Sunday, May 27, 2012

The technology curse...

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to let you all know that I was just about to keep going and adding my Kindnesses to my album. this last year i have been recording my Kindnesses on the Calendar on my iPhone thinking that I would then be able to just post my calendar to here so you could see it as I do! But Somehow, with the terrible curse of technology (or maybe its just that I don't know how to sort stuff out ... ) but I have somehow magically lost all of the Kindnesses I had recorded on my iPhone up until the end of last month.
Thankfully I had already transferred from January to February 5th to my handwritten album (like what i had done last year). But that means I am still missing from February to the end of April! So apart from being completely devastated that I have lost it, I am also pretty sad that i can't share what I was hoping to inspire you all with again this year. I may be able to track down the kindnesses with my mums help! Or with the help of an Apple iPhone technician... but i just wanted you to know. So that if anyone knows how to find the back up of the Calendar from an iPhone they can tell me... Consider it a MAJOR kindness!
I am really happy that i have had such a supportive group to support me... and I will keep going! Just because of a little road bump doesn't mean that i will give up my mission of kindness.

Thanks again to all those who have supported me during my "missing" months! :)
Daena x

Monday, May 7, 2012

Relay for Life...

Hi again everyone,
I promised you photos from the weekend and here I shall deliver! However first I wanted to tell you a little about what it was that I did these last two days.

This weekend I was at the Relay for Life. The Relay for Life is a 24 hour event where people/communities/schools/corporations spend 24 hours walking/jogging/running/sprinting around a athletics stadium to raise money for cancer research! It is a very fun and exciting event. People from all walks of life come to fight together against such a horrible disease. And they dress up and dress up their tents too! Which is pretty epic! :)

This weekend I was working with one of my closest friends, Tanya, to work on the Ceremonies Committee. Our job was to make the stage, performances, presentations, speeches, dances, go smoothly for our guests and presenters, and also for the thousands of people who were there this weekend. To keep them energized and motivated to keep moving around the track! So I was the "little details" sort of person. Making sure the Guest speakers had nice chairs to sit on, drying off the slippery stage after the rain made an appearance, sorting out prizes and collecting certificates from the Cancer Council Committee Members, putting the banners up, handing out tent site banners for the winners of various categories, putting the starting ribbon out for the dignitaries to cut before the relay could start... and so on... and so on.... and so on! I think I worked for 15 hours on the Ceremonies alone. And unlike the walkers on the track... I went home to bed for a few hours before returning on day two!

One thing I also participated in, on the first day that needs mentioning, was the Candle lighting ceremony. For this I was asked to go up on stage to stand for all those people who care for loved ones with cancer and other horrific diseases. There was a little boy that stood beside me that was a cancer survivor (he nearly broke my heart... he was only 5!). And I had another lady next to me who was also a Cancer survivor. The three of us represented Past (the older lady who was a survivor), The Present (me), and the Future (the little boy). We lit candles together and stood for a message much bigger than ourselves. The ceremony was amazing. Very moving and really heartfelt. They dimmed the lights on the track and had "memorial candle gardens" around the edges of the track. Earlier in the day people had decorated paper bags in memory of those who had been loved and lost and placed them in these "gardens". They also had a huge HOPE sign in the grandstand that was individual paper bags that glowed in the night light!

After the ceremony there was a quiet lap done for reflection and memory. Where there were some beautiful longs played and a slideshow of all those who had lost their battle with cancer! It was very sad.

One thing I learned is that before the age of 80, one in two people will be diagnosed with cancer. That is terrible odds! But this gives every reason to find a cure!

I walked on the "quiet lap" for some friends of mine who have died (including one who was only 5 years old), my grand-parents, and some of my extended family. Cancer has had a huge impact in my family! And events like Relay for Life mean that money raised gives hope to the next generations of my family, and people I know and love.

Well, it wasn't all sadness, reflection and silence. We had a lot of fun too! We danced and sang along to bands/soloists/swing dancers/country singers and so many more. We met or listened to local television and radio stars who acted as MC's. All in all it was a really good event! :)

AND the event raised a grand total of $750,000!!! How cool is that????

So I bet now you want those photos.... well... here they are....

This is the ribbon cutting... you can see the Governor with the scissors and the purple ribbon the the right side of the picture!
This is the "survivors walk" the cancer survivors get to be the first to walk around the track at the start of the Relay.

More Survivors walking on the first lap!

The Horde... the rest of those walking/running for Relay for Life!

The Grandstand "Hope" Message that they had lit with candles for the evening Candle Lighting Ceremony

Me (Daena) and Tanya just about to head home after doing a heap of packing...

Tanya and I & our awesome Committee t-shirts!

A little bit of love... Tanya and I mucking around after doing the packing away before heading home!
Well that is just a tiny insight into Relay for Life... If you want to walk or support the event next year or start fundraising now for next years event, head over the the Cancer Councils website found here! That is for the Western Australian Relay for Life... but I know if you Google it... they have Relay for Life's in many other countries too! Check it out! :)

Thanks for all the support and encouragement! This last two weekends has been pretty busy but also very exciting!

Much love,

Friday, May 4, 2012

Happy StarWars Day....

Hey Guys,
For those of you who don't know me really well, you may not know that I am a bit of a geek! I love all things SciFi/Fantasy and have been known to go to conventions here in my home city. I even have photos with two of my favorite Stargate actors! :) YAY! And yes I know... its particularly nerdy!

This is Corin Nemec, Me & Christopher Judge from the Stargate SG1 Series. It was taken at the Stargate Convention in Perth 2010  And yes they keep having them here too!
(I took a photo of the original photo so not the best quality... but you get the idea)


And as you may already know I have a fairly extensive library where the predominance is toward SciFi/Fantasy and Paranormal Romance (yes, I like Vampire stories... don't hold it against me! lol). I have a few favorite things to watch like Stargate, Firefly, StarTrek, Dr Who, Sanctuary, Fringe, Eureka, Warehouse 13, and STARWARS!

So now you know my nerdy little secret, you may understand when I say that today is Star Wars Day. So I just have to say "MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU! "

I bet you are wondering what StarWars has to do about kindness...well to be honest not too much...but I thought I would share something that StarWars does have to do with kindness.

Starting with the photo of me with some Storm Troopers. 

Now you may not think very much about it but these guys (dressed up in StarWars costumes) made a very big difference to the Perth community. They Volunteered their time and also gave a donation to the Perth 2011 Telethon. The Perth Telethon raises money for the State Children's hospital, which is called Princess Margaret Hospital for Children (PMH). It also raises money for child health in general through the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research.

I volunteered to work in the Call Center last year for Telethon, where I answered calls and accepted the donations on behalf of Telethon. And I met these awesome Storm Troopers whilst I was in the call rooms! I also met heaps of other stars and celebrities and had a great time. I loved it so much I am planning to do it again! :) If you want to know more about Telethon, please check them out here.

I also wanted to tell you about a guy, dressed as a Storm Trooper, who walked across Australia to raise money for charity. He was supporting the Starlight Children's Foundation Australia. 
If you want to check it out you can see the video/audio here:

Star Wars for me, personally, has a LOT to do with motivation.

One of my favorite Lines in the movies is said by Yoda. He says "Do or do not, there is no try!" This for me means that if I want to make a difference, I will make a difference or i wont. The "trying" part about it doesn't really work as you will either succeed or fail. You cant partially succeed or partially fail... because that is still succeeding and failing.There is no try. So for me, I WILL make a difference. Hopefully i already have! (okay, its not a very easy concept to completely understand, but just listen to Yoda... he said it very clearly! lol)

For those who have not seen the Star Wars Movies... 

The last thing i want you to look at is the way Luke talks to his Father, who has turned to the Dark Side. Luke approaches his father with Love and Compassion, Understanding and Hope. And it is because of these positive emotions that Lukes father turns back to the Light. This reminds me of a quote i was reading this week by Martin Luther King Jr.  “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.”

That is one of the most profound lessons we will ever learn. It is Love and Kindness that make all the difference.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed a little glance into my world. With all its nerdy goodness! :)

I hope you are all doing well and the good health and happiness fill your days!

"May the Force be with you",
Daena x

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The things that we do...

Hey everyone,
This is just a quick catch up on whats been happening around here.

This weekend I helped a few friends move house. I spent over 25 hours helping them sort, clean up and get rid of masses of amounts of "Stuff" from the house. Just an example, I took a car load of stuff from the house to the Charity Bins as it was mostly old clothes/sheets/hats/shoes/tupperware etc.etc. The most amazing part was that this was not the only car load of stuff to make it to Charities.

My mum was able to take from the move several large bags of wool to be made into blankets for charities, such as a charity that gives blankets to kids in wheelchairs ( and some other local charities too! I was pretty excited to have also just finished MY first crocheted blanket for charity too! We often refer to them as "scrap blankets". And just so you know what I mean... I took some photos to show you of the ones still in our house, waiting to be passed to the right people.

 THIS IS MINE ----->

They are not perfect but that makes them really exciting. Some kid will love the colours in these blankets for their wheelchairs. And we are just using the left overs or scraps left from other projects/people to make them!

I have also been helping my mums craft group who run a book stall in the local church! They have this awesome project where you bring in your old books and pay $2 to buy a new one. Then you can always bring it back and get more books! This is a fundraiser for the "greening" projects in the church, eg. Solar Panels for the roof, Water tanks, worm farm and organic garden. I have been helping sort books, carry heavy boxes, check out CDs and DVDs for appropriate content (because somehow the book stall has had people bring in these mediums too... not just books).

This weekend promises to be very exciting too. I am helping one of my best friends run the Relay for Life which supports cancer research. Its a 24 hour event and it usually is really funny! I helped out last year, and this year I am taking on a larger role! Hopefully I can upload some photos next week for you to see what we did! :)

Anyways, I have to go and take mum to another doctors appointment! Again please keep our family (mum in particular) in your thoughts/prayers!

Daena Guest