Wednesday, November 23, 2011

April RAK's

Hi Everyone,
I am starting to think that i should also include what people have done for me that is a RAK. I mean i find that the more i give to others the more i receive. I have some awesome friends - as i am sure everyone does! They do things for me that i am so grateful for.  From little things like buying my dinner, to buying me a drink (as i had this week when i finished my last exam!). I have even had people/strangers compliment me at the shops and people congratulate me on my achievement of completing my masters that i have only met once or twice! I am so grateful for everyone in my life as they have helped me to be the person i am today! So THANK YOU to those who have supported this project, Project 25 -Random Acts of Kindness or for even just kept me sane during my life!

I just wanted to say that before i included the RAKs from April ....

 Hope you enjoy these! Had a lot of fun again... and some things might seem ordinary but i believe they have been received with gratitude!

Thanks again for reading all these! :)


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