Monday, September 1, 2014

Sustainable September Day Two Kindness

Hey there,

Two days in a row and here is a blog just casually waiting for you... you are impressed right? I know I am! :) How did you go today with using Public transport today? Or are you still using public transport? Did you ride your bike? Or walk?

I didn't have work today but I had to meet mum, after an appointment, so I walked to our meeting point. Here is a photo of me on my walk...

Tomorrows kindness, that I am telling you about today, is about learning how to recycle in your area. A lot of the websites I found are Western Australian based but a quick "Google" will help you find recycling information in your area, city, state or country.

Tuesday - 2 September – Recycle by putting any recyclable materials in specific recycle bins rather than putting them in general rubbish bins. There is a website that can tell you what to recycle in your suburb called Recycling Near You (Australia only). For more information on Recycling in Western Australia check out this site: as they have information on residential and industrial recycling! For information of Plastic Recycling and PET numbers and their meanings read more here.

I hope you are enjoying this new type of Kindness - Kindness to our future generations, by looking after their world.

Much love to you all,
Luv Daena x 

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