Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Home from Holiday...

Hi again everyone,
Well i have just spent 9 days in the beautiful and tropical Indonesian Island of Bali! I had a great time and apart from a few days where i was feeling a bit sick (what is termed "Bali Belly") I got to do and try a whole range of new things. And i didnt stop my Kindnesses over in Bali either. I even got to share with some friends of mine about this project which in turn had them doing kindnesses for others!

We were sitting in Burger King (yes its not very healthy i know... but they did have free WiFi) and i bought a friend of mine a drink. She tried to give me the money back but i didn't let her (she even tried to be all ninja about it... and sneak it into my pocket) but i figured out what she was doing. I told her that she couldn't give me the money as it was my kind deed for the day. Then i explained about this project. After a while of explaining 365 days of Kindness, the two guys we were with gave their free ice-cream vouchers to some kids across from us (you got a free ice cream when you bought a particular meal). Then instead of leaving our rubbish on the table we put it in the bin so the staff didn't have to clean it all up! My friends then proceeded to do a few other little kindnesses for people around us and i was left moved and encouraged!

Thanks to those friends of mine, you know who you are! :) I love it when people take such an interest in being kind to others! :) you guys rock! :)

I hope you have all been having a wonderful start to your new year, just as i have! I will be putting the kindnesses up again soon. I know i am really behind... but i will be scanning them in soon! :)

Luv Daena

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