Monday, January 22, 2018

The little book of Kindness

I am reading "The Little Book of Kindness" by Burnaderte Russell at the moment. I am just over half way through this easy to read book. 

I must admit it's taken me a bit of time because I had dropped it in a bag and then couldn't find it again for about 3 weeks. But I have it Back now! Yay! 

Im reading it to myself and had to share this little gem from the section about kindness in the workplace... 

"Don't underestimate the power of a nice smile. Or if you can't smile, the glower with a certain enigmatic allure." 

I found this hilarious! I have had days when I'm not in the smiling mood. But the funny thing about a smile is it is contagious! I remember a poem we used to have glued to the back of the toilet door. 

"Smiling is contagious 
you catch it like the flu, 
Someone smiled at me today, 
I started smiling too. 
I walked around the Corner 
and someone saw my grin 
When they smiled back I realised 
I had passed it on to him. 
I thought about the smile 
and then realised it worth 
A single smile, just like mine, 
can travel around the earth. 
So if you feel a smile begin 
don't leave it undetected 
Let's start an epidemic quick 
and get the world infected." 

I hope you have a wonderful day. Make your aim today to smile at 3 people on your travels. Let's get the world infected with smiles! 

Love Daena x

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