Thursday, September 29, 2016

Sustainable September 2016 - Day Thirty

It's the final count down!!! 

Why a skateboarding lobster? Why not! Mainly because any time I write "final countdown" I think of this song! But I do enjoy a bit of frivolity! Hahahha. 

It's my mums birthday today! She having a significant one too! I am so blessed that she is in my life and she has been such a rock for me. But I'm too nice a daughter to give away her age... Oh yes... Hehhehe. 



Oh well... Maybe not! Lol. I am so grateful she has lived this long. So for me it is an age to be most proud of because there have been so many times where my mum has almost lost her life, her fight and her hope. I am so proud of her. And even though I might stir her about her age, I am so proud of her. 

I was leaving the gym with a friend today (and yes, I do go go the gym occasionally - hahah) and we found a baby bird. 
 So we took this adorable little guy to the Fauna Rehabilitation Centre today.

I wrote about this the other day. And as I went there I had to photograph the front entrance to show you. It has changed a lot since I volunteered as a young teen. But it was awesome. The little bird turned out to be a little swallow.

Today is also the last day that I need to post for Sustainable September. 

Sustainable September Day Thirty: keep making small changes. 

So we have talked about lots of little changes this month. Sure you could get greater and grander with wind power, solar power, or even buying electric cars, but the smaller changes make the most difference. 

Front Lines: Bea Johnson & Lauren Singer... And any of the "Waste Free Life" people. These people are amazing. Less waste makes the world of difference. It helps is simplify our lives and helps the environment too. It's awesome. 

Last year I posted this little TED video from Lauren Singer. And I found it so good. 

You can also follow either of these women on Facebook, YouTube, and a bunch of social media platforms (that I don't use so can't really comment on).  

These women and their families and friends are so inspiring and they have lots of little hints and tips to make life easier and better for us and the environment! 

Got to love that!!! 

Kindness Idea: Celebrate the end of Sustainable September by going to an environmentally friendly restaurant. 

I love the different places that are popping up with environmentally friendly practices. One of my favourite places in Perth is The Green House. I have talked about it in previous years during Sustainable September. It's awesome. I love going in and seeing all the sustainable ways that they use and have created their space. It is awesome. Plus their chai tea is pretty awesome. Oh and if you get there when they are making their locally sourced and made donuts... Oh my, you are in for a treat. So delicious!!! I just wish I could eat them now!!! 

Anyways, sending love to you all, 
Love Daena  

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