Friday, March 11, 2016

Have you missed me? 200th post has arrived!

Hello my lovely friends & family (& complete strangers),

Yes, i am still alive.

No, i didn't fall off the face of the earth.

Yes, i am still doing kindnesses!

And yes, i have still been doing them even when you thought I had stopped.

So what has been happening? You may ask.

I finished up my contact at the social justice unit. I was blessed to have been working for 18 months on what was originally a 3 month contract!

Since i last wrote we have had Christmas, birthdays, valentines day, the 2nd anniversary of my fathers death, a national scout camp  (for my nephew & brother in law), a torn hamstring, a broken arm, hospital visits, amd then on top of it all my mum & i moved house. We moved in with my sister and her family. Another blessing. Moving house is messy, complicated & frustrating. Moving the equivalent of 3 houses  into one has been difficult but rewarding. However i am only just finding and sorting out a lot of stuff. One thing that I had to let fall by the way side during this time was this blog.

So I am now also job hunting, hoping to return to archaeology and/or field work. Mum is going to be supported thoroughly. She has been the best. She has been pushing me to get back out there. And i am embracing that. Wish me luck, say prayers, send me good vibes... whatever it is you feel most comfortable with. I appreciate it greatly.

Sheer exhaustion, and actually sleeping ( guess who is actually getting some sleep now? - me! YAY! ) is amazingly not conducive to my blogging as i used to do  a lot when I was not sleeping. So i need to start some new healthy habits again. One of those habits is blogging a bit a a time so I don't feel too overwhelmed.

In terms of this project, i don't know where to begin on some of the most extraordinary kindnesses i have given, received & experienced.  So i will add little bits when I think of them.

I hope this finds you all well & feeling kinder knowing this kindness champion hasn't given up yet.

Much love,

P.s. I have to admit that I have been temped to be sneaky and start adding posts & back date them so you didn't think I was  lazy or anything. I still think honesty is the best policy so here i am. Honesty at its best! 😄😊😄😊

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