Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sustainable September 2015 - Day Twenty

Hello my awesome blog followers,

So tomorrow is a Sunday (obviously) and the exciting thing is that this coincides with an event that happens every Sunday in my area, and other areas. Farmers Market Day! :) Guess what tomorrows Sustainable September idea is?! You guessed it!!

Photo take from Houston Farmers Market via Google.

September 20: Do your fresh food shopping at the farmers market. 

There are a lot of awesome reasons to go to the farmers market. One is if local farmers produce the food then they are able to provide you with local food, which means it has very little food miles. So lower carbon footprint that some supermarket foods that are shipped from Chile, China, Spain or Argentina (these are amazingly just some of the places Australia often gets food shipped from).

Not only that but Farmers Markets usually have seasonal fruit and vegetables. Eating seasonally means that you mostly wont be eating food from a random country that is not your own because there is no need to ship a food in because of a desire for year round access to it. You can also buy cheaply and in large quantities and preserve extras for the coming months. Which leads me to the Kindness idea....

Photo from Wikipedia - Food Preservation

KINDNESS IDEA: preserve some fruit or vegetables. This means you can then give them to a friend, family member, acquaintance or even a community group or stranger. You can also save some preserved goodies for months when they are not available in their actual season.

I hope this finds you well!
Love Daena x

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