Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sustainable September Day One Kindness

Hey my beautiful people, 
Here is the first day for Sustainable September - a kindness idea for the environment, to implement tomorrow. 
Monday - 1 September – Take the train or ride your bike, rather than drive your car, to work. There are so many benefits to both you and the environment. “Public transport is at least twice as energy efficient as private cars; a full bus produces 377 times less carbon monoxide than a full car. Each full standard bus can take more than 50 cars off the road while a full train can take more than 600 cars off the road.” Read more benefits of public transport here. Sydney Trains has an excellent way of describing it here. One of the benefits of walking from the train to work, for me, is actually this beautiful view.

I hope you enjoy what I have in-store for us all this month, as I have lots of ideas.

Hope you are all well.
Luv Daena 

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