Monday, January 27, 2014

January 25, 2014

Hey beautiful people, 

Saturday the 25th was the first day mum was allowed out and about! After spending the afternoon Friday out of bed, she was just gently swaying in the breeze rather than hanging on to everything with dear life! Friday she was able to sit & help me by sticking down stickers and envelopes for the hens night & kitchen tea invites! Which saved me some time! :) 
So after a good day on Friday, Saturday she was excited to get out of the house! She had pre booked an all day scrap booking event, and was desperate to go! (I'm not the only craft family member)! So I drove her and stayed with her all day, and was able to participate too! :) 

For kindnesses I bought lunch for mum, my sister & myself (my sister is just as crafty)! And I helped others by picking up their stuff, as a lot of stuff seemed to end up on the floor! Me with young legs and all! :) i helped several ladies use a new paper cutting tool called a Cricut (these have been around for ages but are new to us!)
I acted as mums legs (she still wobbled like a sailor just off his ship after a 3 month adventure). 

I tried to help mum out as best I could and help those around me too! And it meant we all had a good fun time! :)

I didn't take photos of what I did... Silly me! So I'll have to post them another time! :)

Have a wonderful day & have fun! 
Luv Daena x

January 24, 2013

Hello my lovely people! :) 

So Friday the 24th was a mad day of looking after mum (still suffering a bout of Vertigo) & finishing the hens day & kitchen tea invites to get them in the post by close of business! I discovered I am really good at working to a deadline! As I got them in the post with time to spare! :) 
My kindness was achieving the deadline for my best friend and using my own scrap booking and craft supplies to create and design a beautiful invite for the kitchen tea, & using my printer ink and paper to create a fun and exciting invite for the Hens night! 

I love crafting but after finishing the next 30 invites and writing on all the envelopes, and on the invites themselves, my hands & arms got a little sore! But I think they will be well received! :) 

I hope you are all well! :D 
Stay safe! 
Luv Daena x

Friday, January 24, 2014

January 23, 2014

Hey everyone,

Today (& yesterday for that matter) mum has been suffering from vertigo. As usually this sorts it self out, yesterday I wasn't too concerned. However as it continued & seemed to get worse today I rang & talked to our regular doctor & he organised for me to pick up a prescription because mum couldn't move without feeling queezie and hanging onto the bed... Poor thing! So I drove the 6 suburbs away to go get mums script, before talking to the doctor & then got it filled at our regular chemist. The whole thing took me an hour and a half! 

Please note: as a Carer for my mum I often have to do things on her behalf that include medications, food, hygiene etc. The doctor (& his staff) knows me and trusts my judgement! Sometimes he must think I over react about some things, but it's better to be safe than sorry! As part of mums health support team we work well together! 

Apart from that... I also started on the kitchen tea invites. I managed to get 32 done this evening whilst mum slept (the medication makes her drowsy).

This is my creative mess... Whilst making the invites! there is a pile of dark purple invitations there & some white one too! :)
All in all it's coming up well! 

I also made a prize for the kitchen tea event! :) 

Hope you are well & your world is not spinning! And if it is, that it is at it's usual pace! :) 

Luv Daena x

Ps. I suddenly have the desire to sing "you spin me right round baby, right round! Like a record baby right round, round, round!"! Oh... Poor mum! 

January 22, 2014

How are you all doing? Okay? 

Yesterday I sorted out some stuff I needed for my best friends kitchen tea party by buying more tea (& putting it in Eco-Friendly recycled jars). I took a photo of my tea collection which I will be sharing with about 60 people for the event! I added 3 new teas so that the collection will be big enough for everyone (& it's also awesome for me too)! 
You may notice I like T2 teas... I do! :) they are a tea specialist in Australia! And they are delicious! 

I also bought some cake stands and cupcake wrappers! But no photos of these so they will be a surprise for my beautiful friend! 

I also chatted to some people in the queue at a department store... Light & friendly conversation is often a little kindness but I enjoy talking to people! Everyone has lived such diverse lives! There is always something new to learn or another way of looking at the world! 

Stay safe and have a wonderful day! 
Luv Daena 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

January 21, 2014- International Day of Hugs

Hey everyone, 
Sorry I'm a bit late with updating the next few kindnesses... 

On the 21st it was International Day of Hugs! So I gave all my family hugs & cuddles, & some friends too! :) 

Apart from hugs I also bought some small kids toys for the kids shoeboxes... Enough to add to the stuff I bought the other day! 

That is 6 skipping ropes & 6 little wooden trucks! 

I hope you are all well! 
Luv Daena x

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 20, 2014

Hello blog followers, friends & family, 

Today my kindness started at 3.30am when I talked to a friend online having a rough time! My friend was unable to sleep & needed someone to talk to so I chatted to her for a while (on Facebook)! And since I am a recovering insomniac I gave them some ideas of how to get some sleep, apart from trying to be a listening ear! Being a good friend is sometimes the hardest and, yet, one of the most rewarding kindnesses you can perform! It's tough seeing someone you know & love hurting! But just being there for someone else can make the world of difference! 

I also welcomed a friend who visited because she couldn't get to her house as a result of bushfires near it! It's pretty rough! Bush fire season has been particularly rough in Australia this year with over a hundred fires burning all over the country as I write this! Thankfully, for my beautiful friend, the roads were opened again by the time she left our house! And it was safe to go home! But I gave her lots of cuddles, after all the fires are pretty scary! 

I shared a favorite childhood movie with mum! Because I really love "The Little Princess" & mum had never seen it! 

I supported a friend who called in tears & who just needed a a friend to talk to! I did my best to encourage & support them... But sometimes it's hard to find the right words! Sometimes silence says more than words! Mind you, words like "I love you", make a big & positive difference to those around you too! 

With conversations I have had today, please tell the people you love how you feel about them! Sometimes they don't know it! And your words will make the world right again! 

I love my friends dearly, some are more like family than my actual blood relatives!

I am sending love today because even though I may not know you, you need to know you are loved! Thank you for being a blessing to those around you! And thank you for being a blessing to me! 

With lots & lots of love
Luv Daena x

January 19, 2014

Hello beautiful people! 

So today was a quiet day for me! A kindness to myself really! Not doing too much & recovering from some injuries I did to myself over the last weekend! For those looking to repeat my stupidity, can I just say... Please don't do a "bomb-ie" into a shallow swimming pool! It's just not worth the pain... Physically & emotionally (oh the embarrassment of failing!)! Not my finest hour! It took a while for the chiropractor to realign my body... & I think I grew a foot in height after the adjustment! Mind you, I had shrunk that much as a result of the "bombie" into the pool! So I guess it irons out in the wash! Healing up nicely now, thankfully, but the first 24 hours after the adjustment where a little overwhelming! So I'm hoping you get it... DO NOT jump into a shallow pool, feet first or (heaven forbid) head first! Consider yourself warned! Lol! 

Apart from doing a kind act for myself for a change, I also acted as mums chauffeur for a couple of errands she had to run! I made her a cuppa and well... Nothing super exciting, but I cooked healthy meals & snacks for us in between resting! 

Sweet & simple does the trick! 
Hope you are all well! And remember... No jumping into shallow pools! Lol! 
Stay safe! 
Luv Daena x

Sunday, January 19, 2014

January 18, 2014

Hello there...

Today's kindness was simple and pretty inexpensive in the swing of things! 

Today I bought things to go into shoeboxes for the Christmas Shoebox appeal! You may think I'm getting in early but if you buy things when they are cheap it works well... 

Plus the shoe boxes can start being collected by the end of March! So today I was buying school supplies like pencils, erasers, sharpeners & crayons to go in pencil cases for the kids boxes! 

After all, these things are currently super cheap because it's back to school time in Australia! 

It's only a little but that's enough for the start of at least 6 shoeboxes and maybe more! :) 

I hope you are having a great day! 
Luv Daena x

Friday, January 17, 2014

January 17, 2014

Hello beautiful people, 

Today I supported the hills bush fire appeal through McDonalds with a financial donation! 
After all 52 houses were completely destroyed and another 150 houses damaged! They need all the financial support they can get at the moment and probably for a few years to come! 

Today I'm keeping my kindness short & sweet! :) 

Have a great day! 
Luv Daena x

January 16, 2014

Hello my lovelies, 
Today I worked on getting the next (2013) 365days of kindness album completed! Although I'm not very far through I have made a start and to me that is important! It means that I am only 11.5months behind in putting my kindnesses into photo albums! Which is kind of funny! 

My kindnesses today included the above scrap booking, helping my niece with her blessings, encouraging my nephew with his blessings by listening to them, helping my brother in law get dinner ready, doing some tidying up at my sisters house! I also sent some love to a friend who needed some TLC! 

Keeping your kindnesses simple, makes life simple and beautiful! 

I hope you are doing well! Stay safe! 
Luv Daena

January 13, 2014

Today has been another devistating day in the Perth hills with the fire continuing to burn down homes and leave families in the lurch! It's been so hard to watch as the number of houses that were destroyed went from 27 houses to 52 within 24hours! So sad to see such a beautiful community struggle through the hardships... But I have seen such an out pouring of love like nothing I have seen before! People bought trailer loads of clothes, toys etc to drop points, people have offered their homes to strangers, bought meals and donated food to firefighters and the affected alike! It is so beautiful to see kindness after kindness come from this small community city! 

Apart from keeping people posted by sharing posts on the
And my personal page, I also helped mum today by getting names & contact details for a person on the phone (they had called for a sales talk) but who after hearing about the fires near their homes was looking to offer their house for emergency accomodation! 

I took a box of toys into Vinies today from my sisters house... It was only a small box! 

I spent time sharing positive videos & messages of hope on Facebook so that there was something good for people to see! 

I want to take the time and say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped out! The firefighters (paid & volunteer), the government agencies & the charities, those who have given their time, money, homes, spare clothes and goods... THANK YOU!!! You are working miracles right now! Keep up the amazing work! 

Much love, 
Daena Guest

Ps. Special shout out to my sister who spent today looking after 3 extra children (ages 1,3 &5) whilst the children's parents were fighting fires! You have done a huge kindness so that a mum & dad know their kids are safe, whilst they are working to make the whole shire safe!  Great kindness big sister! Bravo! X

January 15, 2014

Hello beautiful people, 
Today's kindness was a little embarrassing, as you will see in a minute, because I let it get this bad! But I did this for mum whilst she was sleeping today, so it was a nice surprise for her to see when she woke up! 
Yes... That is our messy stove top! See... How embarrassing! But I finally sorted that out so mum didn't have to & so it was more welcoming for visitors! 

It now looks like this...

All shiny & clean! Much better! I did it after I cooked lunch & dinner too so we had delicious meals & then a thoroughly clean kitchen! :) 

I also sent messages of love to a friend who is struggling with health issues! She needed to know someone is thinking of her! And be reminded of how wonderful she is! :) 

Plus I made tea & hot water for mum & a visiting friend! 

All in all a good days work! 

Stay safe! 
Luv Daena x

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Videos... for kindness!

Hello my lovely people.
In the last few days I have been inundated with beautiful videos that celebrate Kindness... and i just had to share a few of them! :)

This is basically some of my favorite kindness videos...

This first one is an advert from Coke that i just love... i don't really care that its an advertisement... its as much an advert for love and kindness as it is for Coke.

This is a video about the new "Internet sensation" and no... its not twerking!

This last one is the Random Acts of Kindness Challenge winner for 2013... this is the same competition as the Peaches Neet Feet (2012 winner).

This last one is another advert that i saw before Christmas that was awesome... made me laugh and cry! Glad that companies are going the kindness route for their advert campaigns!

I just love kindness videos... I hope you enjoy these! :D
Luv Daena

January 14, 2014

Hey everyone, 
Well it's official! I am completely exhausted! 

Today mum &  I went and helped my sister with the 5 kids (2 of her own &  3 extras who were under 6!) she has been looking after since yesterday. The fires in Perth are still burning, however it looks like they might finally be under control! Hooray! Sadly 52 houses were lost with many more damaged. The fire fighters did an amazing job keeping the number so low when it could have easily been in the hundred! Thank you to our fire fighters & emergency services! You have done an out stranding job this week!!! The 3 extra children my sister was looking after, & we helped with a little today, were kids of two volunteer firefighters & emergency service officers! Beautiful children! 

Whilst my sister was dealing with the two littlest ones and mum was occupying the attention of the two middle ones (the eldest looked after himself), I was able to do some housework for my sister, in cleaning up the lounge, toy room & family rooms, and putting in a load of dishes in the dishwasher! It's amazing how crazy a house looks after 5 kids under 10 (4 of which are under 6), have been in it for 24 hours! I totally respect single & stay at home mothers (particularly ones with more than one kid) because of the whirlwind that surrounds those 5 when they were playing! Wow! 

For the three middle children (all girls) I acted as hairdresser & did each of them a funky hairstyle for the day ... Sometimes more than once! Girls love to have pretty hairstyles! 

Today I also taught my nephew how to play poker (my sister learnt poker too) & a card game called "spit"! My nephew is a regular card shark! He learns quickly! :)

I also read 3 chapters of a fairy book to my niece before she went to bed because after the other 3 kids went home (the fire is almost under control so their parents could go home & rest & take the kids with them), my niece needed some quiet TLC! 

Needless to say... I'm exhausted & I was only there for 12 hours! I think my sisters whole house will be sleeping very soundly tonight! You guys did an excellent job sharing toys, food, attention, rooms & time with people who needed it! Thank you for your kindnesses!!! 

I'm crawling into bed... 
Much love to you all, stay safe! 
Luv Daena 

Monday, January 13, 2014

January 12, 2014

Hello my lovelies, 
I was almost asleep when I remembered I hadn't posted for the day... So here are my kindnesses...

Today in Perth was another hot day to end a hot weekend and several fires started near my sisters house in the Perth hills! Thankfully my sister & her family are safe and are not currently under threat, however it looks like 27 houses have been destroyed and one life lost in a related incident! My sister and I have friends in the area affected and some people don't know if they have a house to go home to as they have been evacuated and whilst Some stayed to defend their homes the community has been greatly affected! My kindness today was for my sister, her husband & kids, who were having a prearranged day with the kids other grandparents, if I heard or saw any news I kept them informed about the developments. I also shared on my Facebook pages links for people to donate goods & accomodation to those who are without homes in the immediate future (or long term), for agistment for horses and services for those that needed then! In tragedies it is always so wonderful to see the amazing capacity for love & generosity that humans are capable of! It restores your faith in humanity! 

On a simpler note, I cooked one of mums favorite meals for lunch, for no other reason than that we had all the ingredients in the house! We even had the leftovers for dinner! 

My best friend is getting married in less than 2 months so I am organising hens nights and kitchen tea parties for her preparation of "wifedom" (I know it's not a real word but it's a good one)! So some of today was spent getting quotes and organising/writing invitations to these events next month! 

All in all for a day at home it felt really busy! I'm so glad my family is safe! I wish love and hope to those who have lost everything! I cannot imagine what you are going through! But I am sending love to you all! 

With kindness, 
Luv Daena 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

January 11, 2014

Hello my lovely blog followers, 
Today was a friends 21st birthday party so mum & I made him a cake! A pretty awesome Drum Cake! He's a drummer after all! So mum & I finished decorating it today (made the cake part last night) and then I took it over to the party location in 42*C heat! In Perth today it was a scorching 45*C in the late afternoon! 
I also helped the hosts of the party in the kitchen & got people drinks & such too! Fun was had by all! 

Hope you all had a wonderful & cooler day than we did!!! 

Much love, 
Daena x

January 10, 2014

Hey guys, 
I managed to leave my phone at my sisters house so I'm a little late with this kindness...

Today I helped get my niece dressed & did her hair for the day! It's was pretty! She loved it! 

I also prepared my niece for a very hot day by covering her in sun cream because she wanted to play outside! 

I took a whole heap of old toys away from my sisters house! And got prepared to make a cake for my friends 21st birthday party tomorrow! 

Hope you are all well! 
Luv Daena x

Friday, January 10, 2014

January 9,2014

Today was a good day... Relaxed and spent with family which is always nice! 

One kindness today was helping my dyslexic nephew write his blessings (10 things he is grateful for -he does this everyday like I do), and listening as my 5 year old niece read her (5 blessings) to me! I love encouraging both of them in their blessings because it promotes a healthy & happy life! :) 

I also helped my sister with her newsletter for her craft business! I coloured in a whole bunch of stamped cards (for added colour), and cut out a whole lot more little butterflies that have been added to the first card so it looks awesome! :) 

I have also started sorting out and preparing for a friends hens and kitchen tea parties (as I'm the maid of honour)! Co-ordination & sourcing stuff to make both events unforgettable! :) 

Have an awesome day! 
Luv Daena x 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

January 8, 2014

Hey all, 
Today my headache lingered until after lunch, but I still managed to cook mum a delicious lunch and do the washing up too! 

My kindness was later this evening though when I was out shopping! I saw some super specials on sausages (I dare you to say that 10x really fast). The specials were so good I contacted my sister and asked if she wanted/needed any for her fridge or freezer! She said yes so I bought two packs of sausages for her family! I also got the special request of fruit mince pies from my brother-in-law (they had been reduced to .80c a pack)! So I bought him 4 packs, as the expiry date isnt until mid February, but I doubt they will last that long! lol! 

One of the simplest kindnesses I have found, that is shopping related, is to return your trolley to the designated trolley return or back to the store! I know in England you have to pay a £1 for the use of a trolley at some stores! But here In Australia they are generally free! By putting them back it makes the lives and jobs of trolley boys/girls much simpler and means they have more time to return trolleys to the store as opposed to having to hunt them down in the car park! So today I just simply put my trolley in the trolley return after using it for my shopping! Kindness done... Tick! 

It's the simple things that I love as they make a big difference even though it doesn't feel like you have to put much effort in! 

Hope all is going well for you wherever you are! And I hope all your kind deeds are going welll! :) 

Luv Daena

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

January 7, 2014

Hey everyone, 

Today was a day for my dad! For those that don't know, my dad has a rare brain disease called Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy (CAA) as a result he has Fronto Temporal dementia. He lives about 2 minutes from my house in a nursing home that is so wonderful that mum, my sister & I always know he is safe and being well taken care of! 

Today my kindness was for my dad! Dad has had a few volunteers come and spend time with him over the years. He has been in care for almost 7 years now! Occasionally the volunteers read the paper to him, chat to him or spend time so he didn't get bored. One such young woman was his volunteer for 4 years, he bought "real" coffee for him, read to him, talked about his favorite topics endlessly and spent one morning a week with him to just get to know what a good guy my father is! She was there every week for 4 years until she had to give up coming in every week because she was moving interstate for work & study! However every time she has returned home for Christmas & new year she always pops in for a chat with dad and to see how he is doing! Today was one of those days...
So my kindness was to organise with this amazing lady for a time for her to come in and see dad! I surprised dad with her visit! I also prepared her for some changes in dads condition...

Around the middle of last year my father had a terrible stroke that had him completely loose the use of his right side, his dominant side! He has lost the ability to feed himself, stand or sit unassisted and needs to be strapped into a wheelchair. It now takes two people to move dad in and out of his chair, if he is well enough to get out of his bed at all. He cannot do anything for himself anymore and is restricted to a vitamised diet and thickened drinks to prevent chocking! He is slowly getting some use in his right hand back, although the arm itself is like a sack of potatoes and according to dad about as useful! Thankfully he is able to talk clearly (for a while it was limited to irritated grunts & gibberish) and he is regaining some of his   Cheeky nature again too. My father is a stubborn man and a survivor! It takes a lot more than a simple stroke to kill him (as he has proved to us again and again)! 

These changes were quite different to the mobile, cheeky and independent man my father had been (even still in the nursing home) until just before his stroke! I did my best to answer any questions about his change in condition and help her understand what life is like for us now! 

She is such a wonderful lady! We (mum, V & I) are all so grateful for her visits because she has been so supportive of us & especially of dad! She has endless patience and a gentle spirit that seems to calm dad in his agitated state! Thank you so much TD for making the effort! It is so appreciated! 

Today was also the first day since dads stroke that I was able to get him to listen to music! My father was a mad violinist (& loved his clarinet & sax too), he was a keen musician and a lover of all forms and styles of music! So him being without music is like a fish being without water... However since his stroke loud noises were too much for his mind to cope with, so his music listening habits stopped until today! I coaxed him to listen to a CD I bought for him in Ireland, whilst I was there, and consisted of a good collection of Irish folk songs and bar songs! he enjoyed it! as I sang along to the songs, he tapped his good hand along to the beat, which was a start by no means! 

It was a good day for dad, for his volunteer friend to catch up with him and for his love for music rekindled! :) 

I have a terrible headache so will climb back into bed (I've been there almost since I left dads), but I'll know dad was happy today! And although that isn't a cure or an end to his terrible suffering (for he still suffers greatly with his diseases), he was happy with family, friends and music and right now that's all that matters! 

I hope you are all well today! 

Luv Daena 

Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014

Hello my lovelies! 

Today's kindness was more to myself & this project than for heaps of other people! To explain... For the last few years I have been creating scrapbooks of the kindnesses I have completed for this project! I had been half way through journaling all of 2012's kindnesses but today I finished my 2012 scrap booking album! It looks great too! So now I have a tangible way of showing the technologically illiterate &/or disadvantaged what I have been up to! Plus it is an awesome memory for my own record! 

Another kindness I did today was that I made a whole lot of cards from a project kit from my sisters business! So I photographed the finished product and my sister was able to use those photos for her business page on Facebook! 

Another was that I woke mum up this morning by making her bacon, eggs & toast followed up with a hot cup of tea! It was a lovely way for her to wake up! Or so she said! :) 

I hope you are all doing well! 
Luv Daena x

Sunday, January 5, 2014

January 5, 2014

Hey guys & girls, 
So today was a day to recover from my busy adventure with the family yesterday! I was right too... I slept the best I have in years! 

My kindnesses today were around the same time... My first one for today was making a coffee for mum & a visiting friend! Then I took mum out for a simple and delicious steak lunch! 

Then as mum and I were sitting enjoying our lunches I met a nice couple with a few kids! In Australia one of the national supermarkets has been releasing Animal Cards for collection with every $20 you spend! After giving my niece and nephew  the pick of them I had an extra 12 packets! They have been sitting in my bag for a while waiting for an opportunity to pass them on to someone who can use them! So when I met this couple today I asked if their kids were collecting the cards & they said yes... So I gave them the collection I had with me! They were happy and a little surprised that someone would give them to them! 

I love that it is getting easier to do kind deeds... 

I hope you are finding kindness just as easy! 

Have a wonderful day! 
Luv Daena 

January 4th 2014

Hey everyone, 
So today was my brother in laws birthday  and we went to an adventure park in Perth called The Maze! 

My kindness today was helping my sister & brother in law with their kids (mainly the smallest one) at the water park part of the Maze! I had a lot of fun and spent a lot of time helping small people (not just those related to me) in and out of water slides or pushing them so they went fast (at their request of course - child safety is very important)! 

My 5 year old niece was the best! She and I had lots of fun running up the stairs & speeding down the smaller slides so that her daddy, mummy & older brother could have free reign on the bigger slides! We had a blast! 

We also played on one of the parts that this place is famous for... A Maze! :) it has lots of mazes actually but I was most impressed with the one I did all by myself!  it was amazing as lots of people didn't finish it! :) here is the proof... (That's me in the middle)! 

Anyways, I also chatted to the staff working at the tops of the slides... It seemed like a thankless job, so I made the effort to chat & thank them for their efforts! :) lovely people! :) 

Hope you are all well, 
I should sleep very well tonight! I'm exhausted! 

Luv Daena 

Ps. Thanks to my sister Vandra for the photo! :) 

Friday, January 3, 2014

January 3, 2014 kindnesses

Hey everyone, So today I kept hearing about suspended coffees!  If you haven't heard about the awesomeness that is the suspended coffees movement... You can check it out at the follow in link on Facebook...

The movement is growing...

So today I decided to try it out myself! I was meeting an old friend for a coffee (or in my case a soy chai latte) close to the city & decided to ask the coffee shop if they do suspended coffees... They didn't... However i told the waitress about them and she said people over the New Years period had been buying coffees for others. So I paid for a coffee for a complete stranger myself. The lady was pretty impressed (if not slightly suspicious of the first persons motives) but I guess it just means that kindness is actually affecting my small city! 

I hope you all have had an excellent day and next time you head to a coffee shop ask about suspended coffees or just pay for one for the person behind you... A nice little way to make someone's day! :) 

Luv Daena

(Ps... Sorry about the text size... I don't know how to change it back on my phone! :/) 

January 2, 2014 - kindness continues

Hey everyone, 
So this is pretty impressive for me... Writing three times in three consecutive days! :) 

But I'm sharing today's kindnesses...
Today I offered to help a disabled lady with her shopping! She was so inspiring... And strong! She called the shopping her "exercise for the day"! 

I also made conversation with the cleaning lady in the food hall in my local shopping centre. I asked how her Christmas was and we had a nice chat about the crazy holiday hours for people in retail! Being an ex-retail worker I can completely understand it! I made sure she knew just how grateful I was for the work she did to keep the place in top shape! 

Today I also made my mum a delicious and healthy meal! Sometimes I don't have the energy to prepare meals, so we have had junk food fairly regularly over the last four years... I am doing my best to cut down for both of us, so we eat healthy and feel better! I have started seeking out the "healthy options" for the times when I am completely exhausted & we have no other option but take-away foods... But for the times when I am just lazy, I'm putting the effort in & getting my ass into gear to just do it! It's amazing how I thought that leaving the house for food was faster than just going to the kitchen and preparing things we already have in the house... I guess you learn something everyday! :) 

I also made a delicious, healthy & nutritious meal for us for dinner too! :) 

(Note: my amazing pajamas with penguins! I love penguins!!! And yes it was lunch time... But it was a pajama morning!)

I hope you have all had a great day! 

Luv Daena x

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

1st of January 2014 -kindnesses

Hey everyone, 

I'm starting this year with a little of a concerted effort! So I will share some of the kindnesses I did today! 

Okay... so last night I was at my best friends new house to help celebrate the new year! I was surrounded by people I know, love & who love me! What more could you ask for right? 

So at 2.30am when my best friend has gone to bed, and everyone else is snuggling down for some shut eye, I go to my task! 

I put all her DVDs on her TV cabinet which has been sitting there for a week  or more (since they moved in) waiting to be done! Both she & her fiancĂ© work long hours & haven't had time to do that job yet! I may also have put them in alphabetical order (that's the OCD tendencies in me coming out)! :) 
Upon waking up this morning she was thrilled! Job well done! 

I also helped another friend bring in a coffee table from her car (which was given to my best friend and her fiancĂ© for their new house)! Kindness from others! Good start for the year so far! 

After getting home, I gave my mum huge hugs and to her happiness I boiled the kettle! I got her a hot cup of tea without asking (twice more today too)! Which basically means she is a very happy chappy! It's lovely that I can make someone so happy with such a simple task! And on occasions I make myself one too! 

So this year has started pretty well!

Thanks you everyone for your support of me last year!!! I really appreciate it!!! 

Last year for me, personally, was full of kindness, adventure & emotional roller coasters! But without the lows you cannot understand the heights to which you reach! 

Gratitude for everything has been such an important part of my life, particularly this last year! It means I can appreciate both highs and lows more... for the lessons they teach and for the adventures to be had along the way!

I wish you all a wonderful new year of hope, happiness & mostly Kindness... Kindness for all! 

With love, 
Daena x