Tuesday, September 18, 2012

May Kindnesses... Again spoilt! :)

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to share these because I just typed them into the computer and figured that you cant really overdose on kindness... two months worth of kindnesses in two days wont hurt any of us!
so hopefully this will mean that I am only a few months off being up to date! I don't know what I would do if I was up to date! I have never been there with this blog! lol

Okay so here is the Kindnesses for

MAY 2012 -

May 1: I made a few cups of tea for some ladies and helped do the washing up. I also helped put away the comfy but heavy chairs.

May 2: I completed my first Crocheted tea towel to give to a friend who is building a house.

May 3: Took mum out for a coffee after she got some “depressing” news. It worked well because we tan into someone who had been through a similar situation and was able to support mum in a way that I couldn’t ...with experience.

May 4: Sent a message of congratulations to a friend who had completed his apprenticeship

May 5 (RELAY FOR LIFE): Sent congratulations messages to friends on the birth of their first child. I also made the effort to thank those people I came across who were in roles of service today – particularly “Val” our cleaner for Relay for Life because she went to extra efforts to help us out and to make the even a smooth one.

May 6 (RELAY FOR LIFE): I volunteered all weekend for the Relay for Life raising money for Cancer Research. $750,000 was raised over the weekend. I also got food for some of the the other volunteers who didn’t have the chance to get it themselves, So they didn’t have to.
(See blog about Relay for Life here).

May 7: Cleaned some of the house ready for a rent inspection. Mum couldn’t do it and was quite distressed about it... so I had a friend come and help me and we did it so that mum didn’t have to!

May 8: I bought a small cake for a small birthday gathering for one of mums craft buddies.

May 9: I delivered some fabric to a friend to make charity quilts. I also help up 8 quilts to be photographed before they were donated.

May 10: I bought wool for mum to turn into charity blankets. I also took mum out to lunch at a local pub, with a voucher I had won at poker. I also bought a friend a drink at a Mexican restaurant.

May 11: I baked six batches of cookies in preparation for mothers day. I also went out of my comfort zone and cooked Prawn Pad Thai something I have never done before! And it was delicious!!!!

May 12: I took bunches of cookies around to all the mothers who live in the set of units. I also took food and wine to our party.

May 13 (MOTHERS DAY): I gave all the mothers at a mothers day brunch some of my cookies. I also helped clean up the brunch.

May 14: Made the conscious choice and effort to meet the eye of our waitress and say “thank you for your service”.

May 15: Took cupcakes into the craft group mum goes to, to share. I also bought a drink for a fellow poker player, on his behalf, because the bar was unusually empty and he was acting as the tables dealer for that round.

May 16: I made a “Minion” for a friends birthday and learned new skills to do it

The Minion i crocheted for a friend... these characters are from the movie "Despicable Me".

 May 17: I worked for a few hours in our communal garden.

May 18: I made dinner for mum and her friend, giving them back a fraction of what they have given me over the years.

May 19: I went searching for the “perfect card” for my nephew and had to go to 7 different shops to find it. I also helped out at my nephews birthday party by keeping kids away from fires, acting as a chaperone, and pushing kids on the swing set.

May 20: Took roses to my dad from the communal garden. Gave some left over fluffy wool to a neighbour.

May 21: Supported mum “Above and beyond the call of duty” and looked after her whilst she was really sick.

May 22: drove mum to a hair appointment and waited with her until it was done.

May 23: Thanked a person working at a fast food restaurant for taking our dished from our table.

May 24: Paid for and subsidized lunch for my mum and sister so that we could ALL afford to enjoy lunch out!

May 25: I did some gardening with a neighbour and planted some more roses in the garden.

May 26: I took my dad out to birthday lunch with the rest of the family (on the weekend so everyone could be there). Looked after him and drove him home when he got too tired. I also baby sat my neice and nephew after lunch.

May 27: Bought breakfast for a friend who was carpooling with us (she was driving)

May 28: Took dad out for a SAVORY muffin for his actual birthday, because his blood sugar levels were very high.
My dad out from his nursing home on his actual birthday! He was hilarious because he decided to wear my sunglasses over his own glasses! He said "I look pretty good! Don't I?"

May 29: Took 12 blankets to the church for Wheelchairs for kids.

May 30: I helped distract a small child so her mum could participate in a church service and enjoy it.

May 31: Drove my sister to and from an event, where she was working. I helped her set up and pack up. I also baby sat my niece during the event!

 I hope you enjoy these. Still collating the June ones, so don't be surprised if it takes me a while to find out what I did! :)

Hope you are having a wonderful day! 

Luv Daena x

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