Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thank you to all those who participated!

Hey everyone,
Just so you know I had a WONDERFUL birthday! I got very spoilt and had a great time with my family and friends.

Some highlights:
Supanova- this was my birthday present to myself and its Perth's version of Comicon (Pop culture convention)! But much much smaller. I met some of my favorite authors and actors from television and movies. I got signatures from 5 of them! So I am a very very lucky girl. I also learned about the book industry and how to write/edit/publish books... which is exciting and very interesting! (I will share more of this when I can get the photos off my camera!)

Visisting my dad in his nursing home - He had no idea what was in the presents he was giving me... but he did remember how to sing "Happy Birthday" to me!

Dinner with my Niece, Nephew, Sister, Brother-in-law & mum - My favorite part was the presents my Niece and nephew had made for me. My 4 year old niece had made me a plastic tube that had been beautifully decorated! It was covered with sticky tape (Cello-tape) and beads. She gave it to me & decorated it because she liked playing with it, so she thought I would too! She had also put some of her bracelets in it too, because she wanted to give me something pretty (I managed to tell her that i couldn't take her pretty bracelets away... but thanked her so much for the thought!). I did however score a necklace out of it... which is now living at my house... in the dress-up box! So she can use it next time she comes over... after convincing her to take the bracelets back... I didn't want to push making her take her necklace back :) My 8 year old nephew on the other hand made me a beautiful decoration for my scrap booking! Because he knew I would like it and would use it in my photo albums. He is such a sweetheart! It was incredibly cool too! He did an excellent job!

Going to the Movies with my mum and sister -The girls in the family don't often get to go out for a movie... but for my birthday my sister V, had her husband look after the kids, and she, mum and I went to see the movie BRAVE by Pixar! It is an excellent movie! However I wouldn't think it is really a kids movie, and can be quite scarey in parts. But it was a lot of fun - particularly because my mum is from a long line of Scottish people. And it is based on a Scottish myth. And some of the things that are said and done are very true to form! I loved it!

Dinner & Poker with extended family & friends - I had a lovely dinner with my friends, where I was embarrassed to be given a huge gift (kind of like a single persons version of pass-the-parcel). There were about 15 layers of paper to unwrap and some of them had dares on them so that I had to Sing a version of "Old MacDonald had a farm... and on that farm he had a Daena... ei, ei, oh" and then make appropriate noises. I also had to get up and do the full version of "The little bird-y dance". And all of this was in a restaurant & Bar full of people! Had a great time though! The food was lovely too.

After Dinner, a couple of friends stayed with me and we played in the free league in a tournament of Texas Hold'em Poker. With which I didn't do particularly well, and one of my friends won the tournament! He was just about as surprised as I was, because he had never played in a tournament before... so winning was an awesome surprise! :)

Sleeping in - Now many of you know that I am a particularly bad insomniac. However for the last few weeks it seems my body remembers what sleep is and how important it is... I have been able to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep a night... and on my birthday I got a whole 12 hours of sleep... which was very exciting! :) So I count that as one of my highlights! :D YAY!!!

Anyways, I also wanted to say a HUGE thank you to those of you who participated in "Daena's Birthday Madness"! I got messages through the Facebook page, and through email! So Thank you!

For my birthday, I also made the effort for "Daena's Birthday Madness" and so everyone who sent me a message on Facebook or via text I personally sent them a thank you response! After all you can never be too grateful for your friends! :)

Thank you to all those who regularly read this, I keep watching the number of people who read this blog grow! And it encourages me to keep going! :)  So thanks!

Luv Daena x

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