Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Meh-ish-ness"... NOT an actual word!

Hey Everyone,
well this has been a very busy couple of weeks for me! I feel like a I have become a little bit of a recluse (apart from shopping for food and driving to doctors appointments), with looking after mum, having migraines, terrible bouts of insomnia, gastro (or food poisoning... not sure which), and just general "meh-ish-ness". And yes... I know  "meh-ish-ness" is not an ACTUAL word... but its about how I felt this last few weeks. So I decided I needed to get back into writing on here again! Just to keep you updated and so I feel more connected to the world!

As you can tell I am still behind on last years RAKs! Over the last year and a bit I have been laboriously completing the entries in my Scrapbook, then scanning them in, then uploading. This takes ages! Some times I also have problems at one or more stages and it prevents me from getting them uploaded on this Blog. So I have been a bit of a slacker when a problem crops up! However, if you were to come to my house I could show you my beautiful scrapbook with all the pretty pictures and all my RAKs!

One thing... I need a little help! Does anyone know how to transfer the calendar on an iPhone to the computer? I have been storing all my latest RAKs & kindnesses on my iPhone and have been trying to figure out a way to easily transfer things digitally! So that I will get them up faster on here! So you can read it and see what I have been doing and some of the funny stories or little wins I have had in the world! If you have any ideas of how to do this please contact me!

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I am still alive! Mum is too, which i know is a good thing! :) AND i have every intention of putting more RAKs up!

Just to prove that I can do it I will let you have the last few that I scanned in when I was last able too! So here they are...

Still a bit behind! if only it were a "bit"! lol!

Also, one of my family has pointed out that these ideas are great but that more information or stories would be great! So this year I am trying to include a little more information when I can! however, if I have been using photos and names I have been asking for permission from them. I think its nicer when they know their identity is shared, just in case they don't want it known to the world! wow... I sound like some of my friends are spy's! oh, if that were only true! lol!Then again, if they were... would I actually get to know about it? hmmm? Enough of my random musings!

I am off to finish a book and get some sleep... HOPEFULLY!

I hope all is going well with you in the world! :)
Luv Daena x


  1. Well I have a google calendar which I can access on my android, and also on my computer. They synch without any help from me. Don't know what your iphone uses, but!

    1. Yeah... i was hoping iPhone was the same, but i cant access the Calendar function on the computer. I don't know if i need to get another application or something that i don't currently have! :S I still remain hopeful! :)
      Thanks for the thoughts though... i guess if this fails then i have an excuse to get an android phone too right? lol! :)
      Luv Daena x