Tuesday, January 4, 2011

365 Days of Kindness... the Beggining!

This is the start of a new project for me. I started Project 25: Random Acts of Kindness 2 years ago, and i wanted to show my level of commitment to doing kind acts for others.

So pretty much it involves me doing a kind act every day for a whole year. Not only will this make Project 25 a little more boosted... as there will be at least 365 kindnesses done... but i also hope it will encourage others to do something kind for those around them!

For those that are new to Project 25 please let me explain just a little...

In 2009 -  I created this as the Project 25 brief...

Hi there, my name is Daena Guest.
I've created a global project that I’m hoping will inspire some positive change in the world.

I’m calling this Project 25.

 All I’m asking you to do is perform ONE RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS and then write a brief report about it and send it to act_positive@hotmail.com. This is an email address I have created so that I can keep a record of all the wonderful things that have been done.

Eventually I will create a web page with the short reports of things that people from all over the world have done randomly and with kindness. The website will contain the Acts of Kindness listing only your initials, geographical location and contents of the report; to maintain privacy.

Slowly and positively we will bring more Kindness into the world.

This is a project that I hope to inspire YOU with. I would love to have ONE THOUSAND random acts of kindness in ONE YEARS time (25 June 2010), by people all over the world.

In a time when we are constantly bombarded with the hardness in our world, its trouble and strife, I want to remind you and everyone that there is goodness and kindness out there. Everyone can make a difference. We can change the world one kindness at a time.

Over the last few years I have taken pride and pleasure in being able to help others in small ways (or even big ways). And not only have I enjoyed the experience the person receiving the kindness is very happy about receiving it!

Sometimes I have found that when I did this anonymously or without knowing the person benefitting from my gift, I was able to grow myself, as I was not expecting anything from them in return.

But this project is not limited to just anonymous random acts of kindness... its just limited by your imagination and willingness to be kind to others.

Here are a few ideas for Random Acts of Kindness:
~Help someone out at the supermarket check out.
~Buy a needy person a meal.
~Returning money that has fallen out of someone’s pocket.
~Help buy a toy for someone’s child at Christmas time -
(The supermarkets stores usually do children appeals that are great to support).
~Buy or make Blankets for women’s refuges/homeless people/People in need.
~Be polite to someone while driving on the road - Courtesy is always appreciated.

Not all of these things cost money, and I’m sure that you can think of a million more things that would be able to help someone out.

All these things make a difference.

I look forward to hearing about your random acts of Kindness!

Daena Guest
(Project 25 creater)

So when we completed the first year of Project 25 there were a few things that i wanted to change... i thought that it would be great to change it to a calendar year... instead of the Australian Financial Year Calendar. I thought that i wanted people to know that it wasnt just everyone else that was trying to make the difference...

I really hope to inspire people to make a difference. And to encourage everyone to write down their kindnesses and send them to the project 25 email address and then i can post them either here... or eventually on a website! I've been hoping to get all of these good deeds put up (annonymously - from the author) so everyone can see that there is good things happening in the world.

so like i was saying before i got easily distracted...by Project 25... of course!... I have already started doing my 365 days of kindness. Its only the 4th of January... and as the day isnt over yet...so im still looking for the opportunity to do something for someone else today.

But i already have the 1st -3rd covered with kindness!

Im just an ordinary person, trying to do something a little different. I'll do my best to keep with this... Hopefully this will inspire you as well as me!

Goodluck with everything in your life...

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