Saturday, April 1, 2017

Lent gifting day 32

The kids went to a scouting camp for the weekend. When we popped in to drop off some supplies this afternoon I had a moment to take a stunning photo and reflect on just how beautiful the country I live in ,and call home, is. So I thought I would share the view of my sunset with you.
This photo is to remind you to take some time to breathe deep today and take a moment to admire something beautiful in your life. Like this sunset. 

Apart from dealing with kids, chaos and scouting, Today I helped my sister sort out her and the families collection of books. I didn't take photos but let's just say we have a LOT as a house hold. I helped my sister  go through and donate about 200 books today to the opshop and about 40 cardboard toddler books to the local Cafe owner who has a 2 year old (kindness all around). So it was a super successful day in that regards. 

Today I decided that it's time to let go of some stuffed toys. The first one that I will say goodbye to is a stuffed Mr Potato Head toy that my sister and I won when we were in Los Angeles in 1999. So it's been loved & admired. 
It's still got its tag as though it is brand new. Now this soft toy won't go to the opshop like a lot of my other donations. I'm going to vacuum Mr Potato Head thoroughly and then donate him to foster kids. Mum, who works as the CWA community coordinator often sends stuff to the foster kids both here, in Perth, and further around the state. It's awesome. They are often looking for good quality new and very lightly used soft toys. So Mr Potato Head will go down nicely there. 

Any small toys I find in my collection (that will fit in a shoebox) in the next few days I will be donating to Operation Christmas Child. A friend of the family helps put together these shoeboxes, for kids around the world, that might otherwise receive nothing. 

There are so many places other than just an opshop that can take soft toys to brighten up a child's day anywhere they are. 

I hope this finds you well. 
Love Daena 

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