Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Kindness Advent Calendars

Hello lovely people,

I was so busy in November i had no time to post here! But NO MORE! ahahah! Perfectly in time for Christmas! :)

I know you may not be a Christmas celebrator but that doesn't mean that you cant still spread kindness like a maniac! :) *starts running around in lycra singing "I'm a maniac, maniac on the floor!"*

To be completely honest, this time of year can be stressful for everyone. And working together to make life a little easier for someone else, can actually feel like your own burden is reduced.

I love seeing the good things that happen around this time of year.

I also love that there is always the opportunity to start new traditions. And why not add kindness?

My sister Vandra posted on the 365days of Kindness Facebook page a couple of days ago (I must admit I am behind) a Kindness Advent Calendar. SO i will re-post it here.
If you want to print off a better copy you can go to the site here.

Now i know i am a day behind for the start of December but that doesn't mean you cant "catch up" or even create other ideas for things to add/replace a kindness idea on a calendar.

For me, who is working at getting myself healthier and fitter this year, this is a wonderful idea that doesn't involve eating lots of cheap and nasty chocolate for breakfast! *This may or may not have happened in recent years*

I just want to wish everyone a Happy Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanuka, Happy Feast Day,  Happy Mid-winters Festival, Happy life... and for those who really cant cope... Bah Humbug! ;)

Even though life can be telling you that this time of year is all about excess, please be kind to yourselves. Give your active imaginations of how this month should turn out and expectations of how a hoilday should go, a rest. Be kind. To yourself. To your family. To your loved ones. To strangers. To your enemies. To your neighbours. But no matter what... be Kind!

Much love to you ALL, no matter what you celebrate!
Love Daena

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