Sunday, April 1, 2012

Things... what do we really need?

Hi everyone,

For those that don't know me very well, or for those who have not seen inside my little bedroom or my tiny house, you will not know that I am a bibliophile. I collect BOOKS! This is wonderful as I love to read, however I have been accruing books faster than I have been reading them. By bedroom is affectionately known as "the library" as there is more bookcases in my room, more specifically lining my walls, than empty spaces.

Even thought I LOVE books, buying them does not make me "happy". It is the joy of reading that I find is a gift, one that I truly treasure. I had reading problems as a child and since I mastered the ability, I have surrounded myself with the words that for so long evaded me.

However, I have come upon the problem of having too many. I have been seriously considering buying another bookcase. But is that really a good idea?

In the last couple of years I have had serious problems with Insomnia! Medications and natural therapies arent working like they once were, so I have had to start doing some radical things to help me get to sleep.

In one particular instance, Last year, I gave up most forms of Caffeine! No more coffee, no more Diet Coke, no more energy drinks! Minimal amounts of chocolate and tea as well. As such I have been off Caffeine for well over a year! Now if I have too much chocolate or tea I am bouncing off the walls, God only know what would happen to me if I had Coffee or energy drinks... probably running around the ceilings! lol!

This month, I have been asked to minimize distractions in my bedroom, so that it will not "re-stimulate" me after I get tired. So the book cases and the desk have had to be rearranged and covered to encourage, not discourage sleep.

The point however of this blog post is not actually the sleep problems, even though I deal with them every night, but the stuff that I have accumulated in my room. The room itself is about the size of a shoe box. I have 6 book cases, a bed and a desk in my room. And every square inch of my room has been utilized to the full. In some cases the books are stacked double deep, on the shelves.

During Lent (the 40 day period leading up to Easter) a friend of mine and her husband have been working to de-clutter their home and to give away the things that they don't use anymore or don't need. She has been blogging about it here

I have been thinking about this in terms of kindness and have been wondering if I should do the same thing. Is it not kindness to get rid of the things that you don't need? Is it not kindness to simplify life for yourself and others?

One person, along time ago, told me to "Live Simply, so others can simply live!" But somewhere along the line, I have replaced simplicity with stuff! Quite often we believe we have to BUY our happiness. That having the right house, or car, or dress, or shoes, or books, or computer games, or iPhone will make us happy! but does it really? I dont know.

I have been following a man on Facebook who challenged himself to live with only 100 things for one year to see if it was possible. He lived simply and gave more. I loved his idea so much that i wanted to share it with you...100 Thing Challenge

I will be attempting to be kind to myself by de-cluttering more, and yes that will mean that some of my books will have to be given away or donated to charities. After all the things that I don't want or use any more can be given to charities and other people who need it more than me! I could sell the things that are of value and give money to charity! I could donate books/DVDs/CDs to Libraries for other people to enjoy! There are so many opportunities to share what we already have with others! So it does not cost us anything but that we can enjoy sharing or giving away. After all not only will it be great to GIVE, but we also RECEIVE by having clean houses and sleep inducing houses (even though this idea seems like a dream to me at the moment!)

Anyway, its just a thought! Think about and have a look at these wonderful blogs that can give you the inspiration to get started! to help you live an uncluttered life! :)

I hope this finds you well!
luv Daena x
p.s. I will add these two blogs (evenually) to my "useful links" list, so you can check them out anytime too!

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