Thursday, October 2, 2014

Becoming a blog junkie...

Hey everyone,

Are you surprised to see me back again so soon?

I don't know about you but I am surprised to see myself back here... writing again so soon. After all I thought I would fall straight back into my no-blogging-unless-I-really-should-ness.

But I have some Good news! I have now got internet at home! YAY! :) I guess you are now wondering how I was posting on here daily for a whole month without the internet at home... well for the most part I was writing everything I could before hand on my laptop with out internet access... uploading photos from my phone and when the blog was almost ready to post I would upload it whilst using my mobile as a modem. I have to say this internet at home thing is a lot less complicated and a lot easier to do! :)

Well yesterday... I had to make the active choice to not blog... and it was harder than I thought (am I becoming a blogging junkie?). However, I was over on the 365days of Kindness Facebook page giving away another set of 3"x3" cards for people to give away as their own kindnesses. Tonight is another draw... so if you want to you can go over to check out the last two GIVE AWAYS!

I cant stay away from Blogging for long, now that I have gotten in to the habit (not nuns habit because that would be weird!). So maybe I can keep going! :) After all I am like 22 months behind on my day to day kindnesses. And thankfully I found my 8 journals (Yes that was a whole 8 Journals) that will help me catch up and share.

There are only 7 journals in the picture, I know. But the 8th is almost filled so its still in my room waiting to be finished.

Now I just have to sit down and actually type them all out... add photos and links (if there are any) and then BAM! Done! Okay... I wish it were that simple! So be kind to me when I am slow to get these blog posts out.

What did you think of Sustainable September? Do you think we should do it again next year?

I hope you are all well.
Love to you all,
Luv Daena x

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