Monday, February 27, 2012

Hospital...the easiest place to be kind!

Hey Everyone,
Sorry i haven't written in a while. things have been a bit crazy around here! Mum went into spinal surgery last week and i have been meaning to do a post about it! :) All went well which is amazing considering the delicacy of the procedure! But this means that i have spent a LOT of time of time waiting around at the Hospital! Funnily enough i tried to update this blog post whilst i was bored one of those times, but for some reason my phone is now pretending that it doesn't like my Blog! :S Phones... honestly who'd have technology?! (shhh....i know you do... me too!)

Anyways, as the phone and its internet connection were playing up i just used the notes section to jot down a few of my thoughts!

*warning... brain was slightly stressed so may not actually make sense in the long run!*

"Today my mum had very complex spinal surgury. Things about life and death are always very hard to deal with and i have been struggling! Yet I always find it amazing what happens at hospitals.

With the hours of waiting and watching i have seen the most amazing kindnesses (and experienced some for myself)! From asking a stranger if they are going up on an elevator (when they didn't see it open), to others chatting kindly to a sad and worried looking person. From trying to make someone else smile to bringing in something special from home to make sure the patient in hospitla feels more comfortable. From praying/sending thoughts for the person sick, to making a cup of tea for a relative that looks simply sad. I am coming to understand that the easiest way of sharing kindness is by going to a hospital.

Perhaps this ability to be kind stems from the very nature of work that occurs at a hospital. Healing! Love, Kindness, Generosity seem to be some of the characteristics that act as healing agents in Hospitals. Of course the hard work of those in the medical fields, and those that assist are clearly vital to health and well being!

I know the way the nursing staff took care of my mum was with kindness! They were patient, generous, and some rather comical (which made the serious nature of the surgery a little less terrifying). So thank you to all those who make a difference in their work! If you are a doctor, or a nurse or a support staff! Thank you for looking after our sick, sharing in our grief, welcoming new additions into families, making us feel welcome in a new place, smiling when you serve us a cup of tea, easing pain, laughing with us when we do something a little silly and simply being there when we need help! THANK YOU!"

 (*okay maybe it wasn't as incoherent as i thought it would be... that's good!*)

From someone how been helping mum now she is out of hospital, I appreciate all the little things that you did for her in there! So thanks!

Anyways, when i was sitting in the cafeteria on one of my endless waits at the hospital, I was reminded of the movie "Love Actually". The beginning of the movie is where people are being observed at the Airport, and the voice over (Hugh Grant to be precise) is noting that love is clearly visible at the airport. I thought that at Hospitals, kindness is clearly visible. And I remember thinking that (minus the grief and loss) that it would be a better place if we were like that all the time. Kind, i mean. I think people are more conscious of other people when they are at a hospital. And i think we need to be aware of others if we are to be kind in our everyday life.

Well, so much for this being a "short" blog post as I had first planned.

I hope all is going well with you all in your lives! And thanks for the friends and family who have supported me and mum over this last week! You have been lifesavers! SERIOUSLY! ;)

Luv Daena x


  1. How true Daena! I have found the same thing. When John's Dad died in hospital, the staff were very thoughtful and caring -giving us the time and space to do our grieving and treating him and us with great kindness and dignity.
    I do hope your Mum is doing well.