Thursday, May 3, 2012

The things that we do...

Hey everyone,
This is just a quick catch up on whats been happening around here.

This weekend I helped a few friends move house. I spent over 25 hours helping them sort, clean up and get rid of masses of amounts of "Stuff" from the house. Just an example, I took a car load of stuff from the house to the Charity Bins as it was mostly old clothes/sheets/hats/shoes/tupperware etc.etc. The most amazing part was that this was not the only car load of stuff to make it to Charities.

My mum was able to take from the move several large bags of wool to be made into blankets for charities, such as a charity that gives blankets to kids in wheelchairs ( and some other local charities too! I was pretty excited to have also just finished MY first crocheted blanket for charity too! We often refer to them as "scrap blankets". And just so you know what I mean... I took some photos to show you of the ones still in our house, waiting to be passed to the right people.

 THIS IS MINE ----->

They are not perfect but that makes them really exciting. Some kid will love the colours in these blankets for their wheelchairs. And we are just using the left overs or scraps left from other projects/people to make them!

I have also been helping my mums craft group who run a book stall in the local church! They have this awesome project where you bring in your old books and pay $2 to buy a new one. Then you can always bring it back and get more books! This is a fundraiser for the "greening" projects in the church, eg. Solar Panels for the roof, Water tanks, worm farm and organic garden. I have been helping sort books, carry heavy boxes, check out CDs and DVDs for appropriate content (because somehow the book stall has had people bring in these mediums too... not just books).

This weekend promises to be very exciting too. I am helping one of my best friends run the Relay for Life which supports cancer research. Its a 24 hour event and it usually is really funny! I helped out last year, and this year I am taking on a larger role! Hopefully I can upload some photos next week for you to see what we did! :)

Anyways, I have to go and take mum to another doctors appointment! Again please keep our family (mum in particular) in your thoughts/prayers!

Daena Guest


  1. fantastic work both of you on those blankets! And recycling too.
    Great stuff about the church book stall too. Can I tell someone I work with about it?

  2. No worries Eira... share the ideas!!! After all it is why I write this stuff... so people can be inspired by it and do something of their own! :) Kindness abounds!

    Also thanks for the compliment. I need more practice with my crocheting... but mum is pretty good at it so she does about 5 in the time it takes me to do 1! hehehe... I'm sure I will get better with practice! :)

    Enjoy, Luv Daena