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Sorry you had to wait so long... December Kindnesses

Hey everyone,  
sorry I haven't posted in a few days, I think my brain has been in holiday mode! For those who have been checking the blog to see the last of 2012s kindnesses, they are finally here!

My mum (who I am carer for) has been a sick and my job is to look after her, so that has been & is my priority this week! But I am still doing kindnesses which goes to show just how easy it is to do a kind deed a day! :) if anyone has any ideas of kind acts I might be able to perform in this new year, please post them in the comments section of the blog! I would love to hear from you all! :) thank you all for your love, support, encouragement & understanding! You all rock! :) 

So here is the kindnesses for: 

December 2012

December 1:
started typing the last three months worth of kindnesses ready to blog. I also did some gardening in the communal garden. I put up the Christmas tree for mum, in the hop to bring “holiday cheer” to our home. Also did 3 loads of washing and all the vacuuming without being asked

December 2: I helped a lady at a popular craft store to return a broken window blind. I helped an elderly man who had been waiting for the toilet key, by giving it to him after a lady had walked off with it in her shopping trolley. I also made cups of tea for mum after she received some news that an elderly friend Had been diagnosed with Alzheimers disease. Mum was very upset (naturally) so I did my best to comfort her.

December 3: I bought my neighbours rubbish bin in, helped mum change her sheets and wrote a blog post on gratitude. I did my best to act as a listening ear for a friend & a blunt perspective (My friend asked me for it! I didn't just give it). I also learned a new skill – making butter chicken! Yummy! :)

December 4: After I parked my car, I collected a shopping trolley that was beside my car space. Then I put two more in the trolley return too, making sure no-ones car got damaged. I put away some cards at Poker, and packed up some chairs too to help out the Poker league co-ordinator.

December 5: Today I had dinner at a friends house and did the washing up for her. I also did the scoring during most of the netball game. I made a special trip to the shops to buy my sister a crochet hook for her to use at the school so she could help with a school project!

December 6: I woke mum up with a cup of tea. I also invited a neighbour in for a coffee. I also helped a lady at the shops by getting her a trolley, because she had her arms filled with stuff. I even helped the same lady again by getting her a plastic bag – we both laughed when we realised we were the same people as earlier. I had thought I was helping another person but she was grateful for my double kindness.

December 7: I made drinks for mum and I, and also decorated dads bedroom all Christmassy so he didn't miss out on the festivity. Mum and I also passed our condolences on to staff at dads nursing home because 2 long term patients had passed away within a day of each other.

December 8: I went to a 3rd birthday party where I helped out in the kitchen by taking food to the tables and drying up the dishes after they'd been washed and I even poured some drinks. I also made small talk with a couple of strangers at the shops, everyone is so chatty around Christmas. I also made a delicious Daena Friendly Chinese Meal for mum and I to share. I am learning new skills! It was also delicious!

December 9: I dried up after having dinner at a friends house. Also I said thank you to my Facebook and blog fans by posting a THANK YOU and celebrating the blog reaching 4000 page views, & 80 Facebook fans!

December 10: I put someone's trolley away in the car park. I also performed “Fish First Aid” on my nephews fish, after it had managed to jump out of its fish tank and under a cupboard. It took about 10minutes to find the missing fish, and get him out from under the cupboard. When we finally got him out he was still breathing, so I put the fish back in the water again, cleaned off the cobwebs it had acquired under the cupboard. I lay held the fish under the water filter for a little while and then lay him on the bottom of the tank and then about an hour later the poor (almost dead fish) started swimming around again, like nothing had happened! It was a weird story but a pretty awesome Christmas MIRACLE!

December 11: Today I went to my nieces first nativity play & took photos for my sister.
I also helped out a lady at the local shops. We were both in line for Layby's and she was picking them all up before her kids got home from school and after we chatted for a while (The layby staff were very busy & they took a little while to track down all the laybys). When they did bring them out, there was a mountain of them, so having seen an empty trolley near by earlier, I went and got it for her so she could actually push all her Laybys and not have to try and carry them. I also collected a man's meal for him at poker, because it was ready and he was in the middle of a hand.

December 12: I was unwell but went to the shops to pick up some food and Layby's of my own for Christmas and as I was in the queue the woman in front of me, who was obviously pregnant, but seemed to be struggling with reaching the back of her trolley so I offered to help her but she refused. I then realised that the pregnant woman was a girl I used to go to high school with about 9 years ago. I haven't seen her since then and so we had a very brief chat but she looked happy. And that made me happy as well! I also gave mum one of her Christmas gifts early, because she really needed her new diary to start planning events in the new year!

December 13: I invited a neighbour in for coffee, helped mum sort and wrap her Christmas gifts for the family (but she wouldn't let me wrap mine... lol). I learned how to make Tabouleh – with good from our garden! I acted as a listening ear for a friend when she visited and gave her her Christmas gifts early to help cheer her up! I stood watch over the family belongings at the kids Christmas concert and did some OCD organising at my sisters house. I also listened intently as my nephews friend told me a story about his life!

December 14: today I helped my sister by carrying the heavy gift basket, up the hill to the classes, so the gift baskets could be presented to the teachers. I also helped out the mum of a pair of twins by holding one up so he could see Santa, like his brother (whom his mum was holding). I also picked up my brother-in-law from his Christmas party and let him crash on our couch, so he could sleep off the wine before he headed home to my sister & their kids in the morning!

December 15: I wrote a Facebook post about the need for Kindness in our world today, more than any other day. I also helped a friend clean her house. I also helped mum get more prepared for Christmas by wrapping a heap of presents for her.

December 16: Today I contacted an old friend I had lost contact with them and spent chunks of the day catching up via digital media. I did the washing up, a job neither mum or I relish, and I did it without hints or begging from mum!

December 17: I made a coffee for a visiting friend and invited a neighbour in for one too. I also made the effort to go and see a friend during her lunch break so we could catch up! We had a good time too!

December 18: I acted as a chauffeur, driving mum from doctor appointments, craft and hair dressing appointments. I also made some of the craft ladies cups of tea, and gave them small gifts as a thank you for all that they had done this year for mum and I. I also checked a friend in to poker, because he was running late and might have missed out. I also helped pack up some cards at Poker.

December 19: I gave an elderly single lady a huge hug because she doesn't get much physical contact. I also made the effort to drive to the other side of the city to see a friend who was leaving for Europe today and would be gone for two months. I also took my mum and family friend out to lunch ~ I had won another $25 bar voucher. I also offered a couple my shopping trolley after I had finished with it, I was returning it and they were entering the store. I also wished a stranger whom I had made small talk with a Merry Christmas, and she was enthusiastic in wishing me one too!

December 20: I made funny faces at a baby to keep it occupied whilst its parents were trying to finish their dinner. I also found a shopping bag in a trolley, so took it down to the centre management/concierge desk. On my way back I made two kids very happy by paying $2 for them to have a go on the rotating train ride in the shopping centre. I left as soon as it started up.

December 21: I got up early to help mum get errands done before the shops got too busy. I also drove to our chiropractors office to drop a gift off for her.

December 22: I did my blog post with 2 of the 3 kindnesses posted from the TOP SECRET mission. I also made the effort to see family friends and exchange gifts with them before Christmas. I also helped perk a friend up who just needed some support.

December 23: Mum and I took Dad out of his nursing home and took him to church, and then out to lunch with our “extended family”. I helped get dad in and out of the car, so mum didn't have to . Mum and I also gave little home made thank you/Christmas gifts to the staff at dads nursing home & to our neighbours. I also bought mum dinner!

December 24: I drove all the way down to Bremer Bay, so mum didn't have to do any of the driving. I also watered my sisters pots, fed my nephews fish, & fed and watered the chickens before we left for down south. I did some cleaning for a family friend. I also cooked prawns on the BBQ for the whole family.

December 25 CHRISTMAS DAY: I had offered to be the person to get up with the kids, at the crack of dawn (so the other adults could sleep in) but the Adults were up before the kids. I also made breakfast for the whole family.

December 26: I helped mum by pulling her up a hill (very steep). I also helped out with dinner for the 6 of us because I BBQ'd the meat and some Veggies. I also helped my brother-in-law out by reading a bed time story to my nephew, so my B.I.L didn't have too!
December 27: I cleaned up and vacuumed the whole house we were staying at before the owner returned home, so he would have a nice surprise when he did get home. I also acted as Skipper for my BIL who had been drinking with the owner of the holiday house.

December 28: I supported a friend by watching her do her 14,000m skydive. I also packed up the car in preparation for our return to home, because mum couldn't do any heavy lifting.
I drove the full 6 hours trip back to Perth. I fed my nephews 2 fish, made sure the chickens had plenty of water (it was a sweltering 42*C today), and I gave them some weeds to fuss over. I watered the gardens! I bought mum dinner. I also spent some time chatting to a lady who was working at one of the visitors centre in a small country town (on our return home), because she was manning it on her own.

December 29: Today I bought lunch for a friend on the way to her house. And then bought dinner for mum and I whilst we were camping at my sisters house. We again, fed the chickens, watered down their enclosure, watered them, fed the fish, watered the garden.

December 30: I cleaned out the water & fed my sisters chickens by making up some of their special food! I also fed the fish, did a load of washing for them, watered the garden and bought their mail in. I also made mum a much needed cup of tea!

December 31: I did the food shopping on my own, so mum could rest. I also made the effort to put my shopping trolley away, even though it wasn't an easy thing to do. I also drove out of my way to take my friends home after a New Years Eve party when it was unlikely they were going to get a taxi home.

I hope you enjoy these! I cant believe that I am almost up to date with the blog! Only 6 days out currently! Which is a crazy aweosme improvement on last years blogging! :) 

Thank you again to everyone who helped make 2012 such a raging success! :) There were more than 366 kindnesses done last year, by me alone. So if you all started doing just one a week... just think of the difference we could make in this world of ours!

Much love and kindness to you all, 
Love Daena x

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