Monday, September 7, 2015

Sustainable September 2015 - Day Eight

Beautiful people, welcome!

I got home last night from Sydney after an awesome week away. So this post is a little late. My apologies.

The photo from the train platform at Circular Quay - my sister took this one. Thanks Vandra! :) xx

Mum and I have walked a large chunk of Sydney now. My sister joined us for a day yesterday,a s we swapped destinations. She arrived in Sydney as we were heading home to Perth. WE had about an 8 hour cross over. We took our reusable water bottles with us and found refill stations all over the place.

September 8: Swap a single-use plastic water bottle with a reusable refillable water bottle.
Brita Fill and Go Glass Waterbottle

EcoTanka Stainless steel range of water bottles.

This is one that is possibly the simplest swap you could make. I love this particularly because of the range of reusable water bottles out there. You could get an ecotanka, or a brita water filter water bottle (the water filters are disposable though), or you could get one with almost anything on it. Just choose what type of water bottle you want and go from there. I have two aluminium reusable water bottles and two reusable plastic ones (one from Tupperware and one from somewhere else - a camping store I think).

One of my favourite ideas for travelling is to take an empty reusable water bottle (as full ones are not allowed through security on international or some domestic flights). What you may not know is that in most airports, through security and near boarding gates, there are water fountains and refilling stations for water bottles. So if you have an empty water bottle you can refill it before you board the plane. I have also had amazing air-hostesses fill my reusable water bottle on a few different flights. It is awesome because I have water when I need it and its also not going to spill like the Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny little cups they give you on flights that have a huge open mouth that you can spill all over yourself, like I have actually done a few times.

KINDNESS IDEA:  If a friend of yours is travelling buy them a reusable water bottle or a keep cup to take on a plane, train, bus or car. In Australia when people go on road trips, service stations provide coffee or tea for the driver so that they do not fall asleep at the wheel. Often these drinks are provided in polystyrene cups that are very bad for the environment. If you have a KeepCup with you, you can reuse the cup and protect the environment. they often have a place where you can refill a water bottle.  

I hope you are all well.
So much love,
Daena xx

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