Thursday, July 26, 2012

Supanova Perth - Some photos as promised.

Hey everyone,
Sorry it has been such a long time since I posted last. I think the last one was just after my birthday! so almost a month! WOW... and woops!

I have been house-sitting and puppy sitting (a very sick puppy - who needed to be hand-fed/fed four hourly). I also helped organize and run a wedding for some friends and been doing other bits and pieces that has generally made me a very busy girl! :) However, even through it all, i have continued to do my kindness a day, and some of these things have been included in my kindnesses for those days! or are on top of the kindnesses I did!

Anyway, what I had promised was photos from my birthday weekend at SUPANOVA Perth!
I met some awesome actors and authors and got to see and buy some amazing things! I even got some of my own books signed! Now for those that have read this blog regualarly or know me well know that I absolutly ADORE books! So I was more interested in meeting Authors than I was in almost everything else. So I have about a thousand photos of the Authors and only a couple of the super-star actors that we met along the day.

It was a 3 day event. Starting Friday night (For those like me who wanted to meet and greet and discover stuff that others dont get to see!). I got to go to a small gathering of people who got to listen to a talk given by Eric Roberts (Julia Roberts brother) and also a guy who plays some awesome villains. He was in the Dr Who movie and was also in "The Dark Knight" the second installment in the Batman Trilogy. For a guy who plays such amazing villains, he was a really lovely guy and he answered lots of questions and answered politely and happily. I think I became a fan of his at this talk!

Saturday I headed into Supanova alone and listened to some awesome talks and discussions given my various people. I also got to get some photos signed by some of my favorite people. So VERY happy.

This was a talk given by some Australian Authors in SciFi/Fantasy that were talking about how to get published if you have a manuscript already completed!

Matthew Reilly - Is an Australian Author who is very popular here. Currently there are at least 4 of his book on the top 100 books of the year list! He was very funny and shared stories about the books, answered questions and talked about his plans for writing in the future! He was awesome!

Christopher Lloyd - Aka. Doc Brown from the Back to the Future Trilogy spent 50minutes answering adoring fans questions. He is such a legend and it was awesome to meet him in Perth, and in Person!

This is Christopher Paolini - The author of the Inheritance Cycle of books, Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, and Inheritance. He is an American Author who started writing books when he was 15. He was also home schooled (like me) and was educated by his mum with Montessori techniques (like me too - I was taught at a Montessori school from the ages of 3-8). It was great fun listening to someone - although he takes himself a little too seriously sometimes (but i think that was perfect for the occasion as he was surrounded by die hard fans!).  

Natalia Tena - who played Tonks in Harry Potter and is a wild thing in Game of Thrones season 2! I loved listening to her talk. She had such energy and she was wonderful with the fans, making an effort to connect to each and everyone who talked to her/with her. Like Eric Roberts, I have decided that I really like Natalia Tena, and will be following her career more. She has a big fan here now! :)

Stanislav Ianevski (Hope i got the spelling right - sorry if i didn't) - He played Victor Krum in the Harry Potter movies and was a very down to earth guy. He was built like a tank - mildly terrifying how large his biceps were... but he was very lovely to talk to. He signed a photo for me too! Such a champ!

Christopher Lloyd - getting my photo signed by him. He shook my hand and was very nice and polite to everyone he met. Mind you, the queue to see him was at least 25minutes every time there was a line. I waited only 35minutes to see him... so not too bad! :)

This was another discussion from Australian Authors about how to write Fantasy novels. Was wonderful to meet them and they gave some wonderful advice! :)

On Sunday, my friend, Taylor and I made our way in to Supanova together! And we had a blast. We got to meet our favorite authors face to face and in some cases get photos with them! So cool!

Dalek, Daena and the Tardis! :)

The 503rd Brigade - Starwars Cosplay! :) with me and Taylor getting out photo taken - and Taylor having her bag pinched! just kidding! but it did look like it in these photos! :)

Stanislav Ianevski - Giving his talk about being in the Harry Potter Movies! Was so much fun... had us all in fits of laughter!

Matthew Reilly - again! This time with Taylor as she is a MASSIVE Matthew Reilly fan!

More Matthew Reilly - He was the star of the weekend for both Taylor and I - even though I originally went to see mainly Christopher Paolini!

Matthew Reilly - Book Signing! Matthew was so lovely he took photos with Taylor and I and asked questions about where (as an archaeologist) I thought would be a good place to set his next book! My problem was that I hadn't read all his books so I couldn't tell where his characters had been and where they hadn't! lol! but he took photos with us and signed all the books of his we had with us! Awesome! :)
This is what I lovingly refer to as my Haul! The Christopher Paolini books I already owned, but he signed them all and the poster! So awesome! Same with the Matthew Reilly books... signed them all! I also bought myself a whole bunch of Iron on Patches as I collect them for a camping blanket I own. I also got given all those books at the front right! That's right GIVEN! I struck up a conversation with the woman at the Publishing house the Christopher Paolini is under and she was talking to be about the books and other ones on her stall. As it was the last part of the last day, she was talking about how she had to get rid of the books or had to ship them back to Sydney. I said i would happily take any off her hands instead of her having to ship them back (I kind of said it sarcastically - not expecting her to give them to me) but she was so lovely she told me to take them, and so I got 7 new books to read! SO AWESOME! Now I wont mention the publishing house or the lady's name but THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! I got free books and saw someone else do an RAK! So awesome! :D

Hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed the event! :)

much love,
Daena x

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