Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sustainable September ... its over!

Hello my lovelies,
So tomorrow is October... which means the end of September! Which means the end of Sustainable September! Which means... well... I don't now HAVE to post every day! lol. But hopefully the trend will continue! :)

But on a fun note... Today was all about up-cycling! :) One of my most favourite Sustainable September ideas EVER!!! lol!

So many awesome ideas! :) And there are so many more on Pinterest!!!! I have actually started typing in something I have excess of plastic bottles, tins or anything else really... and then get all the awesome ideas people have already made with those things!!

For all those who are interested...Here is the follow up from Sustainable September in case you missed any of them!

Sustainable September Kindness Ideas

Monday - 1 September – Take public transport or ride your bike to work/school/uni.
Tuesday - 2 September – Recycle any recyclable materials.
Wednesday – 3 September – buy a KeepCup (Or other reusable coffee mug)
Thursday – 4 September – When you shop try and buy local products.
Friday – 5 September - Sign a petition to protect the environment
Saturday – 6 September - Start a Worm farm or Compost bin
Sunday – 7 September - Buy seasonal produce.
Monday – 8 September - Use Reusable Shopping Bags
Tuesday – 9 September – Buy organic and/or Fair Trade products
Wednesday – 10 September– Find a place for eat that is eco-friendly and has sustainable practices
Thursday – 11 September – Do some research into which brands are environmentally friendly
Friday - 12 September – Use a reusable water bottle
Saturday - 13 September – Go Op-Shopping.
Sunday – 14 September – Go for a walk in the bush, on the beach or a naturally beautiful place
Monday– 15 September – Do Meat Free (or Meatless) Monday.
Tuesday– 16 September – Create a “plastic wrapper free lunch” by using these ideas.
Wednesday– 17 September – Buy Environmentally friendly clothes
Thursday– 18 September – Look at the Green Vehicle Guide when looking at buying a car
Friday– 19 September - Look at the water-wise website for ways to decrease your water usage.
Saturday– 20 September – Plant some vegetables and herbs in your garden
Sunday– 21 September – Look at Power utilities websites for ways to minimise power usage.
Monday– 22 September – Buy in bulk.
Tuesday– 23 September – Use a Hankie or Handkerchief rather than tissues.
Wednesday– 24 September – Use Paper Shredding in garden or for pets.
Thursday– 25 September – Look into Solar Power.
Friday – 26 September – Do research into where your money goes. Consider ethical investments.
Saturday– 27 September – Reuse your old woollen clothes/accessories to make blankets.
Sunday – 28 September – Borrow books from your local library instead of buying them.
Monday – 29 September – Plant a tree to offset carbon emissions.

I just wanted to say thank you for encouraging me with everything. This was a new project I wanted to test out! And it seemed to have worked well! :) Let me know what you think of it all.

I hope this finds you all well! :) 
Much love, 
Daena x

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