Friday, December 27, 2013

Blessed... A few days after Christmas! :)

Hey everyone,

So in Australia it's a couple of days after Christmas, and I am still avoiding the shops and the after-Christmas sales! I have been given so much this week that I am overcome with gratitude! Now I just need to find homes for it all! 

How can you say thank you to those who have made a difference? 

One act of kindness my mum & I received yesterday was that our neighbour had swept up the leaves & cleaned up the cobwebs on our front veranda. I have been so busy with sorting out Christmas presents & getting things done for others, since I got home from my trip, that I hadn't had a chance to do it yet! I must admit it was bothering me, so it was simply wonderful to receive that small act of kindness! 

My sister Vandra (who helps on the Facebook page), her husband & kids have welcomed mum & I into their home, shared meals & gifts with us...etc! the kids even let us sleep in for a couple of hours extra yesterday! I have even discovered I don't mind playing with Lego with my 5 & 9 yr old niece & nephew, which keeps them happily distracted! So blessed!!! Thank you!!!!

I have been given so much... Thank you just doesn't seem to cut it! But thank you to my friends & family who have spoilt me with presents, kind words & loving actions! You have made a huge difference to both me & my mum (whom I care for)! 

To all those who do not know me personally... I just wanted to Thank you!!! Because you have welcomed me into your lives with a few clicks of a button & that spreads more kindness! Thank you for your continued & loving support of this blog!!! 

Luv Daena! X 

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