Monday, October 15, 2012

Thankyou Water... TV Commercial! AWESOME!!!!

Hey everyone,
for those that follow the Facebook page of 365 Days of Kindness this wont be a surprise for you but for those of you who don't, on October 2, I was shopping at the local shopping center and discovered that in the post office they were selling Thankyou Water. I posted about it as a kindness idea the next day becuase its awesome! :)

Now for those of you who don't know about this amazing product, let me give you the low down.

Thank you water ..."is a social enterprise. We exist because in developing nations almost 900 million people don't have access to safe water. But with your help we can change this. Visit to see the projects you are funding by choosing this water. Thank you". (this was on the back of the bottle of water i bought! :) 

  I love this water because every bottle you buy goes to provide one months worth of safe water to someone in need!

Why I am bringing this up now is because they have just released their first TV commercial, and its gorgeous. Film makers from around Australia donated their time and effort to creating this master piece. If that isn't kindness i don't know what is! So you can see it here... because I had to share! :) 

 Currently I think it's only in Australia but you never know! So if you see it... thankyou water is the way to go! And do a kindness for people who need clean water! :)

Enjoy! Luv D x

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