Thursday, February 19, 2015

An anniversary of sorts... still missing dad!

Hey everyone,
So today is the anniversary of my fathers death.Victor Guest (my dad) died one year ago.

Just after midnight this day, last year, mum & I got a phone call to say dad had passed away peacefully in his sleep. We made our way down to his nursing home, and said our good byes. My sister Vandra made the journey down from the hills, to say her own goodbye. And then we waited with him until the early hours of the morning to see him taken safely into the care of the undertakers. We watched over him like guardians.

When we eventually got home we slept badly (my sister having to sleep on the couch in our tiny house). And we woke early, after only a couple hours sleep, to make the phone calls and tell those who knew us, and dad, what happened. It was one of the longest nights/days of my life. 

But even through it all I am grateful. He is at rest. No more suffering. No more pain! It hurts for those of us left behind but it is a blessing for dads body and his spirit. I miss him. But he is a constant companion to me when I work, and spend time in the garden. Social justice and Permaculture, just two of his many and varied passions!

I miss talking to him. He would be so proud of us, working together as a strong family (those biologically related and those "add ons"). He would be proud because we are following our passions in all shapes and forms.

I'm proud to have had a dad like Victor. He helped build me into the amazing person I am today (and a modest girl too. Lol)! And I miss him, I miss him oodles. I continue to love him dearly, in new ways, for the things he taught me without me knowing it!

He taught me kindness, understanding, and generosity of spirit (all with the help of my amazing mum). He taught me that it doesn't matter what colour, race, religion, creed, sexuality,or life choices a person has made, they are still human, after all "we all bleed red blood". He taught me that everyone deserves kindness, and that is what I am trying to pass on to others too. So a part of him will live on in others, even if they never got to meet him.

So today I ask something simple of you... could you please do a kindness for a guy you've never met today, to honour his life? You don't need to tell me what you've done, just that you did it. Please? Thank you! I appreciate that! :)

Lastly, can I say, rest well Dad, you deserve the peace. See you in the next life.
Love from your little Miss Chief! Xxx


  1. THanks Babe, I love you too!! <3

  2. Beautifully said honey. I still miss him and love him too. Together we are family xx