Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Birthday to me! :)

Hey Everyone,
Today is my 27th birthday! Hooray!

But not only does it mark another year of my life starting, it marks an anniversary of sorts for this very project!

3 Years ago I started what I called Project 25 - Random Acts of kindness! What it was all about was that instead of people giving me gifts for my next birthday I wanted them to do something far cooler, I wanted them to do something meaningful in their communities & tell me about it! This was to be their present to me on my 25th birthday!

So on my 25th birthday I had people all over, those that knew me, & some that didn't doing kind deeds in their communities because I had asked them too!

I got over 30 awesome birthday presents that year! That was also when I decided that as much as I wanted people to do acts of kindness in their communities, i began asking how can you encourage & inspire people when you are not living what you want others to do?!

That was how 365days-of-kindness was born!

And I love looking back and seeing what others have done & what I have done through this amazing project that I happened to be blessed to write & share!

So what I am asking of you today is that you do a "Daena's Birthday Madness" & go into your community & do a kind deed & share it here or on the 365days-of-kindness Facebook page & give me the best presents in the world!

I hope you have a lot of fun as I have in the last few days!

Much love,

Ps. If there is attrocious spelling I must appologize as I am using my iPhone to write this post as opposed to my computer! There are first times for everything! :)

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