Friday, September 25, 2015

Sustainable September 2015 - Twenty Six

Hey my lovelies,

What do you think about your new batteries? Are they working for you? Sometimes the charging can take a bit of time, however, now i keep two bags of reusable batteries. One bag is for batteries that have been charged, and the other is for the batteries that need to be charged. Its a pretty good system. It does mean that I need more than two lots of batteries though.

Tomorrow is another fun and easy Sustainable September idea.

September 26: Go Op-shopping. 

I have already talked about capsule wardrobes, and the ability to get good quality clothes second hand from Op-shops. This is one of the reasons to go to your local op-shop/thrift shop/charity shop.

Then there is the money side of it. You can often get second hand clothing from thriftshops SO MUCH CHEAPER than your average stores. Plus there is a huge range of items for sale.

Also you can look at the environmental impact. The best way to reduce waste is to buy products that already exist, ie. Second hand products. You can do this from eBay, op shops, thrift shops, second hand shops, or even the vintage section of Etsy. Clothing is an awesome way to support the enviornment, charities (Op-shops are called so because they are "opportunity shops" run by charities), and your own hip pocket. Plus they are just fun to explore! :)

You don't just have to buy clothes either. Books, of course, are my favourite thrift shop buy. But you can buy kitchen wares, furniture, jewellery, knicknacks, shoes, toys, and so much more! :)

KINDNESS IDEA: Support a local charity. One of the simplest kindnesses you can do is support a charity with your time or money or become a patron of a charity that resonates with you. I support Telethon, a charity that helps kids and their families when they are dealing with serieous health issues, and illnesses. I support Alzheimers Australia because that is the closest charity we have to a dementia based charity in Australia. Dad had a form of dementia and he and my mum were supported by the Alzheimers Association so I like to support them while I can. There are so many charitites that are awesome and need support. From animal support funds, sports based charities, kids charities, health charities, and SO SO much more!!!! Find what works for you!

I hope you have a great day. 
Daena x

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