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Keep up the good work...October Kindnesses

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to share some of the kindnesses people have already done and share what i got up too! Appologies, as photos were not taken at any of these kind acts, but that does in no way belittle the effort these kind people did! :)

These two came to me on the same day, and I have slightly edited the story so no-one know who is who, but the first one was...

A lady was having a drink at a cafe and a man arrived not long after her, and stood just near her and got out his violin and played it for the guests of the cafe. The music was described to me as "breath takingly beautiful". So not only did she give him the little coin she had in her purse, but she wrote him a not telling him how much his music had meant to her and how beautiful she found it! KINDNESS ACHIEVED!

A young woman was working at a shopping center late into the night, and the security guards were keeping watch over the place and making sure everyone got in and out safely. This young woman told me she had been baking the day before and had surplus, so instead of keeping it in the freezer, she offered it to one of the amazing security guards she had gotten to see regularly. The security guard was very touched and told the young woman "that was the nicest thing anyone had ever done" for the guard.

My Random Act of Kindness I had planned, was to put a couple of dollars on to a kids shopping center carousel, preferably with a note to say "Have a ride... Merry Christmas" or something to that affect. However, I was on my way doing another kindness (someone had left one of their shopping trolleys in the upstairs car park and I was returning it to the concierge and center management) when I saw two kids playing on one of the carousels that I was planning to putting the coin and the note. I checked to make sure I had enough money and then I walked over to the kids (whose parents were chatting nearby) and asked if they wanted to have a ride on the carousel they were climbing on. The eldest of the pair was a little braver than his stunned sibling. He said yes, he would love a ride, but his parents wouldn't pay (i laughed because my dad used to be stubborn about it too!). So I said Merry Christmas, put the money in to the carousel and pressed the start button and just walked away. From a distance, I looked back and the kids were laughing and playing on the carousel! What a wonderful way to celebrate christmas! with brightening the day of kids! I didn't take photographs of this, because you all know how inappropriate it is to take photos of children who aren't your own, and without their parents permission! But I love that I can still share this with you all regardless!

Well, after those Random acts of kindness shared by some of this blogs followers (and myself), I hope you really enjoyed them, and can see just how simple it is to do a kind deed for another this Christmas season. I will check with these wonderful women, but there is still AT LEAST one book of "The Magic" left for grabs! So if you want to share your kindness story with me, with or without a photo, then I would be happy to send the book to you!

I have to say that i have been rather busy, and i apologize for not being completely on the ball. I had hoped to have all the kindnesses for this year completed, and I have written up October and Novembers at least. I shall be posting them in the next couple of days! :) I may have to post them without photos and add the photos later though, so I am sorry about that!

Anyway, Here are the Kindnesses for...


October 1: I had a migraine today but still managed to make mum and I cups of tea and also made lunch and dinner – they weren’t flash but they were food! :)

October 2: I had car troubles and I waited outside with the car so the RAC man could find me whilst mum was at craft. I also put the heavy comfy chairs away at Craft. I also stacked chairs, packed cards and sorted them ready for next time at poker. I also bought THANK YOU WATER.

October 3: Today I sponsored the Ronald McDonald House Charities WA's Ride for Sick Kids, by donating loose change. I also said “bless you” to a sneezing stranger. PHOTO

October 4: I helped a lady at IKEA who had her hands full with her son, as she had just had her purse stolen. I helped her son in the bathroom by turning on the taps (he was a little kid and couldn’t reach) and also by reaching the hand towels and giving him one to use too, all whilst his mum was on the phone, and under her supervision.

A friend and I also helped mum out by providing her with amusement as we constructed her new bedside table (its taller so she can easily get to the things she regularly needs with her bad back).

October 5: Helped a new lady at poker and helped the poker league staff by helping sort and pack up the cards and tables and by stacking some chairs and putting empty bottles and glasses on the bar. 

October 6: Today I was very busy! My sister asked me to pop over to her house (whilst she and the family were on holiday) to check on their chickens and pet fish. So to help out I did 2 loads of washing, bought in the washing on the lines, emptied the dish washer, repacked it with dirty dishes, washed them, cleaned the kitchen, scrubbed the oven, washed the windows in the kitchen, fed the fish, cleaned out the chicken coop, added fresh shredded paper. I also set the dinner table all fancy and wrote a welcome home letter from me!

I also helped a friend sort out her beauty room and hang out some washing and helped a friend at her birthday. 

October 7: I had another migraine but I made the effort to medicate then do some much needed vacuuming because it was a quick job and the vacuum cleaner was out.

October 8: Made the effort to push through the pain and occasional nausea to celebrate a friends birthday by taking her out to lunch. I also helped up a couple of quilts to be photographed before they were donated to charities. I also shared some craft ideas with a friend who does a lot a craft ideas for charities.

October 9: I helped wash up at mums craft group, helped sort and re-roll balls of wool. I also put away chairs for the older ladies. I helped out at poker by sorting and stacking the poker cards so they were ready for next time. I also put some chairs away to help out.

October 10: I bought dinner for mum and I. We also attended another meeting for the community day at dads nursing home. And made more crafts including these salt dough decorations. 

October 11: I did a lot of running around today trying to source cheap craft materials to make crafts to dads community day. Today I also made a button Christmas tree, reindeer candy canes, and finished the angel Christmas tree decorations.

October 12: I helped out my sister by distracting her kids by doing out door craft with them which gave her some time, in peace, to finish a few jobs. I also made two more tie crafts and also helped finish of mums crocheted tea towels (the Christmas ones were discovered in a Christmas box from last year – they were supposed to be a gift last year)

October 13: Today I worked on a completed a whole range of crafts for dads community day; including more reindeer candy canes, salt dough tree decorations, tie roses, finished off some of mums crochet topped tea towels. 
I also was offered last minute tickets to see Mumford & Sons, (a popular band). Instead of going myself, I passed them on to my sister and brother in law who often miss out on concerts like this because they have kids but as their kids were staring at their grandparents house mum sister and brother-in-law could go! They had a blast and felt like I had given them the best treat in the world.

October 14: I made “Button Tacks” for the community day. I also photographed and priced all the things I had already made. I also went and bought special “coffee” for dad – Chai lattes and took them to his nursing home and spent the afternoon just hanging out with him and watching a Ballet. I also invited a neighbour in for a coffee.

October 15: I got up early and took mum to a ladies luncheon. I dropped off 3 of mums blankets to the church. I also washed up, packed up and stacked chairs after the luncheon mum was at. I also helped one of the organisers by taking a heavy bag to her car. I also went to an art store closing down sale to buy some canvases I knew my sister needed.

October 16: I acted as a chauffeur, I even took mums shopping back to the car so we didn't have to have it with us whilst she was with the doctors. I also drover her to craft where I put away some chairs and made drink/tea for several ladies. I also made 3 tie roses before I went to poker, where I helped out by getting the cup holders out from under the table (they had rolled away) and sorted out cards and personally packed up 2 tables worth of chairs that I stacked. I also returned glasses and bottles, that were empty, to the bar so the staff didn't have to. 

October 17: I made a tie rose ready for the community day but I managed to burn myself pretty badly from the hot glue gun, so got banned from hot glue gunning for a while! (Mums decree for my safely). I also made mum a BIG cup of tea and chatted happily to a store worker who was bored at work.

October 18: today I had a day at home, making crafty things. Like two more tie roses, and bananas in pyjamas. I also made mum multiple cups of tea and spent time encouraging mum when she was having a hard day.

October 19: I drove my 8 year old nephew to the shops so he could do some shopping for our entrees. He is a budding chef so his interest and enthusiasm for creating and beautifully presenting an entree is just delightful. I also read to him the last two chapters if his book so his dad and mum had more time to themselves and to help their daughter with her nightly routine. I also took mum for a longer walk than she has been on for a while.

October 20: today I made the effort to ring and talk to people I hadn't seen in ages and make a time to catch up for a BBQ on the beach. I got to catch up with a few people and met a few new people. I also lent my jumpers to several of my friends on the beach who were freezing because of the wind.

October 22: I invited a neighbour in for a cup of tea and a chat. I also did some gardening in out communal garden today and petted a different neighbours cat. I also went to a pub gig to see a friend play in his band “Blatjang” with Isaac Mead.

October 23: Today I spent some time in the communal garden and invited my fellow gardening neighbours into our home to share a cup of coffee with us. I also made stuff for dads community day and made cups of tea for the craft ladies. I also made these Reindeer Noses for the community day!

October 24: I gave dad a manicure, so the staff can save time and not have to do it for him. I also made more stuff for the community day. I took chocolate to my best friend who was in need and sent love and condolence messages to her as she had just sadly lost her grandmother.

October 25: I made the effort to apologize to friends I had been rude about someone else too. That is not who I am nor who I want to be. I also bought mum a nice breakfast out at a nice Cafe.
I also called my best friend regularly to check and make sure she was okay because her Grandmother had passed away. I also made her dinner and dessert. I made sure she got home safe after she was sick. I helped mum ice Christmas cakes for dads community day and started packing up all the crafty things I had already made, ready to go for Saturday. 

October 26: Today was busy. I helped mum get cakes and cup cakes iced. I went to dads nursing home and dropped off stuff for the white elephant stall. I went and picked up stuff at the shops to complete the last minute jobs for the community day. I made the effort to drive and hour and a half to a friends house to return her stuff and pick up some crates for tomorrow. I then drove the hour and a half home during peak hour. I came home and finished the roses and the tags/decorations for the jams, pickled onions and soup mixes. And I even had enough time to invite a neighbour in for a drink! 

October 27: today all the hard work came to fruition. Mum and I ran the cake stall at Dads nursing home for the community day. We donated our time, money and resources to have it be a success. I handed over my crafts to the craft stall and they sold a lot. But not all. The cake stall alone raised $800 and the whole day raised $3000. A great day and very successful. (If you want to see the blog all about it, check it out HERE)

October 28: Today was my rest day so I looked after myself and rested a lot. I also made mum several cups of tea. I made the effort to drive 40 minutes to see a friend for her birthday party.

October 29:We spent the day catching up on housework. I also made several cups of tea for mum, invited a neighbour in for a cup of coffee, spent some time gardening in the communal garden, & sent messages to my friends in the USA who are about to be hit by Hurricane Sandy.

October 30: I helped mum out by doing lots of housework in preparation for some visitors. I also bought mum lunch, washed up after afternoon tea and wipes down the kitchen. I also helped a lady with her trolley on a travellator and chatted with her all the way down.

October 31: I made the effort to say "thank you" to those performing any form of services for me. I also let a lady in front of me at the coffee shop as she was in a 15 minute break from work and I had plenty of time. So she went first and was very grateful. 

I hope you enjoyed this lengthy update! :) 

I hope you are all surviving the Christmas seasons! Its called the silly season for a reason, so please be safe! :)

Much love

p.s. Aren't you all glad the world didn't end yesterday! :) lol!

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