Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Lent gifting day 35

Today I say farewell to one of my stuffed penguins. 
His name is Walter and he is an adorable cuddly penguin looking for a new home. He is about 7 years old and loves children and cuddles. He spent some time living in a box under the owners bed so needs some love. Owner currently looking to give Walter a new home, possibly to someone young of heart who would appreciate lots of cuddles. Sleeps anywhere. Also he is a stuffed toy crossed with Fun Fur. 

Okay... so maybe I've been reading the pet havens pet listings a little too much. I was at a pet food store, getting supplies for the chickens we own, when I saw a pin board full of pets needing new homes. It's so hard to read those adorable adoption guides and not take home every animal on there. I saw one for a golden retriever who had failed guide dog school but he was still super happy. Such an adorable dog. 

I would love to have a dog...or cat! Looking at these Pound adoption listings is hard to walk away from but I had to. The problem is that my sister and nephew are allergic to dogs and cats. We currently all live together. One day I'll give that idea of kindness a go: Adopt a cat or dog. It's not something that I would go into lightly though. A pet is a lifetime responsibility. One day of kindness is actually the life of the animal. 

I'm not adopting a pet now so I've settled for looking after our obscure company of pets; fish, two guinea pigs and 10 chickens (3 of which are only 4 weeks old). I have grown most fond of the chickens. They have grown fold of me too. One of the newest hatchlings even decided to use me as a perch. 
She is the biggest of the three. The small one sitting beside me was just named Frodo. We think he's a boy. But he is a breed who has fluffy feet (like the Hobbits from JRR Tolkiens middle earth), eats every 5 minutes (breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, lunch, afternoon tea, supper, dinner, after dinner snack - like hobits too) and wanders off on his own a lot. Frodo seems an apt name for him. The smallest of the chicks (not pictured here) is possibly the most beautiful fluffy footed fluff ball and has been nicknamed "Princess". The one on my shoulder is still looking for a name. I'm sure it will come to us soon enough. She has a way about her and seems to love cuddles and patting unlike most of the other chickens. 

I love having animals around. They have a way of reminding me to take time to sit and just watch them and enjoy living in the moment. They are almost like a mindfulness practice. Like a meditation of sorts. It helps me get my head together just being around them. 

Then they provide me with a lot of laughs too. 

I've been told I need to reduce my stress. Meditation is something I've been using for well over a year to help me reduce my stress levels. And there are so many ways a person can meditate and that, I love. Including watching chickens scratch in the garden. 

I currently use an app to help me with guided meditations. An app called "insight timer" helps me every day to be more mindful, more focused and lastly to help me sleep. You could use a range of apps if you want. I have heard of both "Headspace" and "10% Happier" app. Not sure what they are like personally but I've heard lots of good things. But I'm sure there are millions of apps, YouTube videos and iTunes/CD or DVD meditations. It had really helped me. 

 Did you know there is a type of meditation called "Yoga Nidra" that is basically meditation to help you sleep. I think technically it's supposed to have your body sleep with your mind still kind of present but it puts me to sleep every time. For an insomniac this is bloody brilliant!! 

There are meditations that help me manage my pain. Meditations that help me be more grateful. Meditations that help me send more "kindness" out into the world. Meditation helps me remember what is most important to me in my life and focus on that. There are so many types of meditation that you can find one that works for you. It's not all "let your mind go empty and think of nothing for ages" whilst sitting on the floor with your legs crossed. I am so glad because I couldn't do that even if I wanted to. Hehehe. 

I don't know how I went from talking about a fluffy penguin toy to talking about animals and then to talk about meditation. It's kind of how my weirdly beautiful mind works. Hopefully you can follow it. Hehehe. 

Walter the penguin will be finding a new home with the foster care kids. Hopefully this little guy can let a kid know they are not alone. 

That's enough for me. I hope this finds you all well. 😘❤
Love Daena x

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