Monday, January 31, 2011

How hard is it to do a kind deed a day...

Well so far i have been excellent in recording my kindness a day... but not so good in doing any blog updates! Im terrible at doing this... particularly when i have weeks when i dont want to be on the computer... but experiencing real life... or i get so hooked in real life... i forget my virtual responsibilities!

So i have the first week of kindnesses done all-nice-like in the scrapbooking i can just slot in the info and be ready to go... but i keep meaning to post them on here. I am trying to keep this as annonymous as possible for my friends as well as for everyone who ever comes to read this! :) Random acts of kindness... can be in the choice of random people to be kind to, or something that appears a little random to you. Doing something you wouldnt normally do for someone you  know and love is just as acceptable as a RAK!

FOR those who read, and know me, im keeping names confidencial... yet you'll know if you have been "kindness-ed" (i know its not a word... but it is now)! :)

I have been finding it really hard to go out of my way to do a kind deed for those around me... even though i have succeeded in doing it! :)

As i was thinking about this i was weighing the merits of Random Acts of Kindness with just being Kind to those around you. There are things you do in everyday life that you would never have thought of as RAK that are still kindnesses! Yet most of the time you dont appear to think of them that way! So, if you do something regularly that is a kindness... thats ok to do too. I mean everything for the greater cause! Kindness is essential in promoting a better life for all!

Anyways, that is enough of me having my say for now... hoping to get the list started for my Kindness Calendar! :)

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