Monday, January 19, 2015

New Years resolutions... blogging

Hello my beautiful followers, friends and family!
Every year for the last 5 years, I have been striving to do a kindness a day. So far so good. 5 x 365 (+1 day for a leap year) and all in all... Well... that's a pretty kind start (I'm just starting the 6th year of kindnesses). 

I start each year with such enthusiasm for kindness and for blogging. Each year I drop one, and every time it's been the blogging. I endeavour to blog regularly. But like almost every other New Years resolution, I start strong and then it doesn't always continue like I mean it to. This year I didn't even start strong. So far this year I've only posted once but trust me when I say... The kindness continues! 

My aim with this blog has always been to encourage you. To inspire you to be passionate, like I am, about kindness. To show just how easy kindness can be! So that we, together, can change the world by becoming the best versions of ourselves. 

I want to share my adventures with you through this life. How I've read books about kindness ideas, or how I've been challenged by others perspectives. I want to be the best person I can be.

This last year has shown me how strong, how loving, how kind and how generous, I can be in the face of tragedy. It was a tough year, loosing my father to his illness, having mum have both her breasts removed because of cancer, and the persistent and lingering complications. And then to have my own health issues and personal struggles on top, that I bravely continue through even today. Often I've kept this so tightly in my grip that I've closed off the hurt and sadness to be numb to almost everything. It is amazing how someone else's kindness is enough to reach me, and remind me why I do what I do.

One blessing, through the darkest times, has been this project. With everything I've been through I was forced to think of kind things to do for myself and others. It was a small joy in a dark time. And I am grateful I was stubborn enough to stick it out. 

I want to be the best person that I can be. And whilst that makes me kind, I admit it doesn't make me a reliable blogger. So for that I apologise. But please know, I will endeavour to do the best I can, to keep you posted on my exploits in kindnesses, and the things in life I think you might appreciate or understand the most. If through blogging I can help one person in some way to be kinder to another or even themselves, I'll take it! :) 

But thank you for reading this. You took time out of your day to read my words and that is invaluable to me. I cherish your comments, secret kindnesses and enthusiasm for kindness, no matter when, how or why you do it! I appreciate you and your own possibility of becoming the best version of yourself! 

So I will keep doing my kindnesses through everything. Because I'm learning kindness is not a weakness, it requires the greatest strength. I'm learning how to be kind to myself, because that is often harder than being kind to others. And I'm learning how much is still left to be done! 

I wish you all the best of luck in your own kindness endeavours. For those that are doing one of the kindness challenges... Bravo!  I'm so proud of you! Keep up the awesome work. If anyone is interested in starting any of the following, #365DaysOfKindness #52WeeksOfKindness or #12MonthsOf Kindness I'd love to hear from you. You can start at any time! If you need help just comment below on the blog, or follow me on Facebook or Twitter (@DaenaGuest). I'm not always on social media, but I'm still attempting to keep you posted, and I will always try to help as much as possible. :) 

If you want simple ideas check out my Pinterest page under "kindness ideas". I scour the pins for some awesome ideas, stories and motivation and have collated them all there! Hope you find them useful.

Much love to you.
Luv Daena x


  1. I'm taking your challenge of 365 kindnesses