Saturday, June 9, 2012

Over 2000 Page views... WOW!

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. I am just so excited that we have reached 2000 page views. YAY!!! Thank You!!!! Thank You!!!! Thank YOU!!!! Now that is a milestone!

This week we have also reached over 30 people "Like"-ing the 365Days-Of-Kindness Facebook page! So this is an awesome week for celebrating! :)

I bet some of you are thinking that this is not that special... but this blog has managed to have over 1000 page views in under 6 months. And it had taken almost a year and a half to get the first thousand! I know things will grow from here... but I think it is very important to say thank you to everyone who regularly checks out this site! Its amazing! You all deserve a large pat on the back! so THANK YOU!!! I am particularly grateful to those who have been sharing this blog with their family and friends. You spread the word... and kindness grows a little more. So Thank you very much!

For those who don't know much about this blog or who reads it I want to tell you about the countries that this reaches. (Here is the handy Audience Statistics button the the Bloggers page to help me out here).

Currently the views from each country are as follows:
Australia  749

United States  481

Russia 326

United Kingdom 55

Germany 45

Brazil 31

Thailand 25

Colombia 16

France 15

Canada 11

These are the countries the ones in Green (the darker they are, the more page views).
 There are more countries that I have seen view the site once or twice... but for some reason they haven't been included in this list! Maybe because it just lists the highest 10 countries for page views or something!

Now I am pretty excited by this because I know that Australia would be highest... after all I live in Australia... So if it wasn't then I would be surprised! But THANK YOU all my Aussie Friends! :)

Also I have a few friends in the US of A, and I know that they are very committed supporters of this Blog! So Thank You!!!! For all of those in the US that I don't know personally that have been recommended here by one of my crazy supportive friends, welcome! And if you have managed to find this blog all on your own and have been checking it out, double welcome! Thank You one and all!!! I also owe a thank you to the serendipitous way that you found me on this vast world wide web! If it was through Google, or another search engine, thanks to them too! :)

Now I also have close friends in the UK, Germany and Canada! Thank you guys you are the besterest! (and yes I just used the word "BESTEREST"! it is an upgrade from best and best-est!:)

For people from the other countries... Russia, Brazil, Thailand, Columbia and France... I have no idea how you found me... but all i can say is Thank You! Because it is clear you keep coming back! :)

I just want to say thank you for supporting me do my kind deed everyday! Some days are harder than others... but the love, encouragement and support I get from you all, keeps me going! Thank you!

I also feel like I am writing to other people not just for myself, when I see how many people check out what I am doing every day even if I only write about it on here now and then!

Things that are coming up:
I am going to be updating more Acts of Kindness in 2012.
I will be writing up a report on the's eight week challenge (which many Aussies are about half-way through, including me!).  
There are a few "TOP SECRET" events planned for the future too... but as they are top secret I probably shouldn't be telling you that... oooopps! :S

A huge ginormous thank you to everyone again,
you make this all possible!

Luv Daena x

p.s. still spun out over the 2000 page views! We clearly ROCK!!!!

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