Monday, February 3, 2014

January 26, 2014 -Australia Day

G'Day Mates!!!! 
This is the traditional Aussie greeting on a day like today! It is Australia Day, and it is hot & thankfully an early breeze came in tonight cooling us all off a bit! It is a day to remember our country has a past that is both brutal and sometimes beautiful! This land of ours is harsh and unforgiving, yet there is beauty everywhere you look! Today is a day to remember how blessed we are to live here, with health, wealth & happiness! 

Honouring our indigenous past is important too! Conflict between the groups of Traditional Owners & colonists started the day colonists arrived and yet still continues today in different ways! We have so much to learn from the Indigenous community, after all they lived here for centuries without impacting the environment like we do! They had enough food, fuel & safe places to live without pilliging this land of ours so brutally! They swam in the ocean yet knew it was the home of those creatures that swam there! They learnt how to live around & survive sharks, spiders, all manner of Australian creepy crawlies, and treat them all with the respect they deserve! 

I know that modern culture is not this simple! Many indigenous communities have forgotten their past, or been forced to forget! It is not perfect! Nor are those of us who are decendants of white settlers! We need to honour Indigenous Australians as the incredible people they were, are & will be again! We cannot change the past but we can look forward with hope for the future! 

So back to usual... today's kindnesses were simple but a little bit Australian! :) for example...Taking over the BBQ duties whilst the party host had to greet his visitors, cooking sausages & procuring a bottle opener for friends, hugging people I hadn't seen in a while! Meeting & spending time with strangers, getting to know them & share little bits of myself with them, & making people laugh! 

I enjoyed the fireworks too! It's a huge display we have here in Perth every year! Fireworks in Western Australia are illegal unless by a pyrotechnics company who have to have licences, so it's always amazing to see what these people come up with! :)  

Happy Australia Day! 
Luv Daena x

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