Saturday, December 31, 2011

The End?! Or just another Beginning!?

Happy New Year Everyone! This has been a extraordinary year for me (Daena) as I have been working to complete a kind act everyday for the last year! Today is the last day! Where has this year gone? But I won't quit being kind to others or going out of my way to make someone else's day just that little bit more friendly, loving or unexpected! 
I have also witnessed some awesome people doing kind acts for people they don't know! For those that have been following my blog, you would know about the act of kindness I received when my car broke down (a nice bottle of bubbly). Tonight in the spirit with which I received the gift, I will be sharing it with some of my closest friends... One last kind act for the year! 
I also witnessed a family friend make & then donate 93 baby/cot quilts to charities! The one thing I particularly love about this friend, is that she has found something she loves to do, make quilts, and she has just kept going at it, pursuing what she enjoys and gives away what she has no need of! I love the Idea of finding something you love doing & turning it into something you can give/share/teach/help others with! 
So for the last note of the year, I want to thank everyone who has been an encourager, receiver, giver or motivator for me, those who have shared their stories with me, and lastly those that have challenged themselves! You have inspired me to keep going! THANK YOU! 
Have a safe & happy new years eve 2011, and watch this space for Project 25- 2012! 
Luv Daena x

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wishing you all a safe and Merry Christmas/Hannukah/Holiday Season!

Hey Everyone,

Well the New Year is creeping decidedly closer - And the good deeds are mounting!

I love that the Christmas Season brings kindness and love to the forefront of our minds. Yesterday i witnesses a pair of people performing random acts of kindness, they were stopping all the cars from going down a road that had a major car accident on it! They were giving people advice about where the best way to go around it was. But they were ultimately helping the 4 police cars, 2 ambulances, and the fire engines that were there (So you can tell how big this accident was). I know it wasn't their job but they were helping our emergency services and i was very grateful that i didn't have to witness any of the gory details!

I appologise for not putting up any more RAK - but my computer seems to not want to add the photos! :( So will have to try again another time! :)

And please... drive safe on the roads! Your family and friends want you around for years to come! :)
Have a great day tomorrow (Christmas)!
Luv Daena

Monday, December 19, 2011

You will have to forgive me for being so slow...

Hey everyone,
You will have to forgive me for being so slow on getting the last half of the year up, as i have just started a new job and have been away for work already to the heart of Western Australia (the state where i live)! I had a blast and have come back with some very strange tan lines and some amazingly huge blisters but I did love it!

I also wanted to tell you about an RAK that I received!

A couple of weeks ago now (just before i left for my trip) I was sitting in my car, who had kindly broken down on a hot day (it just doesn't like to work when its hot!) and i was waiting for the RAC repair man to come and help me start her again! (yes my car is a girl). I was sitting with the bonnet up and it was about 35degrees Celsius in the shade, which thankfully i had parked my car in the shade! As i sat there a lady pulled in beside me in a nice car and asked if i was okay and if i was waiting for someone. I told her that i was waiting for the RAC man and that my car was old and just didn't like to work sometimes! She gave me a smile, and said she understood what it was like to have an old car when she was younger. She wished me goodluck and went inside.

About 20mins later, as the RAC man was just putting the finishing touches on the repair for my car the same woman came out from the shops. She walked over to me and handed me a bottle of champagne! As she was parked next to me i had that moment when i thought she just wanted me to hold it for her while she got in the car herself. But then she said "I really do know what its like to have an old car, and i know its really tough for it to be playing up around christmas! So here!" And she looked at the bottle now in my hands and said "Merry Christmas! I hope things get better for you!"

I was gobsmacked! I asked her repeatedly if she was sure that this bottle of champagne was for me... and she assured me it was! She left with a massive smile on her face and i left feeling good even though i was hot and bothered and my car was playing up!

The funny thing was the RAC mans reaction:
RAC man: "Did she just give you a bottle of Champagne?"
Me: "Yep"
RAC man: "Wow! Did you know her?"
Me: "Nope"
RAC man:"Wow! That reminds me...a few weeks ago one of my colleagues was working on a job and was handed a brown box by a stranger. Inside it was a box of chocolates and a card that read "You have just recieved a Random Act of Kindness - Please pass one on to someone else!"" He looked at me still holding the brown paper bag. "That was really nice of that lady to give that bottle of Champagne to you!"
Me: "Yeah! It really was!"

I was really impressed! and very happy to see small changes happening in the world! :)
I know that its not all my hard work but when you run a project like Project 25 or 365days of Kindness you start to realise that it does make a difference in the world! No matter how small you slowly see the goodness creep into the universe and find you! You see the way people are affected by kindness, if it is simply by holding the door open for someone or in my case giving a bottle of champagne to a stranger who is having car troubles! Everything makes a differnece! :)

And even though i don't know that ladies name, what she does for a living, or if and who shes married to, she made a difference to me in that moment! So to that lady who i will never know... THANK YOU!

I hope you all will have a wonderful Christmas season and that you will remember that Christmas is all about hope, kindness and love.
Daena xx