Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter/ Blessed Passover/ Merry Ostara/Happy AutumnEquinox

Happy Easter to every one! For those not of the Christian Faith I wish you a Blessed Passover, Merry Ostara, and Happy Autumn Equinox (And i'm sure there are some i have forgotten too... so apologies!)

I had a very productive Easter Weekend. I did one of my kindnesses on Friday by baking a batch of Cupcakes for a friend to take to a hens day! My mum is the master of cakes, so this was a bit of a practice/learning experience to be doing it all on my own! Pretty happy with the end product! :) I was so excited to get baking that I even made a dessert to share for Sunday!

Here is a photo of me doing the baking...

Anyways, on Easter Saturday I did 8 hours of gardening in our tiny garden! (YES... it was that bad!).  The funny thing is there is still so much to do! Mum and i have not touched it as we have both been too exhausted to do anything with it for ages... the front of the house gets a bit more attention than the back. The back yard has been pretty much neglected for about 5 years! So hence the major job of cleaning up! I am counting this as my kindness for the day! This has actually done me some good (who could have thought that Gardening would be such an awesome workout!). Mum and I, both sat out on our front patio and enjoyed the view and had a cuppa and chatted! We have never done this together! It was wonderful! We both feel better about it!

On Sunday, I woke up at 5.30am for the Dawn Easter Service at my local Anglican Church! It was lovely! It also meant the end of lent - which meant that I had successfully given up Alcohol for the whole 40 days! So after the church service, the congregation had breakfast together! And I had a glass of champagne! YAY! :)

After church I picked up Mum and we headed to my sisters house for a family lunch! And by family, I mean all the extended family on my brother-in-laws side! We have all been friends for such a long time, I consider these people my family too (even though they aren't technically related to me!) We had such a good time, and all the adults enjoyed my alcoholic Baileys Chocolate Easter slice (that i had made on Friday).

Sunday evening, meant a quick visit to the Hospital, as mum was not doing very well. Some complications after surgery, which will be sorted out soon (hopefully).

Anyways, in my hours waiting in the hospital, there was a little Indigenous Australian girl (absolutely adorable), who was waiting with her mum and brother. After a while of making faces at each other and me making her giggle, I had a chance to talk to her mum. Her mum was a lovely lady who was worried and concerned for her kids. And like you can only do with a stranger, she told me the reasons she was in this waiting room with me. Sadly this little girls father is dying. Her mum was trying to make phone calls and in the innocence of a 3 year old, the little girl kept bugging her mum for money to use in the vending machines. So to give her mum some space to talk to the rest of the family, I entertained this little girl, until it was time to leave. I felt sad leaving... was there something else I could have done for them? But I waved and smiled as I left! I hope that by being an ear to hear and a playful person for an energetic child (aka a distraction), I made a small difference to that family! And even though I dont know their names, they will be in my thoughts/prayers!

I slept pretty well on Sunday! Had a nap during the day at my sisters house and then managed to have an early night at home (which is a miracle in itself).

The public Easter Holiday Monday, had me take BOTH my parents out to lunch! There is something to be said about taking both of your disabled parents out to lunch. We go to the same restaurant, when we take my dad out! He loves pasta and beer, and that's what he gets, on the occasions when we take him out of his nursing home. I love going to this restaurant because of one staff member in particular. He always meets us at the door, greets us like we are his favorite customers, smiles at us and shares jokes with us. He has in the past, given my dad a free glass of champagne on his birthday (which was very funny as the alcohol went straight to dads head and Dad sort of wobbled as he walked with his walking frame... drunken senior citizen! Very funny). Lunch is easy with my parents when we go and for me, that is the greatest kindness!

After taking dad back to his nursing home, mum and I went home and had our cup of tea (out the front). Then headed off to my aunts for dinner. Again I was spoilt, with not having to cook! And she taught me how to research my family ancestory... which I did for a few hours. Which was nice as it meant I kept out of trouble, and mum & my aunt got to chat!

Easter for me is spending time with family! For lots of people it is about eating chocolate... and I admit I have done my fair share... but I love just being with people and sharing time together. I guess because I am Australian (and we don't have "thanksgiving") Easter has become a family gathering when I get to be grateful for all those people in my life who make a difference to me, and whom I can share my life with!

I hope you all had a fun, productive and loving weekends! As I know I sure did!

Luv Daena x

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  1. Thanks for sharing your stories of Easter Daena. Wow! You can pack a lot into a weekend, can't you? Sounds like such a happy time.