Saturday, January 6, 2018

Kindness Podcast

Last year there was a Kindness Podcast released that my sister Vandra and I have been thoroughly enjoying. Seeing as how we are both relatively new to podcasts we can get pretty passionate and excited about all the stuff we are learning.

I am so grateful to my sister who decided to share her most recent favouite Kindness podcast on the 365days of Kindness Facebook Page, because we were sent a reply from the Kindness Podcast! It feels like we have just gotten a message from Kindness Royalty! So funny how excited we both got! It made my day for sure.

Because we shared their podcast they  have offered to send us a copy of the book, Live Kinder By Barbara Hirsh, which is such a blessing.

I am so grateful to other people who support a kinder world. I love to support others as best I can when i find out they are giving this Kinder way of life a go. I've met a few brave souls doing 365 (or 366) days of kind deeds and I am so proud of their effors.

I am even reading a kindness book at the moment from someone else who did 366Days of Kindness a lady by the name of Burnadette Russell. Her book 'The Little Book of Kindness: Every day actions to change your life and the world around you' feels like a book I could have written.

Then she also deals so beautifully with things I would never have thought about.

I guess even after 6 years of kindnesses I still have so much to learn! That is why I support those I can to live a kinder life! I am always learning, growing, changing. I am blessed to have more and more inspiration, because when I was starting out there werent many people promoting kindness as a way of life... but now... I am continually blown away by the kind deeds done for others. YouTube, Facebook, Podcasts, Pinterests are all filled with Kindnesses and ideas if you just know where to look!

If you want to find us on Facebook just touch the link above. I am also on Pinterest with a massive board of kindness inspiration and kindness ideas.

Also, This year my big sister also organised some gorgeous Random Acts of Kindness Cards for me to give out, as a Christmas present!

So if anyone wants some I am happy to send them to you! As always I would love to hear your kindnesses or your own kindness inspiration!

Let me know,
Much love

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