up)... When sick i also help those closest to me when i dont have the energy to face the rest of the world... Even though i am struggling, i am still persisting and i think that was the most important point in the whole thing! :)

So i know that this is not the most positive blog post that i have ever made... but i think through it you may understand me better... and understand what it has been like... struggling to keep my word and do what i said i would do for the betterment of the world. After all... i want to be treated as i treat other people, and that is with kindness, generosity and love... even on a tough day! :)

Signing out...


  1. Daena, good on you. A blessing is just a blessing and while there are numerous belief systems, someone simply wishing you well, is not a curse. Just a different opinion. Keep it up. Huggs and prayers, Sarah Simpson

  2. Thanks Sarah. I only just managed to figure out how to answer one of these comments! :) Still learning about the blogging! :) I am still going with it all but some days when you feel the worst its a real struggle to do something nice for someone else... but i also think that is the time when you need to do it the most!
    Thanks again for the support! xox