Monday, January 17, 2011

Camp with teenagers!

Hi everyone,
Well sorry i havent had much of a chance to update everyone on how my 365days of kindness has been going! i have just spent the last week away with a bunch of teenagers for a Youth Camp run by the Salvation Army (SAYC)! It was pretty awesome! and i had around 3 hours worth of sleep per night! So pretty exhausted! But it was amazing to see some of these kids transformed by the loving environment they were in! Awesome!

You would think that going away on this camp for a week was my kindness for that whole week - after all i was a volunteer and didnt have to be there! But i made an effort everyday to do some kind of kindness for those on the camp! It was a lot of fun but physically, mentally and emotionally draining!

Im still learning how to do this blog thing! So i hope to upload the scans of my handwritten account of my 365 days of kindness. If anyone wants to help me out... let me know how i can do it! that would be awesome!

Hope your new year is still going really well!

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