Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sustainable September 2015 - Day Three

Good Day my Darling Kindness-ers, 
Yesterday we heard about how bad plastic is for the environment. So my dastardly plan is actually to switch a lot of usual single use plastic items (or plastic things in general) with another item, during Sustainable September. The switch with be preferably renewable, definitely reusable, hopefully decomposable.

September 3: Buy and use reusable bags or paper bags. 

I have used this Sustainable September Idea before. In fact it was last year on Day 8 (check it out here). There are some awesome videos on the Day 8 link too.

I think using reusable bags is still important. It is one of the most important Sustainable September acts to do. If you have the big old bags that are square and have a chunk of plastic in the bottom AND that don't roll up, all you need is to put your remembering hat on! Get remembering to put them in your car (or on your bike) then remember to get them out of the car (or off your bike) and into the shop.

I always have a collection of roll-up bags that I always have in my handbag. That way if anyone needs a bag for anything they can use mine. I can take all my bits home without having to take another plastic bag to my house. 

KINDNESS IDEA: lend or give a friend of family member a reusable shopping bag. I have given some of my stockpile of reusable bags to people who have had their plastic ones split on them. It makes a huge difference knowing your bag is not going to split at the drop of a hat. 

Kindness idea 2: If you are in the car park of a supermarket, return trolleys to their bays or the store makes a huge difference. I have done this for strangers on occasions. Its a nice idea if you are already returning your own trolley after your weekly shop. 

Okay. Todays Sustainable September is short and sweet. Remember to take your bags if you have them, buy some if you dont already have them... then USE the reUSEable bag!!! :) 

Hope this finds you all well, 
Much love, 
Daena x

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