Monday, November 17, 2014

Kindness continues...

Hey everyone, did you miss me? I sure missed you. Life has been crazy and all my plans of blogging daily have gone right out the window. But at least I'm back writing again. :) 

For those who don't know, this month is NaNoWriMo or, to the uninitiated, National November Writers Month. It's been going for years and I've been doing it for years but this year I have come full circle and am writing fantasy stories about characters I've written about in the past! But I have to tell you writing, whether it be blogging or story telling, keeps me happy. I have so many ideas and often I find life get in the way. But that just adds more inspiration!
 I sometimes wish I had a job as a writer then I'd get paid to do what I love, which would also mean I would have accountability to others. Plus i work so well to a dead line! :)

Anyways, that wasn't what I was really wanting to tell you about. Seeing as I haven't has a chance to upload the hundreds of kindness ideas yet (for the last several months), I thought I would share with you today's kindnesses (and yes there was a few more than one).

So today I went to help mum at her MU (Mothers Union) meeting. It's a group of Christian women who come together and have a good time, eat food and try and support local community groups. Well, today was their Christmas craft day that mum was helping with. I volunteered to help the ladies, aged between 60-95 years young, make Christmas crackers! And amazingly it's much harder than it sounds. But not too complicated! I didn't take any photos I'm afraid but it was very successful. :) there was other crafts too, ready for next months MU Christmas party! 

Not only did I make Christmas crackers for all those that were working at other tables as teachers for the craft I also made crackers for those that couldn't make today's meeting and I helped others make their own. I also helped the ladies organising the event (mum included) to pack away, then I did a load of washing up, dryed up and even brought the rubbish bins in from the road!

I was very busy and I'm exhausted now but it was a lot of fun! 

I just wanted to share this with you so you knew I was keeping up with my kindnesses! :) 

Simple kindnesses are the best. Today cost me a bit of time, but no money. Sometimes your time is the most valuable asset you have! :) 

Hope this finds you all well! :) 
Luv Daena x

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