Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The gift that keeps on giving

 I got a week long bag of small gifts from my mums church group because I've been having a rough time lately. I don't talk about the stuff that's been happening in my life but I was having a really rough time when I last saw the ladies from church. They gave me the gift. I went to church with mum and basically spent the whole time sobbing. 

It happens a lot when I'm in churches. When I was living in the UK and was away from my family I literally sobbed my eyes out any time I went to a church including on Christmas Day. Sometimes it still happens when I'm home in Perth, Australia. It's like I feel safe in church to let myself deal with the Grief, sadness and helplessness I feel in my life. Like the church is a sanctuary for my emotions. 

Needless to say the ladies who saw me last time wanted to be supportive and help me put a spring back in my step. So they gave me a goody bag with 7 gifts, with all kinds of things in it, opening a new gift every day. It's been wonderful. 

I wanted to share what I got today for day three. Why? Because it could give you an awesome idea of what you could do to support a friend, family member, coworker, community member or even a stranger (who could use some support). 

I know a lot of the people who support this blog aren't Christians or even religious, which is great. I am so blessed to be supported by people from all over the world, with varying beliefs, customs and challenges. One thing I think we all share in common is the value of kindness. Love makes the world go round and kindness is the tool that moves earth toward a better future. Or so I like to think. 

The reason I even brought up the differences was because this kindness gift bag idea can be adapted for any reason and for anyone. Use an inspirational quote, a memory, a dad joke, or a kindness challenge instead of a bible verse. Coming from a church group the gifts that I've already photographed (that I'm opening daily) have all got lovely bible verses on them to help me keep my mind and my heart focused on the right now instead of the past or future. 

Anyway, here was today's gift. 
By far this is my favourite. 
 Oh my goodness these socks are by far the softest socks I've ever owned. I can't wait for the super cold weather to give them a go. The strawberry jam looks pretty good. Shame I don't eat bread! 

I posted my 10th postcard to my best friend since she's been in the Eastern States. I shared a while ago that I had found a HUGE stack of unused, unsent postcards I've collected from around the globe. I decided that the way to best remind my best friend I haven't forgotten her (and won't), and to show her a measure of kindness, was to send postcards to her. So I thought I'd show you that in action (I even remembered to take a photo! Wooohooo!). 
I miss my gorgeous best friend every day, coz I can't just go over and hang out, or go to bootcamp with her every week. I miss her but I'm also so glad we have our regular Skype dates and with Facebook, messenger and every other form of communication available... she isn't too far away that I can't see her at all. Thankfully! 

Kindness is simple. It could be sending a letter or postcards in the mail or giving 7 small gifts to be opened every day for a week. It can be smiling at a stranger or saying thank you to people who protect you  like police & security officers, firemen, ambos and so many more. It can cost as little or as much as you like. So long as it comes from love.

Kindness is the gift anyone can give...Please give generously today. 

Love Daena x

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