Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sustainable September 2015 - Day Thirty

Its the final countdown... "dah dah dah duh di di di di de dah dah dah duh di di di di du da dooo" *Sings the final countdown song like a pro - including the instrumental!*

Well my lovelies, we have almost come to the end of Sustainable September for 2015.

 I hope you have found it really worth your while checking in regularly and seeing what small things you can adopt to change the way you think about our beautiful planet.

So today is My mums birthday.
This gorgeous lady has been supporting me to get my Sustainable September blogs written, inspiring me, letting me hash out ideas, giving me ideas when I had writers block, encouraging me to keep going, telling me to go gentler on myself when I was sick, being my champion and my companion. She is a wonderfully tough cookie who keeps me motivated when I really struggle, and lets me do the same for her when she needs it most.

So this idea is both a tribute and a thank you to the woman who has heard incessantly about the Zero Waste Home, who has been with me through sickness and health (it appears I passed my flu on to her too! Sorry mum) and to the woman who loves to be creative.

Sustainable September idea number 30! Also known as...

September 30: Upcycle something. 

Even though this one is not in English, it is pretty easy to see what the steps are to make this awesome Pencil Case/Bag. Check out link here. The image is about half way down the page.

I love this idea, because the glass often breaks in my house in picture frames. Check out the link here

I love this one so much. I know its a book that has effectively been destroyed, but sometimes the pages are ruined but the cover is fine! :) I love the idea of turning something i love (books) into something useful (a purse/handbag). Check out link here

For those who follow me on pinterest you will know that I have so many different folders for different types of up-cycling - a few of the folders just have a couple of up-cycling ideas in them... but there are a few folders none the less. . I have one just called Up-cycling, then there are Eco & Environmentally Friendly, Pallet Crafts, Glass Crafts, Bottle Cap crafts, Centrepieces, Cutlery craft, Gardening Ideas, Mosaics, Pets, Sewing, Tie crafts, Tyre ideas and even Wedding Ideas. That is not forgetting the HUGE Up-Cycling projects like Shipping Container Houses and Tiny Home Ideas.

You can tell I have saved the best Sustainable September Idea for last. I also add to these folders regularly. I love Pinterest a little TOO much! hehehe. But I love the creativity and ideas that end up on that site! :) So my passion for turning unusable stuff into usable is such a blessing. SO here are some more form the archives!

CD Mosaics are awesome and sort of holographic! So cool. Check out the link here
This is a simple and awesome way of using a couple old belts and a way to store all those magazines you may need in the future. Check out the link here

This one you can even buy pre-Up-Cycled for you. However if you have a whole heap of drawer units that the legs fell off... keep them, stack them and you have an awesome unit like this! Check out where to buy this here
So many fantastic ideas. The last note i might make about Bea Johnson and the Zero Waste Home is that she does mention that if you upcycle something it often looses its ability to be recycled. So check some of the recycling regulations are in your suburb or city.

KINDNESS IDEA: make something beautiful and give it to your friends/family/co-workers/acquaintances. 

Whether it be a bottle bag made from an old (clean) sock. Or a Pallet Chair (like my best friend did for me last Christmas), there are so many wonderful Up-cycling things you can create. However this idea also allows you to make anything beautiful, not just up-cycling things. It could be a quilt or a pot mitt, or even a spunked up pot to put a clump of bulbs from your own garden, or even a delicious and beautiful smelling pie, cookies or some delicious bready-thing (that I sometimes wish I could but I cant eat any more). It is your choice, creativity is key. And the aim is to bring a smile to that persons face.

It has been such a delight sharing Sustainable September with you all. And thank you for sticking in there with me.
Much Love,
Daena xx


  1. Love the post and I've loved sustainable september :)