Thursday, November 17, 2016

Gratitude for teachers

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I saw this video on Facebook and it really got me thinking about Gratitude. How gratitude is a form of kindness and how gratitude can be so powerful when it is genuine. 

It started with me seeing this video on Facebook: 

I love this. Acknowledging the amazing efforts of those teachers who made an amazingly positive impact on our lives. 

My favourite teacher sadly and unexpectedly passed away a year after I left school. But the best thing was that about 3 months before she died I had found a whole bunch of her books and decided to return them to her. 9 Months after I had finished school, I got to see her to return her books. I was blessed to have had the opportunity to thank her for sticking by me in one of the hardest times of my life. In my final year of high school I was a mess. My dad was being diagnosed with dementia, my mum was still really sock and in a wheelchair a lot of the time and I had to move out of home. My English Literature teacher, Mrs Colcott, pushed me to do the best I could and never give up. 

When I went back to see her she got to see me following my dreams of going to university (I had been doing a bridging course and had been given the proviso that I would be doing uni if I finished the bridging course well. And Mrs Colcott had supported me and pushed me (within my limits) even though my home and family situation was complicated at that time. 

She kept encouraging us, all of us to love books, stories and words. I think she is a big part of why I love books so much. I am so grateful that she fought for me (she stood up to other teachers on my behalf), she taught me and listened to me when I was struggling. I don't know if I would have stayed in school without her. Thanks Mrs Colcott, you were the best! :) 

I really want to say...Thanks to all those teachers out there who might not know the big impact their lives/actions/words have on their students. Those who fight for the hard cases. Those who encourage, support, motivate, move, challenge, teach and educate... thank you!!!! It is often a thankless job. But it means the world to us. 

Kindness idea: write a thank you letter to an old teacher or go and thank them in person. Tell them how their words have helped shape who you are today! ❤️

#GratitudeIsKindness #KindnessForAll

Love Daena x

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