Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hey everyone,
well it's the final day for this years 366 days of Kindness and I am only a month behind! Go me! I am hoping to post the last of 2012s kindnesses tomorrow! But I wanted to wish you all a happy new year! I will be doing this again next year! So keep checking back to see the new years worth of blog posts!
Thank you all so much for your love and support! This blog & all your support means so much to me!
Luv Daena

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas and Thank you!

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

I find that Christmas is a day that I reflect on all the joys I have had throughout the year! One thing I am so grateful for is for all of you who support and encourage me here, through following this blog and through helping me stay motivated and enthusiastic for this challenge I set myself way back in 2009. I only started to do one a day in 2011 and so far it has been an awesome and challenging success. But I keep coming back to the fact that I couldn't have done this without the support of my family, friends and of those who follow the blog and the facebook page! :D


With lots of love, joy and kindness.

Luv Daena xxxx

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Keep up the good work...October Kindnesses

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to share some of the kindnesses people have already done and share what i got up too! Appologies, as photos were not taken at any of these kind acts, but that does in no way belittle the effort these kind people did! :)

These two came to me on the same day, and I have slightly edited the story so no-one know who is who, but the first one was...

A lady was having a drink at a cafe and a man arrived not long after her, and stood just near her and got out his violin and played it for the guests of the cafe. The music was described to me as "breath takingly beautiful". So not only did she give him the little coin she had in her purse, but she wrote him a not telling him how much his music had meant to her and how beautiful she found it! KINDNESS ACHIEVED!

A young woman was working at a shopping center late into the night, and the security guards were keeping watch over the place and making sure everyone got in and out safely. This young woman told me she had been baking the day before and had surplus, so instead of keeping it in the freezer, she offered it to one of the amazing security guards she had gotten to see regularly. The security guard was very touched and told the young woman "that was the nicest thing anyone had ever done" for the guard.

My Random Act of Kindness I had planned, was to put a couple of dollars on to a kids shopping center carousel, preferably with a note to say "Have a ride... Merry Christmas" or something to that affect. However, I was on my way doing another kindness (someone had left one of their shopping trolleys in the upstairs car park and I was returning it to the concierge and center management) when I saw two kids playing on one of the carousels that I was planning to putting the coin and the note. I checked to make sure I had enough money and then I walked over to the kids (whose parents were chatting nearby) and asked if they wanted to have a ride on the carousel they were climbing on. The eldest of the pair was a little braver than his stunned sibling. He said yes, he would love a ride, but his parents wouldn't pay (i laughed because my dad used to be stubborn about it too!). So I said Merry Christmas, put the money in to the carousel and pressed the start button and just walked away. From a distance, I looked back and the kids were laughing and playing on the carousel! What a wonderful way to celebrate christmas! with brightening the day of kids! I didn't take photographs of this, because you all know how inappropriate it is to take photos of children who aren't your own, and without their parents permission! But I love that I can still share this with you all regardless!

Well, after those Random acts of kindness shared by some of this blogs followers (and myself), I hope you really enjoyed them, and can see just how simple it is to do a kind deed for another this Christmas season. I will check with these wonderful women, but there is still AT LEAST one book of "The Magic" left for grabs! So if you want to share your kindness story with me, with or without a photo, then I would be happy to send the book to you!

I have to say that i have been rather busy, and i apologize for not being completely on the ball. I had hoped to have all the kindnesses for this year completed, and I have written up October and Novembers at least. I shall be posting them in the next couple of days! :) I may have to post them without photos and add the photos later though, so I am sorry about that!

Anyway, Here are the Kindnesses for...


October 1: I had a migraine today but still managed to make mum and I cups of tea and also made lunch and dinner – they weren’t flash but they were food! :)

October 2: I had car troubles and I waited outside with the car so the RAC man could find me whilst mum was at craft. I also put the heavy comfy chairs away at Craft. I also stacked chairs, packed cards and sorted them ready for next time at poker. I also bought THANK YOU WATER.

October 3: Today I sponsored the Ronald McDonald House Charities WA's Ride for Sick Kids, by donating loose change. I also said “bless you” to a sneezing stranger. PHOTO

October 4: I helped a lady at IKEA who had her hands full with her son, as she had just had her purse stolen. I helped her son in the bathroom by turning on the taps (he was a little kid and couldn’t reach) and also by reaching the hand towels and giving him one to use too, all whilst his mum was on the phone, and under her supervision.

A friend and I also helped mum out by providing her with amusement as we constructed her new bedside table (its taller so she can easily get to the things she regularly needs with her bad back).

October 5: Helped a new lady at poker and helped the poker league staff by helping sort and pack up the cards and tables and by stacking some chairs and putting empty bottles and glasses on the bar. 

October 6: Today I was very busy! My sister asked me to pop over to her house (whilst she and the family were on holiday) to check on their chickens and pet fish. So to help out I did 2 loads of washing, bought in the washing on the lines, emptied the dish washer, repacked it with dirty dishes, washed them, cleaned the kitchen, scrubbed the oven, washed the windows in the kitchen, fed the fish, cleaned out the chicken coop, added fresh shredded paper. I also set the dinner table all fancy and wrote a welcome home letter from me!

I also helped a friend sort out her beauty room and hang out some washing and helped a friend at her birthday. 

October 7: I had another migraine but I made the effort to medicate then do some much needed vacuuming because it was a quick job and the vacuum cleaner was out.

October 8: Made the effort to push through the pain and occasional nausea to celebrate a friends birthday by taking her out to lunch. I also helped up a couple of quilts to be photographed before they were donated to charities. I also shared some craft ideas with a friend who does a lot a craft ideas for charities.

October 9: I helped wash up at mums craft group, helped sort and re-roll balls of wool. I also put away chairs for the older ladies. I helped out at poker by sorting and stacking the poker cards so they were ready for next time. I also put some chairs away to help out.

October 10: I bought dinner for mum and I. We also attended another meeting for the community day at dads nursing home. And made more crafts including these salt dough decorations. 

October 11: I did a lot of running around today trying to source cheap craft materials to make crafts to dads community day. Today I also made a button Christmas tree, reindeer candy canes, and finished the angel Christmas tree decorations.

October 12: I helped out my sister by distracting her kids by doing out door craft with them which gave her some time, in peace, to finish a few jobs. I also made two more tie crafts and also helped finish of mums crocheted tea towels (the Christmas ones were discovered in a Christmas box from last year – they were supposed to be a gift last year)

October 13: Today I worked on a completed a whole range of crafts for dads community day; including more reindeer candy canes, salt dough tree decorations, tie roses, finished off some of mums crochet topped tea towels. 
I also was offered last minute tickets to see Mumford & Sons, (a popular band). Instead of going myself, I passed them on to my sister and brother in law who often miss out on concerts like this because they have kids but as their kids were staring at their grandparents house mum sister and brother-in-law could go! They had a blast and felt like I had given them the best treat in the world.

October 14: I made “Button Tacks” for the community day. I also photographed and priced all the things I had already made. I also went and bought special “coffee” for dad – Chai lattes and took them to his nursing home and spent the afternoon just hanging out with him and watching a Ballet. I also invited a neighbour in for a coffee.

October 15: I got up early and took mum to a ladies luncheon. I dropped off 3 of mums blankets to the church. I also washed up, packed up and stacked chairs after the luncheon mum was at. I also helped one of the organisers by taking a heavy bag to her car. I also went to an art store closing down sale to buy some canvases I knew my sister needed.

October 16: I acted as a chauffeur, I even took mums shopping back to the car so we didn't have to have it with us whilst she was with the doctors. I also drover her to craft where I put away some chairs and made drink/tea for several ladies. I also made 3 tie roses before I went to poker, where I helped out by getting the cup holders out from under the table (they had rolled away) and sorted out cards and personally packed up 2 tables worth of chairs that I stacked. I also returned glasses and bottles, that were empty, to the bar so the staff didn't have to. 

October 17: I made a tie rose ready for the community day but I managed to burn myself pretty badly from the hot glue gun, so got banned from hot glue gunning for a while! (Mums decree for my safely). I also made mum a BIG cup of tea and chatted happily to a store worker who was bored at work.

October 18: today I had a day at home, making crafty things. Like two more tie roses, and bananas in pyjamas. I also made mum multiple cups of tea and spent time encouraging mum when she was having a hard day.

October 19: I drove my 8 year old nephew to the shops so he could do some shopping for our entrees. He is a budding chef so his interest and enthusiasm for creating and beautifully presenting an entree is just delightful. I also read to him the last two chapters if his book so his dad and mum had more time to themselves and to help their daughter with her nightly routine. I also took mum for a longer walk than she has been on for a while.

October 20: today I made the effort to ring and talk to people I hadn't seen in ages and make a time to catch up for a BBQ on the beach. I got to catch up with a few people and met a few new people. I also lent my jumpers to several of my friends on the beach who were freezing because of the wind.

October 22: I invited a neighbour in for a cup of tea and a chat. I also did some gardening in out communal garden today and petted a different neighbours cat. I also went to a pub gig to see a friend play in his band “Blatjang” with Isaac Mead.

October 23: Today I spent some time in the communal garden and invited my fellow gardening neighbours into our home to share a cup of coffee with us. I also made stuff for dads community day and made cups of tea for the craft ladies. I also made these Reindeer Noses for the community day!

October 24: I gave dad a manicure, so the staff can save time and not have to do it for him. I also made more stuff for the community day. I took chocolate to my best friend who was in need and sent love and condolence messages to her as she had just sadly lost her grandmother.

October 25: I made the effort to apologize to friends I had been rude about someone else too. That is not who I am nor who I want to be. I also bought mum a nice breakfast out at a nice Cafe.
I also called my best friend regularly to check and make sure she was okay because her Grandmother had passed away. I also made her dinner and dessert. I made sure she got home safe after she was sick. I helped mum ice Christmas cakes for dads community day and started packing up all the crafty things I had already made, ready to go for Saturday. 

October 26: Today was busy. I helped mum get cakes and cup cakes iced. I went to dads nursing home and dropped off stuff for the white elephant stall. I went and picked up stuff at the shops to complete the last minute jobs for the community day. I made the effort to drive and hour and a half to a friends house to return her stuff and pick up some crates for tomorrow. I then drove the hour and a half home during peak hour. I came home and finished the roses and the tags/decorations for the jams, pickled onions and soup mixes. And I even had enough time to invite a neighbour in for a drink! 

October 27: today all the hard work came to fruition. Mum and I ran the cake stall at Dads nursing home for the community day. We donated our time, money and resources to have it be a success. I handed over my crafts to the craft stall and they sold a lot. But not all. The cake stall alone raised $800 and the whole day raised $3000. A great day and very successful. (If you want to see the blog all about it, check it out HERE)

October 28: Today was my rest day so I looked after myself and rested a lot. I also made mum several cups of tea. I made the effort to drive 40 minutes to see a friend for her birthday party.

October 29:We spent the day catching up on housework. I also made several cups of tea for mum, invited a neighbour in for a cup of coffee, spent some time gardening in the communal garden, & sent messages to my friends in the USA who are about to be hit by Hurricane Sandy.

October 30: I helped mum out by doing lots of housework in preparation for some visitors. I also bought mum lunch, washed up after afternoon tea and wipes down the kitchen. I also helped a lady with her trolley on a travellator and chatted with her all the way down.

October 31: I made the effort to say "thank you" to those performing any form of services for me. I also let a lady in front of me at the coffee shop as she was in a 15 minute break from work and I had plenty of time. So she went first and was very grateful. 

I hope you enjoyed this lengthy update! :) 

I hope you are all surviving the Christmas seasons! Its called the silly season for a reason, so please be safe! :)

Much love

p.s. Aren't you all glad the world didn't end yesterday! :) lol!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Can you believe it? 4000 page views!!!! Im so excited! :)

Hey everyone,

Okay so the title to this post pretty much gave it all away BUT I still wanted to say a huge THANK YOU because this week we have reached two milestones! :) 4000 page views and 80 Facebook followers! :) Its just so very exciting! :) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!! :) You are just an awesome bunch of people who encourage and inspire me! :)
Look its a cool penguin! :) I love penguins! :D
For those of you who are currently conspiring for the TOP SECRET mission... I hope your planning is going well! :)If you need ideas, i am posting some online via Facebook! or you can check out the previous post as it has lots of awesome links and idea! :)

For the rest of you, I hope you are surviving the Christmas period! I am sending love and kindness to you all! :)

Looking forward to hearing from you all!
Luv and kind wishes,
Luv Daena xxxxx

Saturday, December 8, 2012

TOP SECRET... your mission should you choose to accept it!

Hey everyone,
Well, I have been promising this for months, but here is the final part to the TOP SECRET mission I have been planning for a while. Now for those of you who struggle this Christmas with everything... I wanted to give you something fun to do. This is meant in the spirit of Christmas, of love, joy, generosity and peace. And most importantly the spirit of GIVING! :)

What I would like you to do is find someone who looks like they could use a little kindness from you (that really shouldnt be too hard as its Christmas and pretty much everyone is stressed and could use a little kindness), and find a way to ANONYMOUSLY provide a Random Act of Kindness to them. This is just a little different to the usual kindnesses I do, so I am kind of looking forward to surprising a stranger.

For those of you who remember last year, around Christmas time, my little car broke down in a parking lot and a stranger bought me a bottle of wine. I was so surprised that I just loved that someone would do that for me, particularity around Christmas time when everyone is so busy and stressed about the Christmas celebrations. So i want to "Pay it Forward" but on a global scale.

If you have not seen the movie "Pay it Forward", I highly recommend it! It is a little sad in some points but it is really inspiring and very challenging! But it is an amazing movie none the less! (warning: I wouldn't watch the movie with your kids, until you have seen it first and can decide for yourselves if it is appropriate for them to watch!)

Anyways, I think I am getting a little distracted! woops!

This Christmas I wanted to encourage each and every one of you to do a Random Act of Kindness, and if possible to take a photo of that kindness so I can share it with everyone else here! and we can all see what affect this challenge has had on our world. I say, take a photo because a picture tells a thousand words and they seem to spread like wildfire on the internet (so please only share a photo that you are comfortable sharing on this page or that will eventually end up on Pinterest, Facebook or the like).

If anyone wants some ideas, I have a tonne of them on my Pinterest page here

Or here are 16 awesome photos of Kindnesses that have been done. I love these so very much but be warned... they may make you cry! My sister asked me to include this warning, after she was in tears after about the 5th one! :)

Also, if you want to encourage others to "Pay it Forward" then you can check out the blog by Thumba-Lea where she made special tags that you can print out and pass on (they are at the very end of the blog post)! :) Such an awesome idea! :) Also she has some awesome ideas for this Kindess challenge! :)

Oh, I forgot my favorite part! As an added incentive to get your stories and kindness photos back BEFORE Christmas, I am going to give the first three people the book "The Magic" by Rhonda Byrne. If you read the previous post you know how big an impact it has had on me, and I wanted to pass on the blessing it has been in my life. I know there are people from all over the world reading this blog,

I wanted to also give away a couple of the "The Power of Kindness" however, the books have not arrived in time, they may arrive in the new year (so might have to do something like this again). One of the reasons I have sort of been stalling...

So... where was I? oh, yes! If you can send me a copy of your photo, and a little story (to go with it), and your address (privately only) so that I can sent the books to you (if you want one... if not, that's cool too)! I look forward to how awesome this will be, not to mention fun!!! If you email me at or contact me through the Facebook page (I can accept private messages with the Facebook Page!), we can get these photo coming! :) So very excited! :) 

I love that there are people from all over the world on this blog, and I look forward to seeing the global impact this challenge has on us all! And to getting to know my readers a little more... yes... I'm looking at you! ;)

I am planning on doing this photo Random Act of Kindness too... but I wont include my name in the book incentive part of this TOP SECRET mission... after all I already own the books! :) lol! But they are so awesome I have to share them with you all! :D

So Good luck! The last photos, to go in the book incentive challenge will be on Christmas Eve! I know that sounds a little Crazy, because it is so busy for all of us, but I think that we will all look forward to the joy we bought to others over the weeks leading up to Christmas! I will send the books out after Christmas so that they should arrive sometime in the new year (for more exotic locations, it could take a while... I don't really know what postal services are like in very many countries... so fingers crossed!). I am more than happy to keep receiving photos after that if you find you were too busy to send them to me before Christmas! :)

I look forward to hearing from you all soon,
Luv Daena xxx

p.s. If you want to hear another inspiring story of how kindness at Christmas made the world of difference, i suggest you check out this Bloggess post!  it made me cry with hope and joy! :) Maybe next year we can do something like this!? let me know if you are keen! :) xx

Monday, December 3, 2012


Hey everyone,
One thing I wanted to talk about before the end of this year is Gratitude.

For my friends and followers in the US, you have just had Thanksgiving, a special time where you think of all the things you are grateful for.

In Australia we don't have such a day, and I thought this December, in the lead up to Christmas, was the perfect time to think and talk about gratitude.

This year I have truly discovered the importance of gratitude. I have to start by telling you about how I came to this little epiphany. One day when I was shopping, I came across a book. This book was called "The Magic" by Rhonda Byrne, and its not what you may think it is. For my Christian friends who started to freak out at the word of "magic", I need to clarify that this book is about gratitude and how through gratitude we start to see things like we were when we were kids, where the world was magical and all things were possible. It talks about the 'magic' of gratitude.

This book has had a wonderful impact on me. "The Magic" acts like a 28 day work book to help you get out of a negative head-space and encourage you to see the world filled with possibilities. It is 28days so that it becomes a good habit. It goes through various religious scriptures and discusses them alongside quotes from theologists, thinkers, writers, philosophers, historians, presidents, songwriters, poets, journalists, anthropologists, business men & women, emperors, physicists, activists, teachers, coaches, artists and famous personalities

I started doing this in March, and you may be curious as to why it has taken me this long to share it with you, but i have shared it with my family and some friends to see the impact it has on them before i shared it with my online community. Some of you may have already read this book and done the activities, and if you have I would love to hear how its made a change in your lives! I am now happy to share it with you and some of the great things that have happened that have been "magical" to me.

I have really struggled with remaining positive in my life. I don't know how far back you have read these blogs so I don't know if you remember that both my parents have different disabilities. My dad has a rare brain disease called CerebralAmyloidAngiopathy which affects the white matter of his brain and has consequently led to him developing Frontotemporal Dementia.  My mum on the other hand has spinal damage and after several surgeries to help, things have gotten worse not better. And as such I have had to take on the role of Full-Time Carer for my mum. My dad is in high-care in a nursing home which we visit regularly. Both parents also have diabetes, so pain management and BSL management are two things as a carer i have to balance.

These realities have not changed. But my outlook towards them since reading "The Magic" has.

I wake up every morning and thank God/the universe that I woke up at all.

I also wake up and am grateful for even the smallest bit of sleep I had because a few years ago I was diagnosed with Insomnia and any sleep is precious.

I am grateful that I still have both my parents, because even though they aren't in peak physical/mental condition they still encourage me to be the best I can be.

I am grateful for the love and generosity they both bestow on me because they still can.

I am truly grateful for my sister, brother-in-law and their kids, because they remind me that I am loved. And that my life is sometimes very simple because I don't have to worry about kids, work times, school times, sport times, mortgages, etc.

I am grateful for my sister & Brother-in-law because they also look after mum when I need a break, or have other commitments.

I am grateful for my best friend, Tanya, because no matter how many times I share the same issues and troubles, she listens and provides suggestions. She doesn't judge me for some of the choices I have made along the way. She also encourages me to be apart of big volunteering events (shes the one who got me into Telethon and Relay for Life), and encourages my health & fitness (she started a netball team that I now play in) and she supports me when I struggle in the simplest ways.

My adoptive aunts are two women who I am grateful for. Both of them have supported me financially in the past with bills and unexpected travel expenses. Without them I would have drowned under financial pressures. Not to mention their love and support of mum and I.

I am grateful for all those people in my life who listen to me, encourage me to be positive, who listen when I am at breaking point and who stand with me, when I feel like I will fall.

I am truely blessed that I have 365days-of-kindness to focus on, because it continues to surprise and encrouage me to make a difference in the world.

I am truly happy that I look at this Blog and see how many people check it out in one day, how my exploits are travelling across the world, how I get excited when people "Like" the 365days-of-kindness Facebook Page (can you believe im at 79 "likers"? AWESOME!)

I am grateful that my attitude to money has changed because saving has become a priority and luxuries (that honestly, i don't really NEED) have to come second. I am no longer ashamed of how my money comes to me because I used to think that people would look down on me if they knew that I was paid by the government through Centrelink (the welfare agency in Australia). I earn my money, I am not a "dole bludger", as I have been called in the past.

I am grateful that i have the ability to look after mum because of Centrelink and that we have such a supportive agency in Australia.

Every day I sit down and write 10 things I am most grateful for in the day. Sometimes I write more than ten (because I just can't leave out any of those awesome things). I also record my kindness for that day after all my blessings. It looks kind of like this...

This is a photo taken from my Gratitude journal! Sorry about the quality, and the terrible handwriting! :) lol!
My life has not changed greatly. But there are a few things that have. I am now debt free. I owed about $3000 to family and I have finally paid that back (the majority of the money i have paid back since March!) and still have managed to save money ready for next year when i have an international wedding to attend. I am excited as its 5 years since i have been debt free!

Also, when I wake up in the morning I am no longer afraid to face the day. I used to wake up and be afraid of the "next disaster" to befall our family! But I now wake up and think of the good things I have before me, not the possibility of horrors. To me these are the miracles I have gotten out of the book.

I am so grateful for my life, my passions, my family, my friends, my communities, and people like you who read this and are inspired to do kind things in the world! :) Kindness and gratitude make the world a better place, even if its just our perception of it! :)

Thank you for reading this blog. I hope you get as much out of it as I do. It is a motivation that keeps me going on hard days. Brightening someone else's day also brightens your own! 

Have a wonderful day,
Luv Daena x

p.s. If you want to get a copy of "The Magic" and live in Australia - they are the cheapest ($10AUD) at Target! :) Or you can check out this link to the book depository (FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING! yay).

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Alive and kicking! September kindnesses...

Hey guys,
as you know I have been busy with telethon, road trips and NaNoWriMo. So its time to enter the real world again and start sharing these things before the end of the year. I cant believe its already December! I mean... when did that happen? So fast, I hear you say! Well today I put up the Christmas tree for mum and put on Christmas music, all whilst wearing a Santa hat for good measure.

I know Christmas is not everyone's favorite time of year and I understand why. I have lost family and friends around this time of year. I have witnessed family torturing each other because Christmas can bring out the best and worse in people. So this year i plan to make Christmas fun. But before i say too much more, I want you to think about what you can do to make this Christmas KIND for you and your families and friends. It is along this track that i have some things to share with you in the next few days regarding my "TOP SECRET" mission. More information to come. I will keep you posted! :) 

Anyways, here is the kindnesses for:

September 2012 

September 1: I got up early (on the day I had planned for my sleep in) to babysit my sick niece and take her to the doctor. Whilst her dad and brother were at sport and her mum was at work! I also bought my mum and niece morning tea at a gourmet Cafe. I also managed to put my niece to sleep in the afternoon (a near miracle – except when she is sick). I also put some dish washing away and helped do a quick tidy up at my sisters house.

September 2: Today I took my father out for lunch for fathers day and bought him a beer (a rare treat he really enjoys). I also took a cake to a man who is like a father to me. And I took some passion-fruit to another man who is a father, on fathers day. I also chatted happily with a store owner and with a sales assistant to make their day better.
Dad having his pasta lunch. He loves to be taken out and have a beer.
This is the cake I took for a family friend who acts like my father some times. 


September 3: said “Bless you” to a stranger and took rubbish to the bin for other people. I also handed out files for distribution for some colleagues.

September 4: I held the door open for several people through out the day and complimented a cook on his lovely simosa's (that he made especially for us to try). I also complimented him on his art which I accidentally came across. I also made some more crafts for dads community day. 
These are phone/card wallets made from old neck ties. They look really good
September 5: Today I sponsored “Make a Wish Foundation Australia” by purchasing products from Creative Memories an awesome scrap-booking company (that my sister is a consultant for too). Win/win right? I also held the door open for others today, put others rubbish in the bin and helped a friend out with a party.

September 6: Whilst eating dinner at a food hall I noticed the cleaner meticulously cleaning each table and the chairs too. I made the point of telling her what an awesome job she was doing. She left us at our table a lot brighter for it.

September 7: I helped a lady in the city by pointing her in the right direction when she looked a bit lost (I saw her and stopped to give her directions).

September 8: I made two quiches, tried the fruit mince pies (as learning skills & practising for the future community event). I also finished making 3 tea-towels, 2 pot mitts, and decorated 4 gratitude rocks (also for the community day at dads nursing home.

September 9: I shared my home made fruit mince pies with visitors. I also spent some time playing video games with my nephew and tea-party games with my niece.

September 10: I said “Bless You” to a woman on a train after she sneezed, then smiled at her when she said “thank you”. I also took “Milky Way's” into “work” to share with all the other people in the office.

September 11: I packed up 3 tables worth of poker cards by sorting them into suits, and then numerical order. I also packed up chairs at the poker tables too. I also helped mum by her photographing more blankets she has crocheted for Wheelchairs for kids.

September 12: I took my mum, sister and “aunt” out to lunch at a local pub and bought food for my mum and sister (I did try to pay for my aunt but she's pretty stubborn – and we love her for it).

September 13: I returned some vases for a friend after their wedding. I also bought some stuff to use at the community day at Dads nursing home. I learned and helped mum make 9 jars of jam today (also for the community day). I also received a kindness in the form of a letter, from a friend today that made me so warm on the inside.

September 14: Today I made the effort to give people compliments like
“What a beautiful dog you have there!”
“Thank you for your help and I love the smile that came along with it!”
“This food is delicious – Thank you!”
“Keep up the good work”
They are small things but they are so important to explain to people that you love and respect them.
Note: today I read about the use of disposable coffee/tea cups in Australia. And started the hunt for a reusable tea cup! :)

This photo was snap shot from the Maxwell & Williams Designer Home wares advertisement in a magazine. Sadly i cant remember which magazine but my guess would be Better Homes and Gardens. 
September 15: I helped babysit my niece and nephew whilst my sister and brother-in-law worked at a fund-raiser, setting it all up. I also left a card the windscreen of my next door neighbour who was going away on holiday (very early in the morning) and who was having his birthday whilst he was away.

September 16:Today I bought milk for a family friend because they were running out. I also finished off 4 of mums crochet tea towels, by ending off and attaching the button etc., all in preparation for dads community day. 

September 17: I did a load of washing, did a little gardening in our communal garden and finished off a few crafts for dads community day. I also sorted buttons for crafts. I made one of mums favourite meals and surprised her by making fruit mince pies for dessert too.

Mum loved my home made pasties - i don't make them very often but they are delicious and rather healthy (if you ignore the pastry... lol).
September 18: Today I made cups of tea for some of the craft ladies, I bought some of my fruit mince pies for them to taste and I also packed away the heavy but comfy chairs at the end of craft. I also made an effort to get to know some quieter regular players at my local Free Poker League.

September 19: Took some home-made strawberry jam to my “aunts” because she loves it. I also made the effort to catch up with a friend I hadn’t seen for a while.

September 20: I bottled a whole lot of pickled onions so mum didn't have to do it (and in typical Daena fashion I managed to burn my hand). I also decorated the strawberry jam jars for the community day. I also did some house work so, when mum came home from a meeting, it was one less thing she had to worry about. PHOTO

 September 21: Today I spent the afternoon making hair pins for my dads community day.

I also took mum out for a coffee break after she learned about the death of a man and doctor who had saved her life on 3 separate occasions. Rest in Peace, Doc and thank you for my mum because without your help and skills I wouldn't be here! 

I made a whole bunch more but the photos of those ones weren't nearly as good as these!
September 22: Today I made a cup of tea for mum to wake up to. Mum and I also dropped into dads to catch up with and give a small gratitude gift to a carer at dads nursing home, who had gone above and beyond the call of duty. I also paid for two friends to see HOTEL TRANSILVANIA with me, using my birthday gift cards.

September 23: I painted several rocks ready for dads community day. I also did a couple of hours gardening in the backyard to restore it and prepare it for a possible makeover in the future (for mum?)
September 24: today I did some gardening in the community garden. I also spent some time cuddling and playing with the next door neighbours cat. I also photographed all the crochet topped tea towels and all the rocks. I also helped mum finish the last lolly wreaths for the community day. 

September 25: I helped a little boy who got separated from his mum in a shop, get back to her. I also made cups of tea for the craft ladies. I also acted with generosity of spirit at poker and thanked everyone I had played against – even those who beat me! :)

September 26: I helped a friend out with her uni assignment by participating in an interview about sustainability and architecture. I didn't really understand it but she needed people to answer questions about the public perspective of what she was studying, so I worked well for her. (She also used some of my answers in her university assignment). I also spoke to people I normally wouldn’t talk to.

September 27:I made the special effort to catch up with a sick biological aunt who was in hospital down south. I caught 2 buses, 4 trains, plus a car ride to see her. I also paid for morning tea with my aunt and my sister. I also paid for lunch for my sister and I on our trip back to the train station for me.

September 28: Today I made the extra effort to go to my niece and nephews end of term assembly. I also entertained 2 sets of twin boys, ages 2 and a half and three. I also safely stopped on the road to let some ducks cross the road. They were really cute!

September 29: I called doctors and tried to organise for mum to have a locum doctor because she had vertigo, nausea and passed out when she stood up. I also made mum a special dinner for her birthday today, even though she wasn’t feeling well. I also acted as mums secretary because she couldn’t answer the phone. Concentration = nausea.

September 30: today I took a special trip to the chemist to pick up the medication mum needed but had run out of. Also did washing, cooking and cleaning without being asked!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading these. I do these to remind people how simple it is to do kind things. They can be things you do everyday or only once in a lifetime, but every little bit makes the biggest difference!

Have a wonderful day,
luv Daena

P.s. If you are crafty yourself and want to have instructions or be guided to any links to help you make the things i have made, please feel free to ask. :) I love to help! :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I am still alive! (starting to see this heading a lot)

Hey everyone,
I just have to let you know that I am still alive! For the last week I have been incredibly sick! I spent three and a half days in bed & am still recovering from this weird chest flu! I had to call in a favor for someone to replace me painting faces at a local church fete, but I did manage to rally enough to go to Telethon 2012 & work in their phone rooms for 4 hours, taking donations and having a pretty good, although busy time! However even though I managed to do the volunteering, I had to sacrifice some other commitments the next day, because I probably pushed a little hard too fast!

One thing I have learned this week is that I don't do "nothing" very well! I usually have little projects I am working on all the time but I have really struggled to during this flu! I guess it ultimately reminds me that it is sooooooo important to look after your own health & well being! Thankfully, I have learned a few kindnesses that I can do in bed (on my phone) so I don't have to struggle through anything too complicated to get my kindnesses done!

My mum often says "where there is a will there is a way", so I like to think that I can think outside the box to do something that I can physically manage! Whilst keeping my passion & this project going! :)

If you think of any ideas of what I can do, to keep me (and  the rest of those reading this blog) from going stir crazy or kindness-less whilst bedridden, We am aways happy to hear them! :D

I hope this finds you well, and if not, that you have been thinking creatively to express kindness!
Lots of love to you all,
Luv Daena
(happily croaking like a bullfrog - because at least that is a noise! Lol)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Awesome other blogs... Kindness Ideas!

Hey everyone,
I don't know if you do this too, but occasionally I log onto Google and type in Kindness 365 to see who else is doing something crazy like me! I am not the only one who decided to make a difference in the world! In fact there are several other Kindness Blogs that would be worth checking out, if you find mine fascinating.

Each has a different specialty, and I am in awe of some of the things these people do! :)

One I came across recently is
This is a blog by a fellow Aussie (from Sydney) who decided like me "to be the change you want to see in the world"(quote by Ghandi). I found her final summation to be wonderful! I read it and thought... i know exactly what she means! :) Seriously... worth a look! :)

Another one I found recently is  Laura Grace shares 25 simple ideas of how to spread kindness in the world. And some of them are ones i have used on this blog... but they sure are good ideas! :) plus there is a video by the Soweto Gospel Choir too! :) (Saw them when they came to Perth a while back and they were awesome).

Lastly... this is already up on the blog in the recommended websites section of the blog but not sure if you have seen it yet... So i will draw attention to it here. I actually found this Blog through Pinterest of all things! :)  
This is a wonderful site full of amazing ideas! She also includes a sheet of Random Acts of Kindness cards that you can give out or leave for people who you have been kind too! :) I am printing off some of these myself! :) So well done!

Another thing I have to share is a video I saw recently! It is GORGEOUS!!! You just have to watch it to see what I mean... it cracked me up but I felt much better after watching it! :) We should all do this every morning! :) here it is...

Anyway, just thought I would share with you some of the thing that inspire me to keep going! As we all know sometimes its hard to keep going! :) Enjoy!
Luv Daena x

p.s. if you have something that helps inspire you and keep you acting with kindness please feel free to share this with me! I love hearing from you guys and girls! :) x

Monday, November 5, 2012

August RAKs - Finally! :)

Hey everyone, 
Well i have been pretty busy so far (as this always happens during NaNoWriMo! lol! Mum always says that in November i am the least productive when it comes to writing! Every other month i am prolific but during November and NaNoWriMo its like trying to get blood out of a stone! hehehe! I think i am just very good at procrastination! :D hehehe... but then again... who isnt! :D 
But i have still had enough time to write the August RAKs! YAY! :) So here is the RAKs for....

August 2012

August 1: I did the washing up after a morning tea at church.

August 2: Helped my parents go to the dentist and sat and held my dads hand as he had a tooth removed. I also let someone else use the ticket machine at the hospital before me (because It took me a little while to find the right change).

August 3: Helped a neighbour save some water by letting them know the tap was still on just a little bit(after they had just watered the garden) & I helped mum put numbers on a Christmas wall hanging for my sister, meaning that with her bad back she didn’t have to do any bending!

August 4: Helped out some friends at a party by mixing their drinks for them and making sure they weren’t driving home. I also took a present to a house-warming party. They now have some more glasses which was great for the house-warming! :)

August 5: I acted as a skipper for a friends birthday for her and her boyfriend, without knowing exactly how I was going to get home (I had a friend come and pick me up, and he drove about an hour out of his way! An awesome friend – THANK YOU... you know who you are).

August 6: Decorated some paper plates in preparation for the community day at Dads nursing home & made mum an unexpected cup of tea.

August 7: Went out of my way to get some belongings to a friend who doesn’t have a car, so she didn’t have to catch public transport to get them back. I also packed up the cards, chairs and tables after a local poker league game. I also helped a new person at poker when he was struggling which which cards beat what and how to cut and deal them, etc.

August 8: I donated pencils, crayons, soft toys, small “balls” to the Samaritans Purse Christmas Shoe box appeal. I also completed 3 soft toys mum had made so that they could also go to the shoe box’s next time. Also was put on “Standby” to look after my niece and nephew because their parents were both busy. (Mum: she invited a friend over to share a meal with us.)

August 9: I held the door open for some paramedics who were wheeling someone out of the doctors surgery into an awaiting ambulance. I also paid for mums lunch and waited up late to make sure she took certain medications on time.

August 10: I said “Bless you” to two sneezing strangers today. One in a fast food restaurant and another in a department store. I also made Pizza for dinner – yummy! :)

August 11: Made conversation with a lonely neighbour and made sure he was coping whilst his wide was away on holiday!

August 12: I lent my sister suitcases and bags for her to take on her working holiday. I also donated some toys to the Mundaring Toy Library!

August 13: Put mum into care so that I could help my sister & brother in law by taking my sister to the airport and baby-sat the kids for a few days whilst their dad was at work!

August 14: I looked after my sisters kids by taking them to school & picking them up. I also made pancakes for them, played computer games, ball games, watched TV & read stories to them. Not to mention I did a load of washing, a load of dishes, sorting and cleaning the laundry, and swept the whole house. I also made the effort to see and old friend and just spent several hours talking.
August 15: I looked after my sisters kids again by getting them dressed/encouraging them to do it themselves, & picking them up after school. I fed them after school – we made smoothies. We watched the same DVD 3.5 times in 24 hours. I also sewed a badge for my nephew onto his camp blanket (I managed to stab my self with the needle whilst doing it too). Also did 2 loads of dish washing, and a load of clothes washing and I made my brother-in-law a cup of tea at the end of a long day.

August 16: Mum and I took and bought lunch for a friend who needed to eat (but had been too stressed to eat & took her some awesome home made cookies too. We also have her lots of cuddles, and just spent some time talking to her.

August 17: Today I drove mum to her best friends house to pick her friend up and take her to have a massage because she had been really stressed. I also took mum and her friend to afternoon tea and paid for it as a wonderful conclusion to a relaxing afternoon. I then drove mums friend home. We also visited another family friend, who'd invited us to dinner and I helped her photograph 10 quilts for charity. I also made a whole bunch of craft stuff for the community day for Dads nursing home.(Mum: Paid for the massage for her friend).

August 18: I helped a lady in the shopping centre because she had dropped something, so I picked it up for her. I also went and supported a friend by going to his EP launch for his band and helped out by working on front of house for an hour or two, before the Band played.(If you want to hear or hear about this band... check them out here)

August 19: I made the effort to cook all the meals at home. Mum and I also picked up my sister from the airport and made her feel loved and cherished because we had made the effort. I also talked & spoke kindly to a stranger I met at the airport who was waiting alone.

August 20: made an effort to make conversation and smiled at several strangers today, as I wandered through the city with a friend.

August 21: I helped a family friend by doing some house work for her, and also helped a couple of friends by singing in a band for them at a church event. I also picked up and paid for dinner for mum and myself.

August 22: Made a visitor a cup of tea and invited them to stay for dinner – But they declined. Also spent the whole afternoon reading to mum who could then continue to do her crocheting for charity quilts.

August 23: I bought coffee and tea for my mum and aunt at a Cafe. I helped a Couperin reverse out of a tricky parking spot because their was cars and people everywhere and I helped them safely. I also helped a friend bake a cake and drove her to do some errands.

August 24: Acted as a chauffeur for mum and drove her to the doctors and then to a friends house. I helped a family friend my holding up charity quilts for her to photograph. I then came home and started to do more craft stuff in anticipation for the community day at Dads nursing home.

August 25: I helped mum out by getting up early and doing two loads of washing before we had to go out – so that it would be dry by the time we would get home (in the sunshine). I also went ahead and organised her new medications at the chemist whist she was finishing up in the doctors surgery.

August 26: Spent all afternoon preparing for my being away all day tomorrow by making lots of snacks for mum to eat all day and also by making too much food (creating left overs) ready for our lunches. I also made several cups of tea as she spent most of the day in bed.

August 27: I picked up rubbish for some colleagues, held the door open for strangers and offered to get drinks/snacks to make some work we were doing a little more bearable.

August 28: I handed out files and helped by holding the door open for some colleagues!

August 29: Made the effort to appreciate everyone who did anything for me, even if it was their jobs to do so. I also offered my seat on a train to an elderly person.

August 30: I bought lollies in for my colleagues so we didn’t fall asleep during a rather boring assignment.

August 31: I made the effort to smile at people I came across. I also helped a lady when she dropped a whole bunch of coins, by helping her pick them up

I hope you enjoy that these are finally out in the world! :D 
Hope this also finds you well! 
Luv Daena x

Friday, November 2, 2012

Busy time of Life...

Hey everyone,
I bet you are wondering what has been happening, as I haven't really had a chance to write much about whats been happening. So this is what has been happening... and here is what is coming up! :)

For the last three months or so, Mum and i have been volunteering and planning the community day at my dads nursing home. We have been making a whole range of crafts, baked goods, and decorated Lollies (Photos are coming up and i will include them as i update the monthly kindnesses, so you can see what we did along the way! I hope i took photos of everything though! :/

So last weekend was the actual Community day at my dads nursing home. Mum and I ran the cake stall (which also had preserves and decorated lollies). By the end of the day our stall had raised over $700! And the whole day raised about $3000 to help go towards extra equipment for the nursing home.

Table 1: The cakes, cupcakes, cookies, fudges, bananas in PJs, Candycane Reindeer, & Coconut ice and everything in between there too! More stuff arrived after this too... but i didnt have enough time to take a better photo! Someone also bought in Fresh Italian Canoli's (Oh My Goodness... delicious).
The 2nd Table: The Jams, Marmalades, Lemon Butter, Fruit cakes and everything in between!

I think there was only 4 jars of preseves left by the end of the day! And we ended up reducing it down to one table. Here is my nephew standing behind the table 
As the only family members who were part of the planning, we got thoroughly thanked with a bunch of flowers each and the WORLDS largest box of Chocolates. :) 1.134kgs of chocolate in a taster tray! But we had a lot of fun and were just happy to be able to do things we were both good at! Many of the families of other residents made and contributed in a HUGE range of other ways & there was all the paid staff that were amazing as planners and worked really hard for the Nursing home as well ... just don't want it to sound like it was all us! We only did a small portion! Our Kindnesses were Our time, crafts and cakes as they were all donations to the day and helped made it a huge success! :D

I also got to try out a whole bunch of stuff that I could make from the ideas I got from Pinterest! (I have a Pinterest page... so if you want kindness ideas I have some pins in a Kindness Ideas page- ). I will include photos later... and if you are really keen I can provide you with some web-inar links or pins for the things i have made! or just try and tell you how i made them... or something!

On a funny note, Dad is loving that we helped, because lots of the staff bought mums cakes and her delicious Jams and are telling him regularly how delicious they are... He is acting like a minor Celebrity! Its quite cute! :)


NANOWRIMO - this is the National November Writers Month! They challenge you to write 50,000 words in the month. So I am going to be working hard to achieve this, both for this website and for a personal project I am currently working on.

Movember - okay, I'm not a man (obviously), nor a woman who can grow an exceptional Mustache... but funnily enough this is something I support regularly! I have several friends who participate and if it helps support Testicular & Prostate Cancer research and mens health in general.

Telethon 2012 - the weekend of the 10th & 11th of November. I will be doing something similar to what i did last year (Telethon November 2011). Last year I got to meet some awesome Sport, TV & Movie stars and had a lot of fun helping the Western Australian Children's Hospital Princess Margaret, and the Telethon Institute for Child Research! :)

Margaret River Holiday - That is right boys and girls, i am having a holiday! With some of my closest girlfriends! A well deserved one in a couple of weeks that should help me to relax! :)

Christmas -  Sorry to scare you but its only 2 months away! :)

TOP SECRET MISSION: I am hoping I might be able to implement a "TOP SECRET" event this year! Keep checking back for more details! :D

I hope you enjoy this update... and look forward to other things during this month! :D

Thanks guys,
Luv Daena x

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I'm not perfect!

Hey everyone, by now you may have gathered that I always try to be honest, but kind! I always try to be polite & encouraging! But I'm not perfect!

Today i realized that more than ever! I sat down with some friends I hadn't seen in a while and I said something about another person that was rather rude! I shouldn't have and regret it immensely! I don't talk like that... Not usually! So I apologize now for my rude & stupid remark! I know you may not know what i said, and I'm not repeating it, but I don't know what I was thinking! Sorry!

I think I'm going to ring these friends and apologize for my behavior!

This is not who I am and definitely not who I want to be! I hope you learn from my mistakes!

Luv D

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Kindnesses passed on by a friend

Hey everyone, a friend sent this too me and I had to share because I hope it inspires you as much as it does me! That little ray of sunshine and hope!

"Hi Daena. I thought you would like these two kindnesses I noticed today. One - a young high school boy in the supermarket near here was buying snacks for his day, and did not have quite enough change . The woman behind the till reached into a drawer and gave him 40 cents. "People sometimes leave their change behind" she said with a smile.

The second happened at the Anti-Poverty week service today. One of the homeless people we had with us gave the speaker (the CEO of a large welfare organisation) a donation of all the loose change he had in his pocket -about $2.80. "For the poor", he said.

Thought you would find this as beautiful as I did! Have a wonderful day! :) luv D

Monday, October 15, 2012

Migraines and kindnesses...

Hey everyone,
I am still alive which has been a bit of an effort on my part this week as I have just survived two migraines in less than a week! But I still have managed to do my kind act a day regardless of the pain I have been through! Just wanted you to know I am still committed! :)

My sister loves me (and is proclaiming my awesomeness to all of Facebook, lol) this week as I made the extra effort to spoil her and do some cleaning at her house whilst she, her husband & their kids were on holiday! It's school holidays so keeping the kids entertained is far more important than some hard cleaning! At least that's my opinion! Lol!

Anyway, during my migraines I struggle to stand up, people suddenly start glowing with auras & the pain is intense, I also can't handle much light! But I managed to medicate (with prescribed medications - please don't do this without medical consultation!) enough to make mum a cup of tea and did some cleaning! With regular breaks I survived! You might think i am crazy, and you are probably right! :D lol!

Anyways, I wanted to write about this because there are things in life that often hold us back and we shouldn't let them! I struggle a lot with holding myself back from being extraordinary. But it was a nice change for me to push through pain & discomfort to prove my commitment to making this world a better place! I hope if you get the chance, you will choose to benefit the world and not be held back by self imposed restrictions!

This doesn't mean you should disregard your own health & well being! When I did my kindnesses I did them after sleeping several hours (which is also a consequence of the migraines) and also made sure I was well hydrated! And I took regular breaks! But the ability to push through far outweighed the pain for me! Because it was something that would normally stop me! I don't want to be stopped. I want to make a difference!

I hope this finds you well!
Luv Daena x