Sunday, December 31, 2017

Goodbye 2017 - Hello 2018

Today is the day that one year finishes and another begins. Which doesn't mean much to others but it signifies a year filled with kindnesses, for me. 

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It means another successful year of: making people smile, donating to charities, giving something back, making cups of tea, spending time with the sad, broken or fragile in our community, sending notes of love and support to friends and family going through rough times, dancing in a giant crocodile suit to make a kid laugh (yes this actually happened this year), making mums at women's refuge's feel special by donating presents for them this Christmas, supporting and helping a community coordinator get things ready through out the year, learning lymphodema massage to teach family, dancing at a party so Tweens felt it was okay (& maybe even cool to do so), buying books for strangers, leaving cash in my favourite book at a store so that someone can buy it, singing for a good cause, driving for 8 hours with a friend so she could get to a town she wanted to visit in the countryside, spending 3 DAYS driving and travelling with my best friend to get her car to the other side of the country, paying for cups of coffee & lunch & dinners (maybe even a breakfast or two), hand making things for my friends, sitting with people and holding them as they cry, supporting friends who are doing their own 365days of kindness, giving away book marks to someone who saw mine & loved them, sending letters and postcards to a friend throughout the year so she knows someone loves her, forgiving people who made mistakes (sometimes this is the hardest thing to do), making food for people, organising events, doing the best I can, housesitting, dog walking, feeding pets (that aren't mine), leaving water out for wildlife, doing sustainable September and writing recourses so others can join me, being the best social justice advocate I can be, choosing love over hate, educating myself & others to choose love, lending music, DVDs & books to other people, making a fool of myself so someone else doesn't feel like they are alone or the only one who is clumsy, helping someone get their shopping into the car, giving hugs, putting away shopping trolleys for strangers, letting people in front of me in traffic, volunteering for charity organisations and events, running/walking 14kms to help my niece get to the end of a fun run like she wanted, talking to strangers and making them smile by the end of our conversations, staying up all night with a friend to talk because they were going through a rough time, learning another language so I can tell my friends in Germany that I love them and wish them a Merry Christmas and a happy new year, sending messages to friends all over the globe so they know I haven't forgotten them even though we are living in different places, liking & subscribing to YouTube videos & podcast of people who inspire me (so they know it), giving products and services I love good scores & leaving good feedback, giving my parking tickets (with lots of time & money on it) to strangers, and... well I'm sure there are more when I think about it! Hehehe. 

Next year, I want to do more. I'm still learning how to be a better person, friend, employee, family member, community member. There is still so much kindness I can do... so much we can all do. If you are looking for a New Years Resolution why not endeavour to be KINDER. 

I know I sometimes joke about how crazy it is... doing 365days of kindness! it's not crazy at all. It's often the simplest thing you can do that not only changes your life but the person you are being kind to! It doesn't have to cost money. I don't have a lot but I still make a difference with the little I have. I am often really busy and I still have a second to smile at a stranger or help some kids put chairs away after a school assembly. I don't have much but when I can I pass on the things I don't need to those that need it more than me. I occasionally have panic attacks but it doesn't stop me from treating everyone like they are people too. I've even learned this year to cook for my friend who is starting her life as a vegan (it is not as hard as it looks!). 

If you have money, you can support charities, or friend who are raising for charities or even give money to strangers in completely random ways. If you have time Volunteer to do something close to your heart, you might even make a friend or two in the mean time. If you have skills, put them to use and teach others or give your time to a cause close to my heart. If you have lots of stuff you don't need on a daily basis ask yourself what could you give away or sell that could make some else's life better (I know people who sold an almost brand new washing machine for a tiny amount to someone who really needed it - then threw in some extra bits too because the family was looking for those items. It was gorgeous).

There is so much you can do. We are only limited by our imaginations! 

So in 2018 365days Of Kindness begins again for me... 

What is YOUR New Year Resolution?

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