Monday, January 30, 2012

August 2011 - RAKs (& Project 25)

Well in an attempt to clear the back log, I am uploading the August RAKs here too! So i hope you like! 

I have found it quite satisfying to have been able to write out my RAKs in my "Scrapbook". Not only does it act like a diary for me (as i don't keep a regular one of my own) it reminds me of all the different things YOU CAN DO for others. I know that some people believe that one person can make a difference, and i agree but the more people we have making a difference, no matter how small, the difference happens faster! I ask that if you want to make a difference like me, that you make a small commitment to doing so. It doesn't have to be something as crazy as doing a WHOLE YEAR of kindness but if you make a commitment and stick to it, you too can make a differnece in your community!

I love hearing about what others are doing in their own homes, towns, cities and countries! So please, if you have done a kind deed for another and want to share it with me I would love to hear about it! As i am sure a lot of others would too. That's why i originally created the group Project 25 - Random Acts of Kindness, so we could share our kind deeds together and inspire each other to make a difference!
You can use the - Project 25 Facebook Page and share your good deeds there or in the comment section of this blog. You can also email the Project 25 Email address.

I hope you are enjoying the ideas and the journey i have been on! Its been hard, challenging and most of all fun and rewarding!

Thanks for all the support so far and i look forward to hearing from you in the future!
Daena x

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