Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A wedding & a funeral...

Hi everyone, 
So I've just had one of the busiest and most challenging couple of weeks of my life. Filled with the highest highs and the lowest lows! 

I have been talking for a while about preparing for hens nights, kitchen teas & my best friends wedding. So I have been very busy preparing all of that, and making sure that each event came off without a hitch! Which, thankfully, it did! :)

(Minion themed Hens party photo)

I have also been busy fulfilling roles as sister and "the best Aunty ever" for my sister & nieces birthdays also! 

But there was one thing I had not prepared myself for...

My dad, Victor passed away on the 19th of Feb after a long and complicated illness with Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy! His death was both tragedy and blessing! He doesn't suffer any more, but we all miss him dearly! 

(Photo of the flower the staff laid on my dads chest after he passed away... Such a beautiful & simple gesture.. A wonderfully touching kindness)

Dad died exactly between my sister and nieces birthdays (who are exactly a week a part) and a week and a half before my best friend Tanya's wedding to her now husband Isaac! So not only were we coming to terms with the loss of my dad but we still had a 6 year olds birthday and a wedding to get through too! And then chuck in a funeral and you can begin to understand what my life was like last week! 

Dads funeral was beautiful! It was everything he asked for and we could have hoped for! So, I just want to say thank you to everyone who made it to dads funeral! It made a huge difference to see people we haven't seen in years, people who have come from all over the state & those who have been there for us through it all! No matter who you are and how often we see you now, thank you for making dads funeral such a special event for us and a beautiful way to celebrate the life of an extraordinary man!

Also, Thank you to all those people who sent cards, condolences, love and flowers to us this last couple of weeks! It has helped my family & I in our grief, to know others are thinking of and sending their love to us! 

I know I am still coming to terms with the fact my dad isn't just down the road for me to chat to when I want. And I keep waiting for it to really hit me... But I guess having the wedding to focus on after the funeral was what I needed because I haven't had a chance yet to wallow in my sorrow. 

For those who wanted to know how Tanya & Isaacs wedding went... It was amazing! Tanya got me in a dress, high-heels, makeup & fancy hair, which I have to say is an achievement in itself! :) 

(Photo curtesy of: Kye Ellen)

I was completely overwhelmed with the love they have for each other & their friends & family! And the love that they & their friends & family bestowed on me! I gave my obligatory maid of honour speech and after a few jokes, shared a bit about who these amazing people are for me...their love, support & generosity!  And Included what they did for me during dads funeral, where both of them played a supportive role! And doing this all just days before their own wedding! I am so blessed to have these two people in my life! 

(Photo curtesy of Kye Ellen)

I wish Mr & Mrs Mead all the happiness in the world! 
(Photo Curtesy of Linda H ) 

Please excuse me whilst I may not post for a while... It does not mean I have given up my kindnesses! In fact I see their importance now, so much more than before! I am, after all, the legacy of my father, & he was such an amazing man! Dad & my mum taught me about kindness, generosity & compassion and I have a deep need & responsibility to share those things with others! 

I hope you are all well! I send my love to you all! Thanks for hanging in there with my blog! 

Much love, 
Daena x