Monday, November 13, 2017

World Kindness Day 13th November!

For those who don't know, today 13th of November, is World Kindness Day! 

So I put out the challenge... to do at least one kind deed today! Stuck for ideas? 

- Can you smile at a stranger? It's free and takes a few seconds. You can even say 'hi' or 'good day'. A smile shared is a smile that keeps on giving. 
- Can you hold a door open for a stranger? Sometimes just waiting for someone at a door and smiling warmly can make the world of difference. You can even tell them it's World Kindness Day is you want! 
- Can you make someone smile? Tell a kids joke! Keep it clean and fun! Smiling is awesome. Or if you want send a cute meme to a friend of family member. Lost for joke ideas? "How do you make a Hanky dance? You put a little boogie in it!" Lol. "Where did the King keep his armies? Up his sleevies! 
- Can you call a friend or family member and let them know you love and appreciate them? If you are Not great on the phone, No problems. Write them a note or send them a card to tell them you love them. Tell them you are thinking of them and appreciate them being in your lives. 
- Can you take 5 minutes out your day and write a review? Do you have a favourite band? Or a favourite coffee shop? Or even a favourite blog? ;) maybe you just really love that new book by your favourite author. Well take a minute to write a review and tell them how much you enjoy those things! It makes them enthusiastic to continue! 
- Can you spare a few dollars and buy a stranger a cup of coffee (or a bottle of water here in Australia as its hot!)? You could pay for someone behind you in line or donate one to someone doing it tough with 'suspended coffees'. 
- Can you spare $5 (or £5 or €5)?  Donate that to your favourite charity! Every dollar counts. Most charity websites have a "donate now" button! 
- Can you cook? How about making an extra meal for a friend, family member or colleague, who lives alone or who has been sick recently! Can't cook? How about grabbing that persons favourite take away and take it to them! 
- Can you compliment a friend or family member? Maybe they have a new haircut, lost weight, done a great job at work, made you smile, laughed at a bad joke you made, or just been there when you needed to talk. Compliment them. A compliment goes a long way. Plus, it is a fun and easy Kindness to do!
-Can you drive? If you do, how about being kind in traffic. Be patient. Let people in when they need to merge. And wave when someone else does something nice for you! What is you don't drive but do take public transport? That's fine! Thank your driver or the transport security for getting you safely to your destination. 
- Can you think of other ways to be kind? Excellent! I want to see them below in the comments! 

If you can do just one of these things today (or in the next 24 hours), then you will be one of the millions of people performing kind acts around the globe today! Now that's something I want to be a part of!!!! 

Enjoy World Kindness Day! I sure will! Love Daena xx

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